Enhancing Your Microsoft 365 Email Security: How PhishTitan Can Boost Your Email Defenses

Did you know that 4 out of 5 Fortune 500 companies utilize the Microsoft 365 (M365) cloud-powered productivity platform — yet cyberattacks are still possible on their M365 network? As more and more companies store important, sensitive data on their M365 accounts, it’s not enough to rely on one service alone.

This guide helps highlight today’s most dangerous threats, shines a light on the gaps in Microsoft 365’s out-of-the-box defenses and details how to fortify your clients’ security defenses with PhishTitan.

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A Phishing Expedition: Why Phishing is the #1 Threat to Your Clients’ Security

This comprehensive resource explores how Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can build comprehensive phishing protections for clients in the modern world.

In today's landscape, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) face an unprecedented imperative: to deliver ironclad phishing protection to their clients. This guide serves as a strategic toolkit, equipping MSPs with the knowledge and tools required to explain why email security is so important and to take strategic action to make sure clients are well protected.

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Close Deals Faster by Getting Legal On Your Side

Uncover the five steps you can take to streamline collaboration between sales and legal and close deals faster.

Faster contracts mean faster business. Checking off these five steps will help you create harmony between your sales and legal teams and bring success to your entire company.

Download your free checklist and close deals 20% faster.

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The General Counsel Playbook

Starting a new job as a general counsel is always exciting, but you also need to ensure you’re set up for success day one.

This playbook will help you understand the eight key steps to take in order to hit the ground running.

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The Current State of Legal Technology

Lexion surveyed 200+ legal and sales professionals to learn where they stand on AI, preferred tech, collaboration, implementation, and more.

Dive deeper into this year's surprising findings, including:

  • Expectations and concerns over revenue growth
  • How teams like yours are finding efficiency with less
  • Job satisfaction and outlook across in-house teams
  • And more!

Fill out the form to unlock all that and more.

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Docubee: A Better Way to Handle Legal Contracts

Cut down on non-billable hours without a painful software integration that requires lengthy retraining. Docubee intelligent contract automation gives you an all-in-one platform that fits your legal processes, not the other way around.

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The Current State of Contract Automation for Legal Professionals

Among the most avoided conversations for legal professionals is that of technology and the role it plays in legal contract and document management. Due to the fear of complicated implementations or additional work getting added to the table, automation for law firms gets put as an afterthought.

Docubee partnered with leading Legal media company, ALM, to survey legal professionals across various practice areas to get a picture of the current state of contracts and technology used in firms and where the industry is headed.

This whitepaper looks to uncover common trends, address challenges and best practices, and glean insights on contract automation for law professionals.
Continue reading for vital info on automation for your firm.

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How to Switch Payroll Providers

Don’t let the stress of switching payroll providers keep you chained to broken and frustrating payroll processes. We’ve laid out all the steps—including checklists and questionnaires—to give you a clear-cut path to finally breaking free.

This detailed guide to switching payroll providers includes:

  • Instructions for selecting and narrowing down a shortlist of new payroll contenders, including a checklist of due diligence tasks.
  • A questionnaire to bring to discovery meetings and demos.
  • Checklists of tasks and reminders for canceling with an old provider and coordinating with a new one.
  • A mini-checklist of all the payroll info you’ll need when switching.
  • Information on what to expect if you’re switching from an in-house solution, PEO, accounting firm, or a third party payroll software provider.

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Securing Leadership Buy-In for Safety Management Software

69% of Safety Professionals reported their 2023 focus was engaging leaders more in workplace health and safety.

Gaining leadership buy-in to invest in safety management software can feel like an uphill battle. Budget constraints, lack of understanding of the software’s true value, and competing priorities often hinder progress.

Our eBook offers a streamlined approach to building a persuasive argument for the adoption of safety management software, focusing on:

  • Strategic Alignment: Demonstrating how the software supports the organization’s overall safety goals.
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis: Simplifying the process of highlighting potential savings and efficiency gains.
  • ROI Calculation: Providing a straightforward formula to showcase the financial benefits.
  • Effective Communication: Tips for conveying the value proposition to stakeholders in a language they understand.
  • Overcoming Objections: Strategies for addressing common concerns and resistance with evidence-based responses.

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BambooHR State of HR Report 2024

Some companies took exceptional initiative on this front last year, from offering 6x more bereavement days in some cases to surprising employees with unprecedented end-of-year bonuses. But not every HR department or company wields the same resources as Johnson & Johnson or a real-estate firm experiencing a banner year.

We surveyed 1,200 HR professionals to understand what they’re up against in the coming year, and what we learned can help you paint a realistic picture of the state of HR today, and what changes may be possible in the year to come.

This report includes:

  • A breakdown of what challenges HR faces in the coming year.
  • How HR ranks the difficulty of those challenges.
  • What technology and process limitations are holding them back.
  • Advice to HR on what they can do to drive business impact in 2024.

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