5 key data protection trends and challenges

Questions and answers featuring Forrester Research


Forrester Senior Analyst, Naveen Chhabra, shares his perspective on how to navigate through data resiliency challenges in today’s evolving IT environment.

Get answers to the top five questions Forrester clients often ask:

  • What are the major factors driving cost and complexity in delivering business resilience?
  • How does cloud backup help meet compliance requirements?
  • What are top IT admin challenges that they face on a weekly basis?
  • What are the new challenges around security and governance?
  • Is direct-to-cloud backup a viable solution?

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The Road To Digital Experience Success: A Modern Approach For Mid-Size Firms

As emerging technologies stretch the job market and take over mundane tasks, mid-size firms will increasingly struggle to attract and maintain the best talent. These organizations must accelerate their internal digital experience improvement efforts now before it is too late.

Read this Forrester report commissioned by Dell Technologies to find out the unique challenges faced by mid-size firms in their efforts to improve employee experience (EX).

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The Case for End-To-End Security Solutions For Mid-Market Firms

In a digital business, processes are rarely, if ever, confined to the infrastructure of the company. Customers and employees engage across numerous digital channels and dozens of third-party relationships critical to operations. IT leaders must rapidly evolve to protect their firms’ brands, strengthen their reputations, and build customer trust. To do so, security and productivity should go hand-in-hand, and that means a well-defined policy framework, metrics that demonstrate business value, and a business-aligned strategy that ties all this together.

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The Balanced Security Imperative

Balanced security requires firms to transition from treating privacy and data security as compliance requirements to one that champions privacy and uses its technology prowess to differentiate the brand. Any misstep with or changes to the IT infrastructure can and will exacerbate complexity, which is why building a balanced security strategy is so important. A balanced security strategy negates complexity by keeping up with the pace of technological change as well as industry disruption and evolving regulatory compliance. In March 2019, Dell commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate the evolving security trends and technology needed to protect and enable employees. Our study found that empowering employees while adhering to security protocols improves employee productivity. Forrester conducted an online survey of 887 senior business and IT decision makers to explore this topic.

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Managing Security Risk And Compliance In A Challenging Landscape (updated)

Security leaders have been in front of boards and executive committees long enough to know that security metrics that simply portray statistics from monitoring tools, or count the number of malware attacks, add relatively little value to strategy and budget decisions. Protecting sensitive customer and company data shouldn’t be just a compliance obligation, it should be a business imperative. This is exactly why the right technology partners will help push security, risk, and compliance objectives forward. In March 2019, Dell commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate the evolving security trends and technology needed to protect and enable employees. Our study found that empowering employees while adhering to security protocols improves employee productivity. Forrester conducted an online survey of 887 senior business and IT decision makers to explore this topic.

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Transformative Automation: Balancing Power and Simplicity

In a post-pandemic world, businesses are still struggling how to automate complex and mission-critical processes. Companies know they need transformative automation—but how and where to start? It is the “how” that continues to challenge most businesses. The digital “visionaries” like Netflix, Amazon, Apple, Google, and Facebook, have all achieved incredible outcomes— So, how can you?

IDC Research explores how a modern approach to business automation can enable businesses of all kinds to grasp the nettle of transformation and work within their constraints to execute at scale.

In a recent report, Transformative Automation: Balancing Power and Simplicity, IDC Research uncovers:

  • The weakest links in a business for delivering transformation and how to overcome the challenges
  • What the key obstacles are for better enterprise decision making
  • How to drive change in digital products, services, experiences and processes
  • What you need to create a new business automation toolkit

Download the IDC Research Infobrief: Transformative Automation: Balancing Power and Simplicity for free today.

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The Forrester Wave™: Multicloud Container Development Platforms, Q3 2020

Red Hat was named a leader among a field of 8 multicloud container platform vendors in The Forrester Wave™: Multicloud Container Development Platforms 2020 Q3 report.

The analyst firm evaluated vendors and their products against 29 criteria across 3 categories—current offering, strategy, and market presence—and gave Red Hat the top scores in the strategy and market presence categories, as well as the highest score in the current offering category.

This must-read vendor evaluation will help prospective multicloud container platform customers evaluate different providers by their current offerings and long-term strategies.

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Threat Intelligence Report: DDoS Attacks Intensify in 2020

DDoS attacks continue to grow in frequency and sophistication and botnet weapons are as popular as ever while modern malware is gaining new ways to infect IoT systems and recruit them as drones. In these challenging times, up-to-date threat intelligence has become a critically important part of universities and colleges’ DDoS protection strategy.

Read this free intelligence report, titled “Q2 2020: The State of DDoS Weapons” where A10 Networks’ security researchers have tracked 10 million unique DDoS weapons and source of threats to help our Higher Education clients be more prepared for the threats that are targeting them today.

Read this free report to learn:

  • Where attacks originate from and the top sources of DDoS attacks
  • What the largest DDoS attacks have in common
  • About the top IoT exploits detected by A10 Networks

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Build a Case for an HR System for your Business

Make the case for your company to invest in an HRIS

Let us help you create a shareable business report to make the case for using GoCo at your company.

This downloadable document will address how an HRIS can solve all of your current pain points, and highlight areas you’re looking to gain efficiency. You'll also be able to see the ROI from implementing an HRIS based on the size of your company.

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The 2020 Customer Communications Review

Let’s just say picking up the phone isn’t the only option anymore. Now, we can email, live-chat, even text businesses to get answers to our questions. But those forms of communications go the other way too— businesses can now text their customers (and prospects), email them with offers and promotions, and, of course, call them.

But is this actually good for business? Or is it just annoying and alienating customers (and potential customers)?

In this report, we’ll look at consumers’ preferences when it comes to communicating with businesses and dig into how businesses can reach out in a way that’s actually productive and effective.

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Unrecognizable collaboration

Every year, video penetrates our personal lives a bit more. We broadcast personal events on Instagram Live, chat with our friends on FaceTime, and leave video messages on WhatsApp. As we’ve become more comfortable with video chat, it has steadily spread into the professional sphere.

In the last few years, we’ve seen an explosion of new workplace applications. Innovators are building virtual rec rooms, simulating spontaneous office conversations, and facilitating spontaneous conversations between remote colleagues.

In this insight report, we’ve profiled 5 of the most exciting applications, investigating precisely how organizations are implementing video and how it’s affected their teams.

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Drive Business Success with a Dual-Track Approach to Transformation

Digital transformation has become the watchword—or, some would say, buzzword—in corporate suites for much of the past decade. The drive to leverage digital capabilities comes as operational agility is seen as the answer for innovating new business models and serving rapidly shifting customer demands. The Covid-19 pandemic has only intensified the need for organizations to move quickly to prepare for the next large-scale crisis or seize a new opportunity.

Quick Base has sponsored this research by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services to explore why IT leaders are embracing dual-track transformation, the impacts on their businesses, and how they are implementing rapid-cycle innovation to support this strategy. In this survey, you’ll see data that reflects input from over 400 IT leaders, as well as crucial insight from chief information officers at some of the largest companies in the world.

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