Expand Your Team’s Collaborative Potential With Microsoft and Zscaler

For enterprises seeking to thrive in today’s shapeshifting working environment, enhancing productivity and collaborative workflows means strengthening their cloud-based application delivery with a direct internet connection.

Unfortunately, many organizations continue to rely on traditional network architectures, which simply weren’t designed for the collaborative needs of today’s workers. But as a hybrid workforce evolves to encompass both on-premises and remote teams, modern, SaaS-powered collaboration is the new reality—and the Microsoft 365 suite of collaborative tools is leading the charge.

Explore Zscaler’s leading solution for meeting Microsoft’s connectivity recommendations, and equip your business with the power to:

  • Identify and differentiate Microsoft Office 365 traffic.
  • Egress network connections locally.
  • Avoid network hairpins.
  • Bypass inspection proxies.

In a new e-book, Maximizing Your Microsoft 365 Investment: Enhancing Security and Accelerating Productivity with Zscaler, you’ll learn how optimizing your internet connections can overcome the challenges of a disparate workforce, with enhanced productivity, improved collaboration, and lower operating costs.

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Embracing the New Normal – SMB Guide to a Secure Digital Transformation

Digital transformation will always be a delicate balance of improved processes and increased risk. SMBs are at particular risk for data breaches and compromised information during their digital transformation if they fail to increase their security in tandem.

This whitepaper will discuss the current risks in digital transformation that make SMBs particularly vulnerable to attack, as well as the three essential steps of managed security services to mitigate them. The appropriate level of proactive security and monitoring will keep customers from overspending on security, or the steep cost of a data breach. In particular, this paper will cover:

  • Why a digital transformation makes SMBs an attractive target to bad players

  • Critical vulnerabilities of the various aspects of expanded technology

  • How to protect your customer’s data, as well as your devices and people

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2020 Microsoft ATP Report

In the most thorough analysis of its kind, Avanan security analysts classified over 500,000 malicious emails, sent to real end-user mailboxes protected by Microsoft's Advanced Threat Protection (ATP). This research identified the types of attacks that were blocked by ATP or EOP, and the types of attacks that were missed by both.

Overall results:

When looking over all malicious emails, the analysis concluded that;

  • EOP catches widespread, previously-known methods: about 41% of all attacks.

  • ATP catches many zero-day attacks that bypass EOP: 48% of malicious emails.

  • 11% of malicious emails reach the inbox, bypassing both EOP and ATP.

When measuring ATP as an independent layer of security, it misses 18% of the malicious emails that bypass EOP. In some environments, the miss rate can be much higher.

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The Microsoft Teams Security Report

As firms and workers across the globe went remote, it was Microsoft Teams that saw the bulk of growth for chat and collaboration.

The growth has been exponential and stunning. Teams usage in December 2020 is estimated to be 115 million daily users, growing from 32 million in early March 2020. After what appeared to be an early pandemic rivalry with Slack, Teams quickly became the de-facto communication and collaboration app for anyone using Office 365. Now, 91 of the U.S.’s 100 largest companies use Teams. Twenty organizations with more than 100,000 users use it, with major organizations like Coca-Cola, Pfizer and Accenture, to name a few.

The success of Microsoft Teams has also made it ripe for hackers. In fact, as this year of explosive growth comes to an end, we’ve begun to see and learn how hackers are targeting this platform for data, personal and corporate information, and as a jumping-off point for other attacks.

For this whitepaper, Avanan analyzed nearly 200 enterprise customers for two months. In doing so, we were able to uncover current hacking activities and trends in Teams, as well as assess the overall cybersecurity risk involved in using the service.

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Customer Support Transformation – The Guide to Essential Practices and Metrics

TeamSupport recently issued a major industry report in collaboration with ServiceXRG called Customer Support Transformation: The Guide to Essential Practices and Metrics. This report examines important trends in customer support delivery and offers tangible guidance for customer support and service professionals to meet growing expectations of both customers and company executives.

This report examines:

  • Customer demand for Support services.
  • Practices companies use to manage and respond to customer Support requests.
  • Metrics and measurements for Support.
  • Benchmarks to indicate current performance levels.
  • Strategies and practices to scale Support.
  • New challenges and opportunities for Support.

Download the report to learn more.

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The 2020 Customer Communications Review

Let’s just say picking up the phone isn’t the only option anymore. Now, we can email, live-chat, even text businesses to get answers to our questions. But those forms of communications go the other way too— businesses can now text their customers (and prospects), email them with offers and promotions, and, of course, call them.

But is this actually good for business? Or is it just annoying and alienating customers (and potential customers)?

In this report, we’ll look at consumers’ preferences when it comes to communicating with businesses and dig into how businesses can reach out in a way that’s actually productive and effective.

