What are your VoIP options?

The versatility of VoIP has made it the leading choice for companies seeking an updated phone system that enables them to do more for less. Coming to the conclusion that you want VoIP is fairly simple; however, the next question you must answer is: which VoIP is best for my business? Download this e-book and learn the differences between basic and managed VoIP.
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Forrester Report: Build a Better Business Case for UC

This report details Forrester Research, Inc.’s recommendation for IT professionals building out a Unified Communications and Collaboration infrastructure within their business. The key to success of a UC deployment is delivering benefits to both users and business units. This report guides IT professionals through the key needs, drivers, and likely benefits of a UC deployment. The report also predicts and quantifies how a communications and collaboration infrastructure rollout can reduce overall IT cost, drive productivity, and improve collaboration across the firm.
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Intégration du Big Data aux processus métiers et aux systèmes d’entreprise

“Intégration du Big Data dans les processus métiers et le système d’information de l’entreprise“ Vous pourrez découvrir comme créer un maximum de valeur avec une bonne approche du Big Data pour votre entreprise. Les sujets évoqués sont:

• Comment s’assurer que votre projet Big Data vous apportera toute la valeur souhaitée pour votre activité
• Que chacun de vos projets Big Data réponde à vos challenges métiers
• L’importance d’avoir une bonne approche des processus de batchs pour Hadoop

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Integração de Big Data em Processos Comerciais e Sistemas Empresariais

No artigo, “Integração de Big Data em Processos Comerciais e Sistemas Empresariais” você aprenderá a como agregar valor máximo a sua empresa junto com Big Data. Tópicos discutidos são:

• Como garantir que seus projetos de Big Data conduzirão os valores definidos do seu negócio claramente
• Os desafios operacionais que cada iniciativa de Big Data deve abordar
• A importância da utilização de uma abordagem empresarial para processos batch em Hadoop

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Integration von Big Data in Geschäftsprozesse und Unternehmenssysteme

Integrieren Sie Ihrer Big Data Initiativen in Ihre Unternehmensweiten Geschäftsprozesse. Gerne machen wir Sie damit vertraut, wie sie mit Control-M für Hadoop die Anwendungsentwicklung beschleunigen und die Unternehmensintegration vereinfachen können. Besprochene Themen schließen folgende Punkte ein:

• Wie kann sichergestellt werden, dass Sie aus ihren Big Data Initiativen den gewünschten Mehrwert erhalten.
• Wie können Sie mit Ihren Big Data initiativen sich den administrativen Herausforderungen & Bedürfnissen stellen und mögliche Konfrontationen erfolgreich meistern.
• Wie können Sie mit einem Enterprise Scheduler für Hadoop, weitere Automationsinseln vermeiden.

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Workload Automation – From Application Development to Digital Service Delivery

This paper, "Workload Automation – From Application Development to Digital Service Delivery," describes how a workload automation solution can eliminate the manual processes developers now use to define batch workflows and communicate them to schedulers.By extending the use of workload automation to developers, organizations can implement applications faster, slash costs, and increase service quality.
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Integrating Big Data into Business Processes and Enterprise Systems

In the paper, “Integrate Big Data into Your Business Processes and Enterprise Systems” you’ll learn how to drive maximum value with an enterprise approach to Big Data. Topics discussed include:

• How to ensure that your Big Data projects will drive clearly defined business value
• The operational challenges each Big Data initiative must address
• The importance of using an enterprise approach for Hadoop batch processing

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New Strategies to Manage IT Automation Complexity

Is your IT Automation strategy saving you money or becoming more complex and costly? Watch this on-demand webinar and see how the right unified IT Automation strategy can pay for itself and deliver more business value. Learn how to reduce costs, transform compliance and configuration processes and eliminate manual tasks.
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Delivering Workload Automation for the App Developer

These are exciting times for enterprise application developers, as companies challenge them to build solutions that better exploit mobile devices, cloud infrastructures, sensor networks, big data, and APIs for widely used services such as Facebook and Gmail. Application development, however, isn't all intellectual exhilaration. It has its pain points, too, such as the toil that goes into creating and modifying batch workload jobs. This paper explores how app developers can use automation to deal with batch application workflows.
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Workload Change: The 70 Percent of Your Business DevOps Forgot

Organizations that have successfully integrated workload automation (WLA) into their software development lifecycle have seen substantial benefits. So why is WLA, also referred to as job scheduling or batching processing, largely missing from the DevOps discussion? Adding WLA early in the development process ensures that the benefits of DevOps accrue for all applications, including your batch services.  This paper explores the benefits in greater detail and explores possible ways to remedy the situation. 
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Workload Automation: Accelerating Digital Services Delivery

Now, application developers and IT operations can streamline the development and management of batch services. They’ll no longer have to deal with manual processes for defining batch jobs and workflows, or traverse multiple, disparate scheduling tools. How? With the right workload automation. Download this white paper to learn how a well-architected workload automation solution can help you:

• Shrink application development time and cost
• Deliver higher quality digital services
• Increase IT’s agility to meet the demands of the business

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Solving for “Total Cost” in the Cloud

It’s a simple question: How much is it going to cost to move an application to the cloud? But the answer is not simple, and many businesses suffer costly surprises when they make the move. What’s needed is a holistic view of TCO that includes not only obvious hardware costs but also the human costs of managing apps in the cloud.

This paper helps you understand the total cost of migrating applications to the cloud, including frequently overlooked itemized charges. We also explore hidden costs related to the level of automation provided by cloud platforms, which is a critical factor in minimizing TCO.

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Putting Big Data to Work in the Cloud: 5 Key Success Factors

Many businesses are looking to big data as a potential differentiator that can improve customer insight, drive more informed decision-making, and ultimately boost the bottom line. However, moving from these well-known theoretical benefits of big data to practical implementations in corporate IT settings is a big and potentially costly step.

This paper outlines five key success factors for accomplishing your business objectives with big data. Included are tips for building a big data infrastructure that operates efficiently and securely, and delivers powerful performance, scalability, and manageability.

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