Workload Automation: Accelerating Digital Services Delivery

Now, application developers and IT operations can streamline the development and management of batch services. They’ll no longer have to deal with manual processes for defining batch jobs and workflows, or traverse multiple, disparate scheduling tools. How? With the right workload automation.

Download this white paper to learn how a well-architected workload automation solution can help you:

• Shrink application development time and cost
• Deliver higher quality digital services
• Increase IT’s agility to meet the demands of the business

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Meeting the Exploding Demand for New IT Services

The last five years have fundamentally changed the way people interact with technology, leaving IT in a reactive mode. As business customers have rushed to “consumerized” services and experiences, IT is beginning to redefine its approach to offering IT services. In this eBook, explore the top trends driving the New IT for IT Service Management, and how leading organizations are evolving to focus on end-user experience.
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How eBay Classifieds Group monitors and manages their app performance

Thursday June 26, 9.30am (UK), 10.30am (Central Europe)

In this live webinar, Armand Verstappen, NOC Manager at eBay Classifieds Group will highlight how Compuware APM enabled eBay to protect and optimize the experience their customers love by:

• Validating performance of their own datacenters
• Monitoring their CDN performance
• Monitoring performance trends versus their competitors

You will learn how eBay Classifieds Group tackles the challenges they face through sophisticated application monitoring strategies they’ve put in place to stay ahead of their users’ expectations.

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The Total Economic Impact of IBM’s Worklight Mobile Application Platform

How much can organizations expect to save by investing in a mobile application platform? IBM commissioned Forrester Consulting to examine the total economic impact and potential return on investment (ROI) that enterprises may realize by deploying Worklight. Using an established methodology and based upon actual customer experiences, this report breaks down the economics of the Worklight mobile application platform and the key factors that informed Forrester’s conclusion of a 363% Five-Year ROI.
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A Mobile Application Development Primer

This white paper focuses on a comprehensive approach for the development of mobile business applications. The technique described combines best practices for collaborative software lifecycle management with newer requirements unique to the creation of mobile applications. It is intended to provide value for all of the roles involved in mobile enterprise business application development projects.
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Mobile App Platform Technology Overview: IBM Worklight

IBM Worklight software can enable organizations to extend their business through HTML5, hybrid and native applications ("apps") for a variety mobile devices. IBM Worklight supports the entire application lifecycle from development, back-end integration and authentication, to post-deployment management.
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Clabby Analyst Report: Workload Automation with Cloud

Running workloads in a cloud environment presents new challenges. How to manage applications that span the virtual and physical; the public cloud and the private cloud; and the mainframe and distributed systems. In this context, job scheduling is becoming a more dynamic discipline, combining advanced automation with new workload types and cloud delivery models. In this Clabby Research whitepaper, learn how using Workload Automation can help ensure cloud success.
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The Business Context of of Aligning IT with the Organization

This paper provides a general business overview for organizations that are seeking advice on how to align IT within the organization. In a dynamic and globalized economy, where IT has its own agenda, interesting business and marketplace factors have emerged thanks to C-level studies, unraveling how both CIOs and CEOs are now targeting similar objectives. Never before have organizations found themselves in a more instrumented, integrated, and intelligent world as today, where challenges must have extraordinary solutions.
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5 steps to simplify APM for business-wide results

Application downtime is just one of many costs associated with a fragmented application performance management (APM) strategy. Managing today’s more complex and interdependent mission-critical applications is a growing challenge with even larger business implications. Learn the 5 steps to simplify Application Performance Management.
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