Acquisition and Engagement Tips from Mobile Gaming Ninjas

The global mobile gaming industry earned nearly $37 billion in revenue in 2016—the first year that the mobile games category has surpassed PC games in market share. It’s clear that this is the time to take advantage of such rapid growth, but the challenge is to find a way to succeed among fierce competition. We asked four mobile gaming experts to share their insight and advice on the complexities of standing out in the marketplace. Here's what they had to say.
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The State of Cloud Backup & Data Protection 2017

Unitrends 2017 annual survey of IT professionals’ cloud backup and business continuity programs shows data protection and recovery remains a significant challenge. Data centers are growing in complexity and the volumes of data requiring protection are adding to the pressure on IT teams to guarantee quicker recoveries. Many organizations are not even following minimal best practices, and at the opposite end of the spectrum leaders in DR are increasingly using the cloud to play a critical role in business continuity. See where your business stands against the very latest IT metrics including recovery times, DR testing frequency, and cloud usage.
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4 Steps to Finding & Implementing the Right Modern Enterprise Search Solution

As the amount of an organization’s structured and unstructured digital information grows, productivity can be directly tied to workers’ ability to find the right information in a timely and effortless manner. And that data is growing at a tremendous rate. 26% of organizations saw their content management budget grow over 10% in the past year. Organizations need effective enterprise search solutions because when workers can’t find information they need, their productivity is curtailed by having to ask peers and content creators for the resources directly.

Having an enterprise search solution that searches across cloud applications and returns relevant results keeps knowledge workers productive. Organizations with modern enterprise search solutions are 50% more likely to enjoy double digit revenue growth than those that don’t. This ebook provides 4 easy steps to help when considering to invest in an enterprise search solution.

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Ovum Report: The Total Cost of Ownership of Cloud and Premise-Based Contact Center Platforms

A Look at the Five-Year Cost Comparisons for Technology Infrastructure Deployment

Total cost of ownership (TCO) is a major consideration for organizations evaluating the pros and cons of cloud-based contact center infrastructure deployment versus an on-premise solution. According to this report, for a 50-seat contact center the average cloud platform costs approximately $150,000 less in year 1 and up to $300,000 by year 5.

This Ovum report also discusses:

  • Which deployment model is right for small, midsize, and large contact centers, based on low, medium or high technology footprint requirements
  • How cloud-based systems are much quicker to deploy and can scale up or down in response to changing business conditions
  • How cloud drives a quicker innovation cycle
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Gartner Report: Gartner Magic Quadrant for Contact Center as a Service

Interactive Intelligence, a Genesys company, Named a Leader 2 years in a Row

The contact center as a service (CCaaS) market in North America is growing rapidly. CCaaS or cloud contact center solutions offer functions and capabilities that are similar to those required to operate call and contact centers as on-premises contact center infrastructure (CCI), except that they are delivered as a service and paid for on a monthly subscription model.

View this report now to learn:

  • Strengths and cautions to consider when evaluating cloud contact center solution providers
  • How the 10 cloud contact center vendors are positioned in each of the four quadrants – Leaders, Challengers, Visionaries or Niche players
  • Why Interactive Intelligence, a Genesys company, Named a Leader 2 years in a Row
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Solving Database Deployments with Database DevOps

Is Your Database Blocking You from True DevOps Success?

Traditional database change management is complex, adding risk and uncertainty to the software release process and making it hard for development and operations teams to collaborate effectively. No wonder the database is often seen as a blocker to DevOps success.

This whitepaper explains how you can overcome this by extending DevOps practices to the database. You’ll gain consistency across your applications and databases, increase efficiency across your teams and remove that last bottleneck.

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2017 Magic Quadrant for Solid-State Arrays

Solid-state arrays have matured beyond performance-oriented workloads, and the benefits are now compelling for primary storage plus old and new unexpected workloads. This Magic Quadrant will help IT leaders better understand SSA vendors' positioning in the market. Gain insights into the rapidly evolving market for solid-state arrays with the 2017 Gartner report. Discover vendor strengths and the criteria that must be met to be positioned in the leaders’ quadrant.

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Simple AWS Networking with Application Defined SD-WAN

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud is a proven route to help organizations achieve rapid scalability, reduced time-to-market, and cost-effectiveness in their IT infrastructure. These benefits are delivered, in part, by automation, greater ease-of-use, and simplified management.

