Data Warehousing Shifts: Hadoop and Analytic tools move to the Cloud

This IT Managers Journal looks at how enterprises are leveraging the power of Hadoop and the evolving Big Data ecosystem to rapidly extract the information needed to speed business decision-making in today’s hybrid data environments.

Slashdot’s editors will provide a POV on the importance of leveraging Hadoop as part of a data warehousing solution whether Cloud, hybrid or on-premises, and will present several other assets that highlight the bottom-line benefits of these new approaches.

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From Data to Action: Governance and Integration Shape Successful Information Strategies

This IT Managers Journal looks at many aspects of data governance including policy, business rules and standards, and offers best-practice advice as to what steps the enterprise should be taking today to ensure business units are getting the maximum value out of enterprise data while further ensuring compliance with security, regulatory and technology mandates. This ITMJ looks at processes and tools that help manage and leverage value of data governance with minimal impact on today’s data-heavy business practices.
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Paving the Road to Cloud: What Matters Most in Storage Today

This IT Managers Journal looks into three key areas that must be addressed while planning for Cloud storage, namely performance, real-time compression and storage tiering and their importance when developing an overall storage strategy in today’s era of accelerating growth. The report offers best practices for implementing leading edge storage solutions that offer integration with existing infrastructure as well as seamless migration to tiered platforms that can meet increasing business demands with room to grow.
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Analytics in a Dash: Strategies to Speed Data Warehousing and Analysis in the Cloud

In today’s “instant this, instant that” world, the speed with which business decisions are made can have a huge impact on the success or failure of a project or product. Many organizations are turning to advanced analytics and “Big Data” tools to accelerate the transition from data to decision.

This IT Managers Journal looks at how new cloud-based data warehousing and analytics solutions can level the playing field for businesses that don’t have resources to deploy sophisticated data warehousing and Big Data infrastructure, and offer enterprises of all types and sizes access to advanced analytics tools that can quickly turn information into business advantage.

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Top 5 Reasons to Rethink Your Mobility Strategy

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The mobile revolution has transformed IT, collaboration and the way we interact with the world outside the workplace. New devices coupled with an ever-expanding array of applications give users a dizzying array of options, which also presents a new range of challenges to IT teams in the areas of security, management and resources to name a few.

This IT Managers Journal takes a look into the gap between user expectations and IT realities, and offers insight into what IT and line of business management both need to know to develop a mobility strategy that achieves increased productivity, a better customer and user experience, and the management and control of mobility solutions to ensure that security and governance mandates are safely maintained.

This ITMJ also includes additional resources to help execute your mobility strategy including a mobility assessment tool and in-depth research that takes a deep dive into how mobility is impacting the workforce in the US and across the globe.

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Getting Off the Data Treadmill: New Strategies for Hybrid Cloud

In today’s age of Cloud, Big Data and social marketing, businesses are inundated with ever-growing amounts of data. Cost, performance, growth and complexity all add to the risk of data loss, data failure or even migration from one platform to another. This IT Managers Journal offers guidance from data experts and features resources that can help ease the data dilemma.
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Building and Supporting High-Performance Applications

Over the past few years, IT has undergone a subtle transition due to the increasing importance of applications. Many top executives say that digital transformation will become critical to their organizations within the next two years.As a result, the number of digital business processes is skyrocketing. Download this paper and learn how automation and self-service can increase efficiency and productivity, while improving the flow of business processes from multiple applications.
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The New RAS: Reliability, Availability, Security – on the Cloud

In today’s rapidly evolving business climate the need to turn information into action is paramount. As the shift to highly virtualized and hybrid cloud environments accelerates, enterprises need to adopt cloud-based infrastructure strategies that support the increasing need for a zero-downtime world. Achieving these lofty availability levels has not been easy, but that may be changing as new cloud-based approaches allow organizations to virtualize disaster recovery to reduce both RPO (Recovery Point Objective) and RTO (Recovery Time Objective) that may eventually enable “dial-tone” levels of availability for mission-critical and customer-facing applications.

This IT Managers Journal will discuss the key trends and best practices in achieving these new “RAS” goals and highlight research papers from key industry analysts that demonstrate how to architect for today’s business needs – and why you should start planning today for tomorrow’s changes.

