Gartner Research: Use SIEM for Targeted Attack Detection

Closing the gap for the potential of a targeted attack and becoming a breach statistic is an ongoing challenge for organizations of all types and sizes. The adoption of continuous security information and event monitoring (SIEM) offers organizations a more holistic, intelligent and comprehensive approach to reduce the window of discovery.

Gartner’s paper­ - Use SIEM for Targeted Attack Detection ­ - details research on how IT security leaders can improve targeted attack detection capabilities using SIEM tools and appropriate investments in expertise, processes and complementary technologies.

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A New Class of Firewall: Internal Segmentation Firewall (ISFW)

The latest advanced threats take advantage of the flat and open internal network. Once they get past traditional firewall defenses at the perimeter, it’s very easy for them to spread and extract valuable trade secrets and sensitive data.

Download the “Protecting Your Network from the Inside Out” white paper, which details the emergence of a new class of firewall that helps address this critical security gap—the Internal Segmentation Firewall (ISFW). Deployed at key strategic points in the network, it identifies and contains threats before they spread.

ISFWs can be deployed rapidly with minimum disruption while keeping up with the multi­-gigabit speeds of internal networks. They offer instant visibility and critical protection that can protect internal data/assets if a threat gets past the perimeter.

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One Brand of Firewall is a Best Practice for Most Enterprises

The combination of cloud technologies and ever-­increasing worker mobility have required firewalls to expand their reach from securing applications and network traffic to address the entire broad and complex threat surface.

Gartner’s paper­ One Brand of Firewall is a Best Practice for Most Enterprises­ details research that enables you to learn more about the importance of a unified security posture:

  • Reducing complexity through consolidated management
  • Increasing security effectiveness with deeper levels of inspection
  • Automating threat remediation and accelerating response times
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Securing Your Network and Application Infrastructure

The risk of a breach is growing rapidly due to more devises and more applications hitting your infrastructure. We asked security experts about their biggest concerns for advanced persistent threats and application based attacks.

Two Security experts reveal their challenges and share advice on advance persistent threats. Read what they have to say about:

  • The importance of including security professionals at early stages of your IT projects
  • The best protection against threats (hint: early detection and rapid response)
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Wireless Defense Strategies In The IoT Era

The rise of BYOD and the Internet of Things (IoT) are bringing new flexibility and functionality to organizations of all sizes ­ and unfortunately, also new Wi­Fi vulnerabilities and attack vectors that put critical assets within your network at risk.

Download Wireless Defense Strategies in the IoT Era to learn how critical it is to deploy more integrated security at the access layer for comprehensive protection that spans the full breadth of the network.

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Countering Evolving Cyber Threats

Regardless of an organization’s security maturity model, when the growing level of sophisticated attackers and threats collide with the ever evolving and expanding network environment, a multifaceted defense approach is no longer a luxury, but a necessity.

This white paper -­ Countering Evolving Cyber Threats­ - outlines clear prioritization of solutions and the key areas that should be addressed in order to minimize the impact of potential threats while filling in the gaps that span across all the access vectors.

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Advanced Threat Protection Buyer’s Guide

Increasing the strength of your company’s defense against the latest persistent threats means providing coverage across the entire attack chain: prevention, detection and mitigation. This checklist will help you assess your current Advanced Threat Protection solution needs through a baseline set of requirements, including:

  • Environment coverage
  • Mix of security technologies
  • Integration and automation capabilities
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    IDC Report: Modern Defense Against Sophisticated Attacks Requires Comprehensive Endpoint Protection

    Read this IDC Technology Spotlight to explore the key capabilities of modern endpoint security technologies in the market. See why enterprises are choosing solutions containing more sophisticated detection and deeper forensics capabilities to enable incident responders to execute faster triage and investigations. Access this in-depth analyst report for insights on responding to endpoint threats in minutes.
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    Achieving High Fidelity Security: An EMA White Paper

    Discover the key facets of high-fidelity security – the ability for organizations to collect comprehensive and timely data and gain context for fast and prioritized threat detection and response. Learn about the benefits of combining network and endpoint data with a strong analytic toolset. Read this analyst report for more details about a successful security monitoring program and insights for making your security team more effective.
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    Smarter Cybersecurity Solutions

    Perhaps more than any other type of software solution a reseller can offer to its customers, endpoint security products are characterized by a huge gap between their minimal purchase prices and the enormous costs they can entail for clients if they fail to work properly. The financial benefits of retailing antivirus solutions are modest (typical street prices are $24/year per seat, with VAR cost roughly $12), while the potential losses suffered by a VAR’s customer due to virus or malware infections can be devastating.

    Such costs can range from system downtime and diminished productivity to lost sales revenues and even potential legal liability for claims relating to any private information that may have been compromised. Combating the alarming volume, velocity and variance of today’s security threats has become significantly more challenging as cybercriminals employ an extensive range of sophisticated new techniques (polymorphism, spear phishing, etc).

    Yet, despite this rapidly-evolving threat landscape—and the substantial financial hardships it can impose on resellers’ customers—many VARs still underestimate the importance of offering the optimum antivirus solution. By focusing on the modest acquisition expenses of antivirus products, VARs may tend to overlook the significant business consequences and huge costs for its customers that choosing the wrong endpoint security solution can entail.

    Download the full white paper below to learn more.

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