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Security at the Speed of Your Network

Need to choose between security and performance? Read “Security at the Speed of Your Network” to learn how to use an architectural approach that improves security posture and reduces costs without painful compromises on performance. Enable security tools to work more efficiently across physical, virtual and cloud environments. Deploy a diverse set of solutions as a centralized security tool farm. You can secure more data on faster networks without compromise between security, performance and cost.

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The Importance of a Common Distributed Data Services Layer

ESG outlines how improving visibility across distributed computing environments doesn’t equate with an increase in staff or tools. Read the ESG research brief and learn how visibility in a distributed network acts as the flash point that generates a host of benefits to operations teams. A common distributed data services layer lets teams collect, process and share data in order to provide better digital experiences, mitigate risk and respond to changing environments. Download now!

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A Look Inside Financially Motivated Attacks and the Active FIN8 Threat Group.

As the security industry continues to see a rise in breaches associated with for-profit groups, it is more important than ever to understand the motives, objectives and operations behind these threat actors. Take a look inside these financially motivated attacks in the newest cyber threat report from Gigamon Applied Threat Research. Read the threat report to gain strategic and proactive knowledge to accelerate threat detection and response to survive the onslaught of financially motivated threats.

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What Do You Mean TLS 1.3 Might Degrade My Security?

Read “What Do You Mean TLS 1.3 Might Degrade My Security?” to learn about the good, the bad and the ugly as the industry moves to this new encryption standard. Learn how TLS 1.3 will impact your network, including the security implications. We’ll show you the potential implications for active and passive mode decryption as well as east-west traffic, what it means for threat hunting and compliance as well as how to prepare. Read now.

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Understanding Network TAPs – The First Step to Visibility

A network TAP is a simple device that connects directly to the cabling infrastructure to split or copy packets for use in analysis, security or general network management. Although the term “Tap” predates the networking industry by decades, the IT industry has generally adopted the term to mean Test Access Point. Thus, TAP is considered an acronym.

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Definitive Guide to Next-Generation Network Packet Brokers

Packets arrive, Packets seen, Packets conquered. Find out how next-generation network packet brokers offer powerful visibility and insights into network traffic while reducing risk, complexity and costs.

Download the new Definitive Guide™ to Next-Generation Network Packet Brokers and discover the immediate benefits of shifting your infrastructure strategy to include NGNPBs. You’ll experience expanded feature sets that simplify your architecture, realize the true ROI of your security tools and give you visibility into critical security threats.

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EMA: Understanding the Value of Application Aware Network Operations

Application-level visibility is a must-have to ensure strong service quality, end-user experience and performance as well as to reduce security risk. But achieving it is hard. What’s needed are application-aware network packet brokers (NPBs) to reduce the overhead on packet inspection by delivering only relevant data to tools.

Download the EMA report, “Understanding the Value of Application-Aware Network Operations” to learn more about the benefits of true application visibility needed for today’s operations. Download now!

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Security Delivery Platform for Dummies

Does your job include protecting a corporate network or managing the deployment of security tools? If so, let us tell you about an e-book you owe it to yourself to read now.

Security Delivery Platforms for Dummies is comprehensive, entertaining, and easy to read. But most importantly, it clearly explains how to:

  • Detect threats faster by removing network blind spots
  • Achieve pervasive visibility across the global enterprise
  • Optimize security tools performance and efficacy

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Infographic: SDP

The threat landscape is changing. Your network infrastructure is changing. Your approach to security needs to keep up! Here, a picture is worth a thousand words in explaining how a Security Delivery Platform solves the problem of how to secure what you cannot see.

Download this free infographic to learn how to keep your business's security approach up to date:

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Forrester Infographic

Gigamon commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a study in which they interviewed several long-time customers to better understand the benefits, costs and risks associated with a Gigamon implementation.

Download the infographic to learn how your business could benefit from a security overhaul!

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ESG Research Insights Paper: Network Security Trends

Exacerbated by an increasingly sophisticated threat landscape, and an ongoing cybersecurity skills drought, network security has always been a major headache for organizations of all sizes, but did things get better or worse in 2016?

Find out in this ESG research paper, which surveys 300 IT and cybersecurity pros about such topics like:

  • The top 10 factors behind increasing difficulty associated with network security operations
  • If more security tools means a more secure network
  • How network security concerns have lessened or increased over time
  • And more
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