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10 Ways to Build a Better Big Data Security Strategy

When it comes to enterprise security, Big Data is part of the problem-and it is part of the solution. Collecting vast amounts of data from disparate sources-including the cloud-exposes the enterprise to new threats and creates vast new stores of data you must protect. But you can apply Big Data techniques for finding insight in mountains of data to find security threats as well.
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5 Ways a Smart Cloud Strategy Boosts the Bottom Line

Cloud computing continues to gain momentum in organizations of all sizes, and with good cause. With a myriad of solutions from bare metal to sophisticated software, IT and business units alike are finding new ways to achieve business goals by provisioning new solutions "as a service" using public, private or hybrid cloud offerings. Other than moving from capital to operating expenses, how can a smart cloud strategy bring real bottom-line benefits and help fuel business growth?

This ITMJ shows five ways organizations can support overall business goals while improving IT performance across a wide swath of business use cases. New business functions can be spun up in weeks instead of months, speeding time to value while freeing up IT resources to focus on business issues instead of patching servers.

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5 Ways Converged Infrastructure Is Transforming Midsize Businesses

Although the IT mantra is 'do more with less', it has been impossible to do much more than keep the lights on, often spending more than three of every four IT dollars on maintenance and management. Virtualization, cloud computing and big data analytics all promise to improve system utilization, but bringing all the pieces of infrastructure, network, OS and software together and keeping them all humming in concert can consume the lion's share of IT and LOB budgets alike. Now however we see the emergence of a new class of pre-integrated systems known as Converged. Infrastructure, designed to deliver out-of-the box productivity gains while drastically reducing the time and cost involved in deployment and maintenance of both traditional and cloud-based solutions.

This IT Managers' Journal (ITMJ) covers 5 concrete ways in which Converged Infrastructure is changing the way IT is delivered, creating a radically new IT value proposition. While you can purchase individual computer, network and storage components can you really afford to do that any longer? This new value prop allows you to scale your data center with much larger building blocks leaving much of the initial integration and setup to your vendor. Download this ITMJ before you spend another dime on infrastructure and discover more today.

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5 Big Benefits of Data Center Transformation

For decades the IT mantra has been “do more with less,” often struggling with tight budgets that ended up being spent largely on hardware and software maintenance that amount to just keeping the lights on. Today, businesses are transforming in this age of virtualization and big data to take advantage of social, mobile and cloud tools that can change the competitive landscape practically overnight.

This ITMJ will highlight some major benefits that can be achieved by looking at your data center in a new light and offer practical advice on how to assess the productivity gains and expense cuts that can be realized by utilizing managed services as part of your IT transformation for the years ahead.

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SIEM & Compliance: 10 Ways to Build a Better Big Data Security Strategy

The age of siloed data collection and databases is over. The explosion of data in the enterprise - coupled with the three-prong advance of cloud computing, social media, and mobile - is changing the rate and the amount of data organizations and their IT departments collect. With all this data comes increased security risks. Most IT departments are running data security plans that were designed for the age of in-house, on-premise databases. In short, those data security plans are now seriously out of date.

This IT Manager's Journal tackles the security and compliance challenges posed by Big Data in the age of social media, mobile and the cloud. Learn how to build a better Big Data security strategy that will better manage risk, ensure proper compliance, and secure your organization's sensitive data. Learn 10 ways you and your IT group can start to protect big data today.

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10 Ways the Right Reference Architecture Can Boost Business Performance

With the growing demand for faster business applications and the rapid spread of technology trends, computing performance has never been more important. The challenges for midsize businesses are even greater. With fewer resources, IT teams in midmarket organizations need to be able to deliver mission-critical applications at full-horsepower. They also need to do more with less-more computing power with fewer servers, smaller teams and leaner budgets. This IT Managers' Journal delivers 10 Ways managers in midsize organizations can deliver more computing power. Topics covered include Linux servers, IBM Power Systems, SAP applications, a real-world case study showcasing the benefits of replacing underperforming servers, Big Data, server management techniques and more. Download this exclusive IT Managers' Journal and learn how to get more out of your data centers today.
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