How to Maximize Your Hiring Process to Attract Top Talent

The hiring process, or recruitment process, you implement can have a great impact on the future success of your small business.

Your employees are a valuable asset to your company so you need the right people on board to influence your business’s performance and prosperity. This is why it’s essential to have an efficient and effective hiring process in place.

In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of maximizing your hiring process and how to do so using Zenkit.

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The Importance & Benefits of Project Management Software

When working from a home office, the ability to connect & collaborate with teams remotely is critical. All project functions must be performed effectively & efficiently away from the office & other team members. Frustration levels can rise when basic project functions such as tracking deliverables, managing resources, time, & budgets, & facilitating inter-team communications are not carried out. This invariably leads to decreased productivity & increased attrition amongst the team.

One of the most effective tools for making the transition to an online space more manageable is project management software. This type of SaaS product not only helps project managers manage & track their teams but also ensures that the entire team is on the same page throughout the project’s life cycle.

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The Importance of Knowledge Bases for Businesses

Sir Francis Bacon gave credence to the phrase “knowledge itself is power” in his 1597 work, ‘Meditationes Sacrae.’ These four words are still used today to express the belief that knowledge is the foundation of every successful enterprise. How one obtains it &, more importantly, how one shares it will serve as the basis for both one’s reputation & growth.

We at Zenkit believe that knowledge is power as well. As a result, we have carefully designed our solutions to revolve around the ability to easily capture & share knowledge with others. In fact, our own ‘Hypernotes’ is a tool designed specifically for this purpose. Hypernotes is a fantastic way to get creative with how you create, share, & understand knowledge with others, thanks to its enhanced knowledge management features.

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Zenkit Suite – Customer Stories

Our mission at Zenkit is simple: We want to make you and your team as productive as possible. To achieve this we have a very basic key idea: Build simple tools for every area in your team’s workday – and add superior interaction between them.

Don’t just listen to what we say. Our users from various industries and sectors are sharing how Zenkit plays an important role in their everyday workflow.

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Digital Validation: Achieving Modern Compliance for Modern Testing with Tricentis Vera™

Join us to see how modernizing compliance with Tricentis Vera™ to support digital validation for life sciences. In this webinar you will learn:

  • How Tricentis Vera™ helps you meet business objectives while satisfying compliance requirements.
  • How shifting to digital validation supports quality, not documents.
  • How you can easily implement electronic signatures, automated review and approvals process, and technical controls across the development and testing toolchain.
  • Modernize software compliance in life sciences.
  • Enhance CSV lifecycle with digital validation.
  • Adopt compliance for Agile testing.

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Agile, Digital Validation: How to Modernize Software Testing for Life Sciences

Remain competitive and compliant when adopting a digital approach to validation. Uncover important industry trends life sciences organizations must address, such as:

  • Why a modernization strategy is needed in regulated software testing, and how adopting digital, data-driven approach with Tricentis Vera™ addresses this need in Computer System Validation today.
  • The industry trends influencing modernization in computer systems validation.
  • The advantages of adopting an Agile, digital approach to validation.
  • The limitation of document-based approaches for review and approval.
  • Modernize software testing for life sciences.
  • Why life science companies choose Vera™ to lower costs and increase efficiency.

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Best Practices for Computer Systems Validation in The Digital Age

Negotiate changes with computer systems validation best practices to get ahead of increasing demands around digital transformation. Learn valuable tips for negotiating changes with computer systems validation, such as:

  • Important steps to plan, develop, manage, and control your computer systems validation program.
  • List of best practices to help implement an effective, scalable software compliance program that supports digital transformation initiatives.
  • Minimize risks, reduce cost, and avoid common pitfalls.
  • Reduce the costs, risks, and complexities of compliance.
  • Plan an effective and efficient CSV program.
  • Key mistakes to avoid with computer systems validation.

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Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation is not about replacing people. It’s about taking uniquely human strengths—like intuition and judgment—and combining them with intelligent tools like artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA) to deliver superior organizational outcomes.

A low-code application development platform is an essential enabler of intelligent automation (IA). OutSystems is the world’s #1 Low-code Platform™ for enterprises wanting to optimize how their staff interface with increasingly intelligent internal systems and better manage their business.

Learn more about Intelligent Automation with OutSystems

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Smart Linux Solutions for the Intelligent Edge

A device designer faces many choices when determining how to architect an embedded solution. The Linux operating system offers faster innovation with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, high levels of security, standards that are common across all industries, flexibility and adaptability for many use cases, and cloud-native and DevOps support.

But it doesn’t come without challenges. Is it worth it to invest in supporting Linux for several years? What about the number of common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs) that come up constantly throughout the product lifecycle?

Learn how purpose-built embedded Linux distributions can provide the smaller footprint, longer support lifecycle, and high reliability necessary for the intelligent edge.

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Embedded Linux Impact: Optimizing to Meet Market Requirements

Embedded Linux is fueling the new connected intelligent systems paradigm. The embedded software market is estimated to grow at 7% CAGR during 2021–2027, with a projected value of $21.5 billion in 2027 (Global Market Insights).

Don’t miss out on how to develop, deploy, and service your intelligent edge Linux solutions.

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From Prototype Through Post-Deployment: The Linux Journey

Yocto Project–based Linux will be the OS of choice in embedded's migration to open source over the next three years in all markets (VDC Research, May 2020).

Quality and speed will be must-haves. Success will mean focusing on what you do best and leaving the undifferentiating OS design, development, and maintenance to your embedded Linux service provider.

Learn when and why to partner on the design, development, and maintenance of Linux technology, and what makes Wind River® unique in Linux lifecycle management.

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From Prototype to Post Deployment: Linux Decision Points

In the embedded industry, the lifecycle of a Linux product can last 5, 10, or even 15 years or more, so the decisions you make now and along the way will impact speed, quality, and resources for years to come. They can also create technical debt and directly impact future scalability, profitability, and the overall success of your project.

This e-book walks readers through the Linux Decision Points journey and touches on key considerations throughout development. Questions to consider include: What is your business strategy for open source leadership? Unique code contribution? Delivering a service? Or building an innovative product?

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