Marketing Automation: Agency Trends

Marketing agencies know that marketing automation is vital to their success and the success of their clients. Agencies report that they are using marketing automation with several goals in mind, the most prevalent of which are to increase lead generation (65%) and to improve lead nurturing (59%). Both of these activities lead to increasing sales revenue, which was reported as an objective for 42% of agencies. Download our whitepaper to learn how your organization can benefit from marketing automation.
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Notifiable Data Breach Compliance

Only 50% of Firms Are Ready for Australia’s Data Breach Legislation. Are You Prepared?

Research suggests very few organisations are prepared to comply with Australia’s Notifiable Data Breach legislation.

Although IT managers report that 95% of security breaches are caused by human error, only 40% of companies report actively training staff to improve cybersecurity practices.

This ITNews survey identifies areas where Australian companies have fallen short when it comes to data protection and compliance.

Download the new research report to learn how to prepare your organisation for NDB.

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Don’t Overlook Email When Planning for GDPR Compliance

Does your organization have a plan for complying with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)? If email isn’t a part of that plan, you could face significant challenges, including severe financial penalties.

Learn more in this TechTarget whitepaper Don’t Overlook Email When Planning for GDPR Compliance. Download now to get the facts about:

  • Why you can’t compromise when it comes to protection of email data
  • The challenges presented by Subject Area Requests
  • How noncompliance could cost your organization more than just money
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E-book: Idées reçues sur la migration vers le cloud

Que signifie « Migrer vers le cloud » ? Cet e-book dénonce certaines idées reçues concernant le cloud et explique en détail ce que vous devez savoir sur Microsoft Office 365 :

  • Comment le cloud peut vous aider à réduire vos problèmes et le temps consacré à la maintenance de votre matériel
  • En quoi le stockage cloud est réellement plus sûr qu’un stockage local
  • Comment la technologie et les solutions cloud peuvent augmenter la productivité des employés

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7 solutions pour mieux utiliser le cloud

La collaboration et la communication sont des éléments clés du succès de l’entreprise, mais lorsque vos employés et vos clients utilisent des outils différents, il peut être difficile de collaborer efficacement.

Découvrez comment tirer le meilleur du cloud pour :

  • Renforcer la communication et le travail en équipe
  • Améliorer la mobilité de l’entreprise
  • Agir en fonction des informations dont vous disposez

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Faites parler vos données

Microsoft Power BI vous aide à interpréter, présenter et exploiter les données de votre entreprise. Dans cet e-book, vous découvrirez :

L’essentiel à savoir sur Power BI

  • Dix opérations que vous pouvez faire au cours de vos dix premières minutes d'utilisation
  • Pourquoi vos données ne seront plus jamais ennuyeuses
  • Comment explorer des données à l’aide de la recherche de texte

Et d’autres fonctionnalités pour vous aider à gagner en efficacité.

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En savoir plus sur la migration vers le cloud

Dans cet e-book, nous brisons les mythes sur le cloud. Découvrez ce qu’il faut savoir sur Microsoft Office 365, notamment :

  • Comment réduire vos problèmes et le temps consacré à la maintenance de votre matériel.
  • En quoi le stockage cloud est en réalité plus sûr qu’un stockage local.
  • En quoi les solutions cloud améliorent la productivité des employés.
  • Comment passer moins de temps sur les mises à jour logicielles.

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6 common types of remote workers and how you can support them

Employees working remotely have varied needs. They may be traveling, working in multiple locations, or moving across time zones.

This eBook outlines how to:

  • Identify six types of remote workers
  • Provide tools for remote collaboration and other team interactions
  • Support a diverse team of remote workers with a secure, adaptable infrastructure
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Office 365 timesaving tips for your growing business

Did you know one of the top timesaving features in Microsoft Word and Excel is a natural-language search tool called the “Tell Me” feature? It lets you instantly find the next action you want to perform.

This eBook covers this feature and more, such as:

  • Editing docs sent to you in email—on your phone
  • Co-editing docs from a Skype for Business chat
  • Gleaning business insights with Power BI

Read the eBook, then sign up for a trial of Office 365 to put all of these tips and tricks to work.

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Position Your Financial Services Business for Success

IT innovation has turned the financial services sector into a breeding ground for disruption and cutting-edge innovation.

Office 365 offers:

  • Features that help better protect customer data
  • More consistent compliance tools
  • Accessible data insights with analytics tools

See how Office 365 can better meet your productivity requirements

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See why more and more businesses report success with the cloud

Nearly 80 percent of surveyed IT pros said they can save money and see more productivity as a result of using a cloud approach. Learn how your small business can use the cloud to:
  • Provide better tools while keeping costs down
  • Take advantage of the ability to quickly scale your business
  • Make accessing information easier for your mobile workforce
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The Ultimate Meeting Guide: How to Run a Meeting Like a Pro

Unproductive meetings cost organizations $37 billion annually.

Your company can avoid this wasted time. Get tips to run better meetings, such as how to:

  • Create agendas that keep meetings focused
  • Help people understand their roles and action items
  • Improve decision-making
  • Use visuals to make topics more approachable
  • Avoid common meeting frustrations
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Make the business case for Office 365

What’s the business case for transitioning to cloud-based productivity solutions? A recent Forrester Consulting report on the ROI of Office 365 concluded:
  • Support time reduced by half
  • Mobile employees saved one hour per day
  • Analysts, managers, and salespeople made faster, better decisions
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4 ways to coauthor documents better

The end of versioning as we know it. Help your employees safely share documents, notes, and ideas from anywhere, without creating multiple versions of files that can quickly get out of control. With Microsoft Office 365 and OneDrive for Business, your team can:
  • Work together in one document—no versioning needed
  • Share large files quickly
  • Access docs from anywhere, online or offline
  • Share files in the cloud securely
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