DevOps for Dummies

Today's fast-moving world makes DevOps essential for any business aspiring to be agile and lean in order to respond rapidly to changing customer and marketplace demands. This book helps you understand DevOps and how your organization can gain real business benefits from it. You'll also discover how a holistic view of DevOps that encompasses the entire software delivery life cycle - from ideation and the conception of new business capabilities to implementation in production - can bring competitive advantage in a continuous delivery world.
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What If IT Dev and Ops Teams Worked Together in the Cloud?

Join Dell and Gigaom Research for an analyst roundtable webinar focusing on bringing together IT and developers to better realize the full potential of cloud computing. James Urquhart, Director of Product, Cloud Management Systems, will be part of a panel, along with Ben Kepes from Diversity Analysis and Robert Benefield from Evolve Beyond, moderated by analyst Paul Miller.
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Control Your Clouds with Dell Cloud Manager

Learn how Dell Cloud Manager enables IT to take control of cloud operations, maintain governance policies and increase business agility. This tool allows you to control your cloud infrastructure and the applications you deploy into your private, public or hybrid clouds. You can secure your clouds, deploy applications with a click of a button and monitor usage to ensure compliance needs are met. The webinar includes a product demo featuring self-service provisioning of resources, quick application deployment, application automation in one or multiple clouds, configuration management, role-based access controls and financial controls/tracking.
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Cloud DevOps: Achieving Agility Through the App Lifecycle

The shift to automated processes operating on a cloud infrastructure requires changes to how applications are provisioned and operated throughout their lifecycle. Developing an integrated strategy to achieve lifecycle agility has given rise to a new operating paradigm commonly referred to as DevOps. Read about the shift to DevOps, and why and how integrated cloud management as part of an overall DevOps strategy enables true application lifecycle agility.
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Why you need a next-generation firewall

Next-generation (NG) firewalls, with features such as deep packet inspection, intrusion detection, application identification, and granular control, are important weapons in the battle against hacking and malware. Mobile applications have taken the overall scheme of corporate IT, and NG firewalls enable organizations to incorporate full-stack inspection to support intrusion prevention. This white paper explores the reasons for implementing NG firewalls and lays out a path to success for overburdened IT organizations.
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Next Generation Enterprise Network Security Solutions: The Importance of Incorporating Vulnerability Intelligence

Hackers are quick to exploit newly discovered vulnerabilities in the software enterprises deploy and use. Traditional security defenses rely on known attack signatures, so they often fail to detect attacks that exploit new vulnerabilities. HP TippingPoint Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System (NGIPS) and Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) combine technology that focuses on the root problems common to multiple threats with the latest vulnerability intelligence provided by HP Security Research and supported by more than 3,000 external security researchers. This enables them to block new threats that escape detection by traditional threat pattern recognition with minimal impact on network performance.
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The Bot Threat

Some of the most serious threats networks face today are "bots," remotely controlled robotic programs that strike in many different ways and deliver destructive payloads, self-propagating to infect more and more systems and eventually forming a "botnet." Download this whitepaper and learn how bots work and how, by adopting the right strategy, you can use a defense-in-depth strategy to effectively prevent direct attacks against your critical systems.
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IDC: IBM PureFlex System Ready for Cloud

Cloud computing represents an opportunity for enterprise and service provider datacenters to become more agile and flexible by using self-service infrastructure provisioning; automated, dynamic resource pooling and scaling; and consumption-based metering to improve accelerate cloud infrastructure configuration, provisioning, and life-cycle management. Integrated systems, such as the IBM PureFlex System, pre-integrate and optimize software stacks with compute, storage, network, and management software resources to enable optimal performance of mission-critical applications and workloads. Many IT organizations are using integrated systems as core platforms to enable private clouds and public cloud service delivery environments. IDC interviews show that organizations using IBM PureFlex System as the infrastructure platform for cloud realized over $640,000 in benefits related to improved infrastructure deployment, performance, and operational economics.
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IBM PureFlex System: Simplified cloud services that accelerate cloud deployments and improve IT efficiency

To keep up with the demands of mobile usage and social business you have to manage huge amounts of data. This means you need your IT to support rapid development of new applications, particularly mobile and social apps, to keep pace with the competition. You need to be able to analyze big data to uncover new insights, business models and revenue opportunities. You have to be able to act quickly so you can respond while findings are still relevant. Cloud computing is the delivery model that can support these imperatives. Over 10,000 clients rely on IBM technology to optimize their social, mobile, and big data workloads on cloud infrastructure. PureSystems solutions build on this cloud experience, integrating it into the system to improve efficiency and simplify deployment.
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Case Study: Netflix

With its streaming service rapidly gaining popularity with its members, Netflix's choice of Cassandra is helping the company meet heavy demand for highly available data.
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ESG: IBM x3650 M4 BD: System x Server for Big Data Analytics

The paper discusses the rise of Big Data and the importance of analytics for rapidly extracting insights from this data for improved business decisions. It outlines key market requirements for Big Data servers, and explains how the new System x3650 M4 BD includes the right performance, storage capacity, availability, and energy efficiency to meet the demands of Big Data analytics. It concludes by describing additional benefits that IBM brings to the Big Data market, such as the Big Data Systems Center with its panel of SMEs and offered services, and IBM InfoSphere Big Insights software.
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Four Myths of Cloud Backup

Many popular myths surround cloud backup and recovery including these four:

1. It’s impossible to maintain data privacy in the cloud.
2. It’s impossible to control access to data in the cloud.
3. The cloud and compliance don’t mix.
4. Cloud backup doesn’t provide fast data recovery.

Learn the truth and find out why the cloud remains not only a viable option for backup but also the best one.

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IBM PureApplication System – Application platform system with integrated expertise

IBM PureApplication System: An expert integrated platform system Consolidate workloads, simplify infrastructure and deliver services rapidly using built-in expertise. The IBM PureApplication System is a platform system designed and tuned specifically for transactional web and database applications. This workload aware, flexible platform is designed to be easy to deploy, customize, safeguard and manage. Whether you operate in a traditional or private cloud environment, this IBM solution can provide you with superior IT economics. With the PureApplication System, you can provision your own patterns of software, middleware and virtual system resources. You can provision these patterns within an innovative framework that is shaped by IT best practices and industry standards - standards that have been culled from many years of IBM experience with clients and from a deep understanding of smarter computing. These IT best practices and standards are infused throughout the system.
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