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Unrecognizable collaboration

Every year, video penetrates our personal lives a bit more. We broadcast personal events on Instagram Live, chat with our friends on FaceTime, and leave video messages on WhatsApp. As we’ve become more comfortable with video chat, it has steadily spread into the professional sphere.

In the last few years, we’ve seen an explosion of new workplace applications. Innovators are building virtual rec rooms, simulating spontaneous office conversations, and facilitating spontaneous conversations between remote colleagues.

In this insight report, we’ve profiled 5 of the most exciting applications, investigating precisely how organizations are implementing video and how it’s affected their teams.

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How the Combination of Message, Video, and Phone Will Reshape the Future of Work

Before COVID-19, organizations dabbled in remote and flexible work arrangements for many years without any particular urgency. In the wake of COVID-19, however, the slow-and-steady approach turned upside down. Businesses suddenly had to accelerate their remote work plans and get employees completely equipped to work from home.

As business leaders plan to support more remote work in the immediate and distant future, equipping remote workers with the right technologies is mission-critical. It’s time to move into the next phase of remote work and explore permanent collaboration solutions - with WFH 2.0.

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The OKR Maturity Model

Aligning Employee Execution with Business Strategy

The OKR Maturity Model will show you what a mature OKR process looks like and act as a guide to help you create this in your organization. This tool is for businesses to assess their current program maturity, in order to plan a path of upward progression. Join OKR experts and Intel alumni Howard Jacob and James Cape and Ally’s Jes Baum in a three-part series on how to develop a mature OKR program.

Each webinar in this 3-part series is geared towards one of the three phases it takes to adopt a fully mature OKR process.

Fill out the form to register for the on-demand webinar series!

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Webinar – Achieving interoperability in healthcare with APIs

While the majority of healthcare providers have implemented an EHR system, most are incompatible with the full slate of clinical and non-clinical systems necessary to exchange critical health information and ultimately, provide the highest quality of care.

With MuleSoft Anypoint Platform, hundreds of healthcare organizations have leveraged our HL7 V2 and FHIR messaging capabilities to connect clinical and non-clinical systems and power digital health initiatives. Now with the addition of Bridge Connector and Verato, healthcare organizations will be able to connect the full suite of health data, devices and systems necessary to power the future of care and achieve the standard of interoperability.

By attending this webinar you will learn:

  • MuleSoft’s approach to interoperability with the use of open APIs, orchestration services, and standards-based exchange.
  • How Anypoint Platform provides enterprise-grade capabilities to design, manage and deploy your full suite of clinical and non-clinical system integration needs.
  • A demo showcasing the power of Bridge Connector's no-code integration capabilities and Verato's master patient index in achieving interoperability goals.

Presented by:

  • Kevin Flanagan, Healthcare Product Marketing at MuleSoft
  • Michelle Blackmer, Vice President of Marketing, Verato
  • Josh Douglas, Chief Technology Officer, Bridge Connector

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3 Ways Your Call Center Choice Can Make or Break Your CRM Investment

You’ve already got the best-in-class CRM software solution for your business, so you understand how important it is to manage customer relationships effectively. But if you’re also considering contact center software, your next choice could make the difference between a dynamic duo that delivers on the promise of powerful synergy, and a combination that costs more and does less than you thought.

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Empower Your Business with Continuous Communications

Enterprise conferencing and collaboration technologies today stand at an exciting crossroads. Solutions that were once considered consumer technologies are moving into the enterprise. Never has this trend been more pronounced than now, as consumerization of IT and mobile device proliferation increasingly break down the walls between business and consumer use. As a result, enterprise solutions must become increasingly simpler to deploy and more intuitive to use. At the same time they must deliver a secure and seamless communications experience. As the worlds of consumer and business communications blend, walking the line between the two has become top of mind for users and IT decision makers alike. Businesses must capitalize on these tectonic shifts in user preferences by deploying agile communications that today's mobile users need in order to collaborate effectively wherever they are.
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Business Phone Solution Buyer’s Guide

This Buyers Guide helps business owners select the right phone system for their business by asking important and revealing questions, including:

  • Traditional Service or Business VoIP Service?
  • Which Calling Features are Most Important?
  • Does the System Support Mobility?
  • How Much Should I Expect to Pay?
  • How Will My Phone System Grow with My Business?
  • What If I Need Customer or Technical Support?
  • What Makes a System Reliable?
  • Is My Information Secure?
  • How Long Does it Take to Set Up a New Phone System?
  • What About Onboarding and Training?
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Contact Center

A new contact center handles inbound and outbound calls on the channel chosen by the customer. With 8x8, your contact center is instantly scalable, and performance is detailed across numerous metrics and the data is accessible in an instant. This combination of omnichannel capabilities and contact center management is strengthened by third-party tested data security and protection. Call center software is an investment in building a compelling customer experience. The 8x8 CCaaS solution turns that investment into a competitive advantage.

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