Improve your mobile application security with IBM Worklight

Adopting new strategic enterprise-wide IT initiatives usually brings with it concerns related to security and risk mitigation. Mobile application security has a unique set of requirements to address new challenges. Key components in the enterprise security infrastructure are designed to secure browsing activity. However, the integration of downloadable applications into the enterprise back end requires more development effort. Mobile applications may be run on devices compromised by malware. The threat of malware necessitates the need for an application to protect its data and to also recognize when the data or the application itself might have been compromised. External attacks by hackers and malware are just a couple of examples but they highlight the special focus on the demands of mobile application security.
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Secure Data Sharing in the Enterprise

Productivity today depends on the ability of workers to access and share their data from any device, in any location, and use it to collaborate with colleagues and partners anywhere in the world. In this era of mobility, bring-your-own device (BYOD) and globalization, work isn't something you do in a single place, on a single computer; it can happen anywhere on any device. Citrix ShareFile addresses this need with an enterprise follow-me data solution that IT can use to deliver a secure, robust service that meets the mobility and collaboration needs of all users. Workers can easily share, store, sync and secure data across any device, while IT can meet its requirements for security, compliance and manageability.
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The Top 5 Truths About Big Data Hype and Security Intelligence

The principles of Big Data are the key to advanced security intelligence. The many information security professionals who successfully monitor enterprise security in real time realize that Big Data requirements are nothing new to security information and event management (SIEM) technology. Given their frequent claims about SIEM's limitations in scalability and analytics, newcomers to the Big Data phenomenon are evidently unaware of this fact and lack hands-on experience with true enterprise SIEMs. This white paper discusses the key tenets of Big Data.
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Big Security for Big Data

We are children of the information generation. No longer tied to large mainframe computers, we now access information via applications, mobile devices, and laptops to make decisions based on real-time data. It is because information is so pervasive that businesses want to capture this data and analyze it for intelligence. The multitude of devices, users, and generated traffic all combine to create a proliferation of data that is being created with incredible volume, velocity, and variety. As a result, organizations need a way to protect, utilize, and gain real-time insight from "big data." Read this whitepaper now!
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3 Big Data Security Analytics Techniques You Can Apply Now to Catch Advanced Persistent Threats

In this unprecedented period of advanced persistent threats (APTs), organizations must take advantage of new technologies to protect themselves. Detecting APTs is complex because unlike intensive, overt attacks, APTs tend to follow a "low and slow" attack profile that is very difficult to distinguish from normal, legitimate activity - truly a matter of looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack. The volume of data that must be analyzed is overwhelming. One technology that holds promise for detecting these nearly invisible APTs is Big Data Security Analytics (BDSA). Read this whitepaper today to learn more!
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Defending Against Increasingly Sophisticated Cyber Attacks: HP TippingPoint Bolsters Enterprise Data Center Protection

The modern cyber threat landscape requires enterprise organizations to be more vigilant than ever in their mission to protect sensitive data and network resources. There are several new IPS (intrusion prevention system) products, technologies, and features available in the market that can have a notable impact on security efficacy, cost, scalability and usability. Whether replacing an existing IPS deployment or evaluating an initial purchase, enterprise organizations must evaluate the solution that best meets their security and business requirements. This paper will outline the top factors that enterprise organizations should consider when evaluating an IPS deployment.
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Not Your Father’s IPS: SANS Survey on Network Security Results

In today's security landscape, IPSs are in the process of radical change. Established IPS companies are rapidly improving the look and feel of their IPS devices, making them much more management friendly. IPS inputs were once confined to direct packet capture, but now the packet capture function, while still critical, is in many cases being moved to a sensor platform. The IPS proper is now moving toward what many would call a 'Next-Generation IPS' (NG-IPS), Because of changes in network security, SANS asked our community of security professionals to let us know about their network security practices today, their use of IPS, their technical and management capacities, and how they expect their IPS to be integrated into their overall security strategy in the years to come.
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Phishing: The Latest Tactics and Potential Business Impacts

As one of the top cybercrime ploys impacting both consumers and businesses, phishing has remained a consistently potent threat over the past several years. This paper highlights the current growth and trends in today's phishing schemes, the potential impact on companies, and insight into how businesses can apply technology to protect themselves and their customers.
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Website Security Threat Report

Symantec has established some of the most comprehensive sources of Internet threat data in the world. The network monitors attack activity in more than 200 countries and territories through a combination of Symantec products and services, and other third-party data sources. These resources give Symantec's analysts unparalleled sources of data with which to identify, analyse, and provide informed commentary on emerging trends in attacks, malicious code activity, phishing, and spam. The result is the annual Symantec Internet Security Threat Report. This version of the report - the Website Security Threat Report - has been created to specifically focus on website security issues.
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Six Things That Can Kill Your Website and How To Stop Them

Your website is your shop front, your brand on display and an essential sales and marketing tool. You spent a lot of money building it and attracting visitors. It is business critical: it would be a disaster if that shop front were smashed, your reputation was tarnished and visitors stopped coming. This is why website security is so important. This white paper lists six threats to your website and what you can do to prevent them.
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Cover Your Assets: Protect Your Company’s Most Important Possession

Whether accidental or hacker-initiated, data loss can pose huge costs to your organization. In this webcast, uncover the financial impact of data breaches, and learn why a DLP solution that integrates with a Unified Threat Management platform is the most effective way to prevent data loss.


-How to protect the growing volume of data in your network with a powerful DLP solution that controls information as it moves across boundaries
-How DLP technology directly secures your data, and solves the most common leaks in your network
-How attackers leverage SQLi to steal data and five key tips to follow to stop them from accessing your assets
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The Market Has Spoken: Why You Need New Tools to Simplify Security

With the internet's growth in security technologies, unintended complexity for security professionals has intensified. Described in this article are the factors contributing to security management complexity and why enhanced visibility and manageability across security technologies is the right remedy. In this Frost and Sullivan report, you'll discover the biggest factors contributing to security management complexity, and why improving visibility across security technologies is the best way to protect your data.

Download the report and discover:

* How to simplify the task of managing network security with tools that go beyond just using and maintaining a stand-alone solution
* How to gain greater visibility into your most sensitive data with consolidated management functionality across network security tools
* How to establish one set of automatically-implemented policies to more effectively remediate security breaches and today’s most lethal threats

Find out how WatchGuard can help your organization identify and overcome key network issues.
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Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies help organizations offer a more satisfying and productive work experience by providing people greater mobility. BYOD programs can come in many forms, from the ad hoc use of personal devices to full replacement of corporate-owned devices. Whatever approach an organization chooses, a complete, well thought-out policy is essential for embracing BYOD without increasing risk. In this session, you will gain practical guidance for ensuring BYOD success and hear first-hand from a Citrix IT executive who has led our BYOD implementation. You will learn: Critical factors to consider when defining your BYOD policy; Best practices for implementing a BYOD initiative; Why the best approach includes desktop virtualization and enterprise mobility management; How to ensure secure data access on personal devices.
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Facing Your Operating System’s End of Life? Google can Help

On April 8, 2014, countless businesses around the world will stop receiving critical support and updates when Windows XP officially retires. If your organization has yet to finish migrating all of its computers take a deep breath - there's no need to panic. We have some suggestions to help you reduce security risks. Ultimately, you can use this opportunity to formulate an IT strategy that stands the test of time.
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