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Testing SD-WAN Service Is the Easy Part

Enterprises today have many options for the testing and early deployment of SD-WAN services, including free trial programs offered by vendors or through service providers. Testing SD-WAN with a few sites is the easy part of attaining some initial knowledge about SD-WAN service. Deploying and monitoring SD-WAN service in a large-scale production environment is where many enterprises realize the value a managed SD-WAN service brings.

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What You Need to Know About SD-WAN

Up until recently, networks supporting corporate functions were clearly separated from the internet.

As more and more applications move to the cloud, traffic can take an indirect route, resulting in poor performance. Fortunately, networking technology has evolved to tackle these challenges. Enterprise IT leaders can use the simple best practices shared in this guide to reap the benefits of software-defined networking and make the unpredictable internet look and feel like your own network.

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Translating Big Telco Back into English

Big Telco’s jargon and marketing fluff is out of control. As innovative networking approaches like SD-WAN are becoming more widely adopted, people running today’s larger WANs are looking for clear and actionable information. Unfortunately, that information is coming from Big Telco.

In this guide, we decided to examine some of the more common Big Telco messages on SD-WAN. We found real (yes, real) quotes from Big Telco, and we’ve translated and explained them for those of you that don’t naturally speak this language (which is practically everyone). Enjoy.

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