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Choose the Right Compute – 6 Steps for Investing in the Right Server to Enable Your Organization

The auto industry designs a variety of vehicles. Trucks for freight; buses for people; vans for taking kids to school; sports cars for speed; luxury cars for comfort; and compact cars for economy. You choose a vehicle based on your need; if you need a truck and buy a sports car, you won’t achieve goals. The same is true for servers. This paper highlights the steps you should take in order to drive innovation and transform the server to be the enabler you need to realize the business outcomes you desire.

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Anatomy of a Cyber Attack

Victims of targeted attacks, or advanced persistent threats (APTs), make the headlines. Attend this webinar to learn how APTs work and how to defend your business from them. Pat Hill, HP TippingPoint Product Manager, and Bob Corson, Director, Solutions Marketing, discuss the anatomy of an attack and why it's critical to detect and isolate the attack at "patient zero," the initial point of infection.

Watch this webinar to learn:

· How the bad guys evade your security
· The counter measures you need to detect and block them
· How HP TippingPoint and Trend Micro have partnered to neutralize patient zero

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HP TippingPoint: Layered Cyber Defenses for Better Security

Experts like Gartner tell us we need layered cyber defenses that include next-generation firewalls (NGFW) and intrusion prevention systems (IPS) to identify and stop attacks at the gate combined with defenses to identify and help remediate successful breaches before they can spread. In fact, the Gartner adaptive protection architecture encompasses four defense phases and encourages enterprises to spread their investment over all four phases.

Read this white paper and included Gartner research to learn:

• The four phases of the Gartner adaptive protection architecture
• How HP security solutions address each phase
• How the HP TippingPoint Advanced Threat Appliance can reduce breach "dwell time" to minutes to protect your business

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Seven ways to fail: the business risk of inadequate testing

Network conditions affect the performance of applications in many ways. Research suggests that 70% of mobile transaction response time is spent on the network. This reality intensifies the need for comprehensive testing of software before applications go into production. Unfortunately, some common approaches to performance testing suffer from critical weaknesses that leave your business at risk.
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Develop and test faster by virtualising constrained application components

Today’s consumers have grown up with the expectation that their digital experience is mobile, always-on, and easily enhanced. Consequently, we face a new style of IT that forces everyone involved in building, validating, and delivering applications to find new solutions for decreasing time to market, reducing defects in production, shortening software development cycle times, and enabling constrained testing teams to increase test coverage.
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HP Performance Center Software

HP Performance Center software is an enterprise-class performance engineering software, designed to facilitate standardisation, centralisation, global collaboration, and management of a performance engineering center of excellence.
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HP Network Virtualisation for Mobile

HP Network Virtualisation for Mobile is the only network virtualisation solution designed specifically for the unique requirements of mobile app testing. This field-proven HP solution reduces the risk of poor mobile performance and helps your organisation test, validate, and optimise the performance of your mobile apps before deployment.
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HP StormRunner Load

HP StormRunner Load is a Software-as-a-Service solution for web and mobile application performance testing. HP StormRunner Load (also referred to as ”SaaS”) has self-service administration and enables project and agile teams to plan and execute performance testing and analysis of web and mobile applications.
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HP LoadRunner software

HP LoadRunner software is the industry-standard software for performance engineering. Generate real-life loads. Identify and diagnose problems. Deploy with confidence.
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Five Star Performance

In today’s digitally driven business climate, high-quality application performance is essential to the success of your business. You cannot afford to go live with poorly performing applications or software updates that anger and alienate your customers, partners, and employees. This reality drives the need for an aggressive approach to testing software that includes the virtualisation of users, services, and networks to create realistic test conditions and accurate results.
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Application Self-Protection: It’s Time For a New Kind of Defense

With security breaches targeting the application layer more and more, security teams have begun to shift their focus (and budgets) to address this new challenge. However, limited resources and the dynamic nature of these attacks means that the application security strategy is constantly evolving. IT organizations are tasked with choosing the right tools for every aspect of a layered defense. This paper, including research data from Gartner, will provide insight into the threat landscape as well as the solutions that best address this ever changing landscape.
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