Future of Backup: From Periodic to Continuous

Backup has been an essential part of IT infrastructure since its inception and it is unlikely that will ever change. But with the IT landscape rapidly changing and threats increasing, are we still able to rely on the backup technology we currently use? In this white paper, we will discuss how backup requirements are changing and whether today’s backup technology can meet businesses’ evolving demands to drive modernization and digital transformation. We will explain why the future of backup is continuous journal-based protection, and why it’s time to move from recovery to availability and restore to resume.

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Disaster Recovery 101

Confused about RTOs and RPOs? Fuzzy about failover and failback? Wondering about the advantages of continuous data protection over snapshots? Well, you are in the right place.

The Disaster Recovery 101 guide will help you learn about DR from the ground up and assist you in making informed decisions when implementing your DR strategy, enabling you to build a resilient IT infrastructure.

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Case Study: Zerto and Microsoft Azure

Education Provider Saves Millions with Zerto and Microsoft Azure.

Learn how a global online education provider realized $2M in IT cost savings and 20-second RPOs by embracing hybrid cloud with Zerto and Azure.

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The Gorilla Guide to IT Resilience with Microsoft Azure

Working with a complex mix of on-premise and cloud IT infrastructure? Facing challenges of navigating disparate technologies or outdated backup? It’s time for IT Resilience in the cloud with Zerto and Microsoft Azure. With powerful continuous data protection, super simple application mobility and cloud agility capabilities, Zerto IT resilience can get you to, from and between clouds in no time flat.

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Zerto and Azure Datasheet

Get Uninterrupted Business with Zerto and Microsoft Azure.

Streamline your IT Resilience by converging disaster recovery, backup and cloud mobility with Zerto and Microsoft Azure.

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The Real Value of Remote Support: Projecting the ROI of GoToAssist

Digital transformation initiatives are built upon the ability to leverage IT resources anywhere and anytime needed. Fast and effective support is a key foundational requirement in a digitally transformed world. This paper explores the business case for adopting GoToAssist. Technology Finance Partners, a firm specializing in producing ROI analysis, has cooperated with LogMeIn to estimate the value and overall ROI.
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Managing and Leveraging Digital Identity in Financial Services

Download our whitepaper to help identify the challenges faced by customer-facing financial services organizations in managing identities in the digital era. Then, delve deeper to consider how technology can help address these challenges and, in doing so, familiarize with opportunities to streamline service delivery and improve the customer experience.

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Ovum Analyst Report: Security in the Cloud

“All clouds are not created equal.” This is one of the first statements made by Ovum, a market-leading analyst, in its report on the security, privacy, and compliance capabilities of Microsoft Office 365. In this report you will learn about:
  • Senior leadership’s concerns related to governance, risk, and compliance for cloud services.
  • Guidance for how to think about these things with cloud services
  • How Office 365 addresses these concerns.
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5 Reasons to Move to the Cloud

Learn five ways Office 365 can help your company become more secure, mobile, and collaborative. This eBook also provides two business scenarios and a checklist to help you:

  • Solve mobile work challenges
  • Help teams share data more securely
  • Ask essential security questions of potential cloud services providers

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Comment les DSI peuvent résoudre leur cinq principaux problèmes de communication

Les employés se connectent au sein de l’entreprise, mais aussi en dehors, et l’infrastructure informatique n’est pas toujours adaptée à leurs besoins.

Ce guide aide les DSI à :

  • Gérer les nouveautés technologiques
  • Résoudre les problèmes de temps et d’argent liés à leur implémentation
  • Équilibrer les risques et les avantages
  • Satisfaire les besoins des équipes

Téléchargez ce guide et instaurez une meilleure collaboration entre vos équipes.

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Quick Wins with Office 365

Your employees want to work inside and outside the office on any device. You want to help them get more done, faster and easier, with a solid ROI.

Look to Office 365 for all this, with benefits like:

  • Collaboration tools to support productivity
  • BI features for faster insights
  • Advanced compliance and security tools for more efficiency

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5 Unique Cloud Capabilities that Grow Your Business

If you’re considering moving to the cloud, but are worried about security, migration, reliability and choosing the right solution, then check out this eBook.

It will help answer some unknowns about Office 365 and demonstrate how an integrated suite of communication and productivity tools can help grow your business.

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The Psychology of Workplace Collaboration

In today's ever-changing workplace, companies are challenged to keep pace with mobile employees and constant connectivity.

Does your team have what it needs to stay innovative and inspired?

This eBook addresses how organizational psychology can help you understand what your teams need.

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