Many are challenged, however, with legacy network infrastructure and management solutions, as the complexity of managing dynamic workloads, as well as inconsistency in performance and security, can impair many of the benefits AWS provides. SD-WAN helps organizations overcome this challenge by providing automation and simplified management for cloud networking. This whitepaper looks at how Riverbed SD-WAN can help organizations improve performance, agility, and security in their cloud-centric network.

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Cloud Networks Made Simple with Riverbed on AWS

AWS makes it simple to set up cloud-based resources. But do you have secure, high-capacity, high-performance connectivity to and between AWS cloud instances? That’s where Riverbed comes in. Riverbed’s SD-WAN solution enables cloud migration and performance, all managed via quick and simple workflows.

Watch the on-demand replay of the webinar to experience a fundamentally new approach to networking, with real users sharing their experience in addition to a joint customer, OpenEye, that has saved time and money by utilizing this approach to cloud networking. OpenEye Scientific Software leveraged Riverbed SteelConnect to very quickly and easily establish secure connections to and between AWS VPCs, saving hours of network administration time.

AWS Speaker: Nick Matthews, Partner Solutions Architect

Riverbed Technology Speaker: Angelo Comazzetto, Technical Director of Cloud

Customer Speaker: Craig Bruce, Scientific Software Development Manager, OpenEye Scientific

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Digital Business and Cloud Demand New WAN Architectures

Today’s WANs (wide area networks) represent up to 25% of support costs for a typical end-user environment—yet fail to deliver the application performance and business agility required of digital business. The emergence of software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) solutions is changing all that.

Read this Gartner paper to explore how:

  • SD-WAN provides the foundation for digital business by automating manual tasks involved in configuring current networks
  • To align WAN strategy and architecture with business and application requirements
  • To create a strategy team from a broad range of disciplines to map out the new WAN architecture and successfully execute it

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NetOps 2.0: Embrace Network Automation and Analytics to Stay Relevant in the Digital Business Era

Today, less than 5% of network operations teams are sufficiently skilled to realize the value possible from network analytics and automation solutions. This will improve over the next three years, but not much—by 2020, only 30% of network operations teams will be able to fully realize the benefits of these tools.

Read this Gartner paper to explore how to achieve greater network agility and reduce complexity by:

  • Building or retraining NetOps teams to embrace a process-driven culture
  • Applying network automation technologies
  • Translating business impact into network automation requirements
  • Translating network configuration changes to intent-based policy

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Digital Businesses Need to Rethink Their Network Strategies ZK Research White Paper

The network plays a fundamental role in enabling the shift to digital. But it simply cannot fulfill this function while it is hardware-bound and hard-coded.

The network must become cloudlike to enable delivery of dynamic, rich digital services quickly and easily. This means shifting away from old approaches that require configuration of individual boxes to an approach that is software-defined, based on policy and orchestration. It’s time for SD-WAN.

Read this ZK Research white paper to:

  • Understand the challenge with traditional networks
  • Chart a path to SD-WAN
  • Learn what to look for in SD-WAN vendors

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Object Pascal Handbook

This newly updated 500-page ebook is a complete guide to the current, modern Object Pascal programming language by best-selling Delphi books author and Delphi Senior Product Manager, Marco Cantu. This new language manual for new & existing Object Pascal developers covers core language features, object-oriented programming with Object Pascal, and the latest language features like generics, anonymous methods, and reflection in today’s Delphi compilers.

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FireMonkey RAD Studio Overview

FireMonkey is the multi-device application framework behind RAD Studio, Delphi, and C++Builder. Embarcadero designed FireMonkey for teams that want to quickly build and deploy native apps for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.

We provide a full application stack across all platforms that includes user interface, database, networking, inter-device communication, and other libraries.

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Windows 10: The Big New Opportunity for Developers

Windows 10 is not just another release. Microsoft is introducing a concept it calls “Windows as a service,” which means that the operating system will be continuously updated, though with options for businesses to move at a slow pace in order to retain stability.

Windows 10 is Microsoft’s second attempt at moving its core operating system into the mobile era. Windows 8, released in late 2012, was a bold re-imagining of Windows that divided the system into two personalities, one that was a new touch-friendly environment originally called Metro, and the other the traditional desktop. Metro is powered by a runtime layer called the Windows Runtime (WinRT), for which apps are written using the .NET languages (C# or Visual Basic), HTML and JavaScript, or C++.

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