Advanced Persistent Threat: Is Your Organization Protected?

Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) are among the most hotly debated topics in IT security. Are APTs a legitimate threat? How are IT managers and executives preparing for the risk of APTs? Or are they ignoring them? Learn what your IT professional peers think about APTs and how they are working to reduce the risks these new kinds of attacks pose.
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Gartner: The Electronic Signature Market Is Poised to Take Off

Growth in the e-signature market is becoming viral, and there are significant benefits to adoption for organizations that plan ahead. Gartner analyst, Gregg Kreizman writes about how the electronic signature market is growing and how your organization can prepare for the take off. In this whitepaper, learn about: 1. E-signature benefits and impacts to your organization 2. Recommendations and strategic plan assumptions with e-signatures 3. Why Gartner inquiries on the topic of electronic signatures has doubled in the last two years Learn why “enterprises' and consumers' recognition of the benefits gained from adopting e-signature software and services has led to 48% growth in this market in 2011.”
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Four Steps to High Performance WAN and Internet

Problems with application and network performance on the WAN and Internet links are caused by many and varied issues – congestion, latency, protocol design, sudden bursts of disruptive traffic – all contribute. New factors make the calculus even more complicated: social networking, BYOD, cloud applications, growing video content, even IPv6 traffic growing in the shadows. It’s tempting to respond to these problems by jumping to a single set of technologies that fix certain aspects of performance. We recommend, instead, that you take advantage of Blue Coat expertise and technology to take the four simple steps described in this paper.
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Top Social Media and HTML5 Considerations for Mobile App Success

Stay in front of the competition by educating yourself on the backend of mobile app development. Download the developer survey report from IDC and Appcelerator to learn about two hot app development topics - social media and HTML5. Find out why social media is an absolute must, and why HTML5 could be the key to richer app experiences.
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4 Steps to Driving Customer Loyalty Through Mobile Apps

Transform customer relationships by creating a world-class mobile app experience that will keep users coming back for more. Download the white paper from Appcelerator to discover the four key mobile relationship lifecycle components- reach, loyalty, engagement and monetization - that can help you develop "sticky" apps that will resonate with users.
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4 Keys to Building a Successful, Scalable Mobile App Strategy

Make sure your business knows how to stand out among the growing number of mobile apps. Download the white paper from Appcelerator to learn the four simple steps for creating solid, scalable apps that engage users, effectively utilize device features, and give your business a presence in the mobile marketplace - fast.
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The Evolution of the Datacenter and the Need for a Converged Infrastructure

As the economy begins to recover from the recession, organizations will begin to reevaluate how they deploy technology. Currently, enterprise datacenters are very heterogeneous environments that typically handle a lot of applications running on a variety of platforms. In this very complex environment, there's a burgeoning need within datacenters to drive efficiencies by changing how staff members spend their time and how money is spent.
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Securing end-user mobile devices in the enterprise

Mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, enable increasing numbers of employees to work "anywhere, anytime. "The security of enterprise data is a key concern, particularly on mobile devices that are easily lost or stolen. The security risk is further heightened by the proliferation of employee-owned mobile devices in many enterprises. Employees will almost always take the path of least resistance in leveraging mobile devices for business purposes, which may lead to unsafe computing practices. A clearly documented and enforceable mobile security policy is critical to reducing the risk of data loss.
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Optimizing process management with IBM System z

Organizations across the spectrum of industries today are looking at business process management (BPM) as a way to optimize processes and create business value. This white paper will help organizations that are making decisions about BPM deployment: - Understand the overall value and benefits of BPM. - Identify the types of process problems that BPM can address. - Determine where process problems exist in their organizations. - Learn to discover and prioritize BPM projects.
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PODCAST: The critical challenge of Application Security

In this podcast you will hear how the IBM Rational AppScan software suite with a focus on AppScan Enterprise is used across an organization's software development lifecycle to increase visibility and control - helping address the critical challenge of application security.
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