Adopt cloud-native development

Cloud-native application development is a key part of open transformation. By focusing on technology, processes, and people, you can deploy innovative, open approaches that support business agility, transformation, and success. Align your cloud technology with your business needs.

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Government transformation with open hybrid cloud

Developers and operations teams want to modernize legacy applications and infrastructure to scale and update more easily but business leaders are rightfully worried about costs.

In this Red Hat brief, learn how open hybrid cloud can help your organization streamline operations, optimize IT support, develop and deliver apps faster, improve processes with automation, and enhance security.

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The Forrester Wave™: Multicloud Container Development Platforms, Q3 2020

Red Hat was named a leader among a field of 8 multicloud container platform vendors in The Forrester Wave™: Multicloud Container Development Platforms 2020 Q3 report.

The analyst firm evaluated vendors and their products against 29 criteria across 3 categories—current offering, strategy, and market presence—and gave Red Hat the top scores in the strategy and market presence categories, as well as the highest score in the current offering category.

This must-read vendor evaluation will help prospective multicloud container platform customers evaluate different providers by their current offerings and long-term strategies.

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Hybrid cloud strategy for dummies e-book

Cloud computing is proliferating and taking over the world of IT as we know it. Cloud computing also grows more complex and multi‐faceted daily. A carefully thought‐out and detailed approach to cloud computing — a strategy, in other words — is very important.

In this eBook with Red Hat and Intel, learn good cloud strategies that align with your business goals, and how to streamline and strengthen your IT ecosystem's foundation to benefit your organization's bottom line.

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Alleviate technical debt: A whitepaper from Red Hat and Intel

IT is now a business differentiator, resulting in increasing demands on already stressed IT teams.Teams face many challenges in meeting these demands. Legacy infrastructure, along with other issues, is often too rigid to support the agile operations and on-demand scaling required.

Many organizations have invested money, time, and training in their existing infrastructure and need to maximize its value and return. This technical debt often leaves little budget and time for innovation.

In this whitepaper, Red Hat details how optimizing your IT environment can help you reduce the technical debt of your current infrastructure and free time and budget for strategic projects that support business initiatives.

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O365 Tenant Migration: Your Questions Answered

It’s been quite a year for Cloud Commander, our Office 365 to Office 365 migration tool. We’ve hit record speeds – sustaining 1 TB / hour transfer rates for Exchange Online – while also working on the world’s largest tenant consolidation project, helping one organization merge 120 individual tenants into a single service.

Director of Enterprise Migrations, Mike Weaver, recently ran a lively T2T session with our friends at, and below you’ll find answers to the big questions that come up, like:

  • How do you actually test the identity migration as you have suggested?
  • Are there limitations regarding Microsoft Dynamics integration with Exchange and when you need to move the workload separately?
  • Are there any special considerations when you have a mix of PC and Mac clients?
  • Does eliminating an on-prem AD and moving to the Azure AD make things easier?
  • And many more!

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How Mismanaged Office 365 Licensing Can Hurt Your Enterprise

Office 365 is a powerful suite of tools, yet it's severely underutilized in most organizations.

In many cases, instead of reassigning old licenses to new employees, organizations simply purchase new licenses during the onboarding process. If you’re running a large enterprise, and you’re not actively tracking your O365 licenses, there’s a pretty good chance you’re overpaying right now.

In this blog post by Quadrotech, learn about how to avoid audits, licensing fees, and hefty fines, along with other tips to utilize Office 365 to it's fullest.

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9 marketing automation benefits that could help your business

Marketing automation has become a necessity for today's entrepreneurs, as it's used not only to automate processes but also to restructure and quantify their marketing campaigns and workflows.

From saving time and energy to generating more revenue, the scope of marketing automation goes beyond simply automating repetitive tasks.

In this blog by Keap, learn how automation streamlines business operations, helping entrepreneurs focus more on nurturing client relationships.

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A complete guide to business automation

Savvy entrepreneurs are embracing business automation and are finding today’s innovative and sophisticated, yet user-friendly, technology is empowering them to overcome everyday obstacles and to grow their business.

The best part is this automation isn’t solely reserved for big businesses with deep pockets. Small companies are incorporating automation into key aspects of business, and are liberating themselves and their employees to spend more time on big-picture strategies centered around expanding their company.

In this eBook with Keap, learn about the many forms of business automation, and how it can help your small business leverage its processes, increase profits, and ultimately grow its bottom line.

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