Canon Case Study

Learn How Canon USA Uses Fujitsu GLOVIA® OM to Scale its Business

Dennis Amorosano, SVP and GM at Canon Information & Imaging Solutions, shares how Fujitsu GLOVIA® OM, fully customizable order management solution, enabled Canon USA to more effectively drive the sale of software and subscriptions through hundreds of channel partners.

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GLOVIA® OM Order and Inventory Management App

Learn How Your Team/Channel Partners Can Access Vital Information Seamlessly On the Go

Fujitsu GLOVIA® OM Order and Inventory Management App offers a robust solution for companies and their channel partners to place orders, manage inventory and fulfillment while on the go. Working seamlessly between online and offline mode, GLOVIA OM Order and Inventory Management App can dramatically improve productivity, accuracy and customer experience for any company.

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Finding the ROI in Digital Transformation

OSIsoft commissioned Navigant Research to analyze its PI System through interviews with customers, market data, and analyst insights into the market. This analysis does not represent an endorsement of the PI System but rather a review of key findings and case studies from the user perspective. Findings from the interviews show compelling evidence for positive returns on investment (ROIs) from a PI System deployment. However, a critical element Navigant Research’s analysis uncovered the need to select the appropriate use case for the system.

This white paper contains Navigant Research’s view of key trends within the digital transformation market, case studies from PI System customers, and Navigant Research’s recommendations for industrial customers considering digital transformation platforms.

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IDG Survey Highlights the Challenges in Operational Data Analytics Projects

This Market Pulse report from IDG, shows that companies in the industrial sector expect to gain significant value from analyzing their operational data, but only if they can overcome a series of obstacles around handling data and forging connections among business units.

OSIsoft, who commissioned the research around this report, is the most widely deployed solution for capturing data from sensors and smart devices across manufacturing, energy, utilities, pharma, life sciences, transportation and facility management. OSIsoft’s software turns vast data streams into rich, real-time actionable insights.

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Watch NOW: Demo on Fujitsu GLOVIA OM

Fujitsu GLOVIA OM is a fully customizable order management solution to integrate all your business processes, from sales to fulfillment, with unmatched transparency and efficiency. All without ripping and replacing legacy systems. See what GLOVIA OM can do for your business!

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Learn How Canon USA Uses Fujitsu GLOVIA® OM

Salesforce's Andrew Gothelf traveled to Melville, NY, to the campus of Canon USA, to speak with Dennis Amorosano, SVP and GM at Canon Information & Imaging Solutions, to learn how his team uses Fujitsu GLOVIA OM to enable order and subscription management for it and hundreds of channel partners.

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3 Signs That Your Inventory Management System is Stifling Your Growth

Every expanding business encounters productivity bottlenecks that stunt its growth in the short-term and can potentially lead to financial problems and eventual failure. One of such bottlenecks is an inventory management system that fails to meet the company’s growing demands. Throughout my career, I’ve seen it many times and learned to recognize the signs which indicate that it’s time to do something about it.

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Mobile Is The Achilles Heel Of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a rising priority for business leaders: in fact, 89 percent of global executives believe that digital will disrupt their business in the next 12 months, according to Forrester Research.

Here’s a truth that most pundits agree on: digital transformation is not easy but it’s vital for competitiveness, not to mention innovation. In fact, for many organizations, they are often building the digital transformation plane as they are flying it.

Here’s another truth: successful digital transformation today requires bold, next-level mobile innovation. Technology changes fast, but mobile apps change faster, making digital transformation not only challenging, but immediate. In fact, according to Gartner, market demand for mobile app development services will grow at least five times faster than organizations’ capacity to deliver them.

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DropSource Professional Services

With enterprise market demand for mobile app development services growing at least five times faster than internal IT organizations' capacity to deliver them, it's time to shift your perspective and start being bold in your choice of solutions to take control of Digital Transformation.

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DropSource Platform

Digital transformation is both a strategic imperative and a major challenge for most companies. Customers, partners, and internal users demand a flawless digital experience in their interactions, but are so often disappointed.

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Cintas Case Study

Cintas deploys Business Insights mobile application with Dropsource, sees 70% faster speed to market.

The innovative mobile solution Cintas developed modernizes and mobilizes one of Cintas’ most critical data-gathering processes, a true digital transformation. The app has since resulted in significant engagement of the business insights platform. This bold mobile innovation streamlines a critical employee workflow and will improve strategic decision making capabilities, all driving long-term competitive advantages for Cintas.

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Batesville Case Study

Batesville needed to fundamentally transform the delivery and logistics processes, and ultimately begin a digital transformation within its operations.

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Profitable Growth in Action

Growth is definitely on the agenda for manufacturers. This came through loud and clear in a survey recently undertaken on behalf of Epicor Software Corporation (Epicor) by MORAR*. Our report on the research, A Manufacturer’s Guide to Growing Profitably, identifies five key factors that growing manufacturers cited as essential to their success, and five risks that manufacturers believe could threaten growth for the unprepared business.

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Planning For a Successful ERP Implementation

Companies justify moving to a standard enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution based on a number of compelling reasons. By supporting a single system rather than several smaller and disparate systems, they can enjoy economies of scale. Additionally, having a single application architecture with fewer user interfaces creates lower integration costs. Plus, with common task automation and easier access to more information, businesses gain efficiencies not available when employees use multiple systems.

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Three Sure Ways to Get Your Factory Fit for the Future

Behind the scenes of the world’s leading industrial and manufacturing companies, a profound digital transformation is now underway.

As with any profound transformation, the opportunities for competitive advantage and growth are enormous, but so are the challenges . How do you determine what your next digital transformation steps should be? How do you position your manufacturing business to take the next step—and the one after that?

This eBook will help you answer these questions.

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