Technology Insight for Modern Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms

Did you know that by 2020, 50% of analytic queries will be generated using search, natural-language processing or voice, or will be automatically generated?

Read the Gartner report Technology Insight for Modern Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms and find out how to meet the time-to-insight demands of today's competitive business environment.

Learn how to:

  • Determine when to use existing, traditional BI technologies versus modern analytics and BI
  • Broaden data access beyond relational systems
  • Adopt new approaches to data modeling
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eBook: Engaging Your Entire Workforce

Traditional human capital management products focus on salaried employees. HCM strategies and tools should engage and retain the entire workforce.

The hourly workforce is growing. Hourly employees represent nearly 60 percent of the U.S. workforce and 80 percent of all new hires annually. But HCM solutions typically have been geared to salaried workers with regular schedules, not the vast range of hourly workers now in the workforce who deserve to fully participate in talent management initiatives, making them feel like valued members of the organization.

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Building the Business Case for Next-Generation HR Systems

With the pace of human resources technology solution development progressing quickly, HR leaders need to gain a solid understanding of the HR system options available. This tool is designed to help HR leaders build a business case for investing in next-generation HR systems to meet the growing HR demands of your organization. Demands include interfacing or integrating data, incorporating social and mobile technologies, and providing an employee experience that grows from the experience given to candidates.

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eBook: Best Practices in Human Capital Management

An engaged workforce is satisfied and productive. To make this a reality for your organization, you need a human capital strategy that can help you think strategically about managing, engaging, and retaining your entire workforce.

However, in many cases, the systems that manage human capital alienate rather than engage both employees and managers - making it challenging, for example, to easily access schedules or paystubs without having to call HR or do self-service assessments of career path options.

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The Employee Burnout Crisis

The results of a 2016 study on employee burnout conducted by Kronos and Future Workplace show that 95 percent of HR leaders agree that burnout affects employee retention. Although serious, the issue of burnout isn’t insurmountable if organizations are proactive in addressing its causes. The implementation of new workforce technology with flexible scheduling capabilities and workforce analytics can help stop burnout before it starts.

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Payroll: Your Employee Engagement Secret Weapon

The use of manual, outdated payroll processes can result in paycheck problems that weaken employee engagement and potentially cause them to quit. Smooth payroll operations support employee engagement initiatives and allow payroll staff to focus on higher-level business goals.

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Five reasons to choose DRaaS

Find out five good reasons to consider disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) and use our buyer’s cheat sheet to make sure you are asking the right questions when evaluating a DRaaS solution.
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Disaster Recovery for Multi-Datacenter Apache Kafka Deployments


Datacenter downtime and data loss can result in businesses losing a vast amount of revenue or entirely halting operations. To minimize the downtime and data loss resulting from a disaster, enterprises can create business continuity plans and disaster recovery strategies.

Download this white paper for a practical guide to configuring multiple Apache Kafka clusters so that if a disaster scenario strikes, you have a plan for failover, failback, and ultimately successful recovery.

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Kafka: The Definitive Guide

Learn how to take full advantage of Apache KafkaTM, the distributed, publish-subscribe queue for handling real-time data feeds. With this comprehensive book, you’ll understand how Kafka works and how it’s designed.

Authors Neha Narkhede, Gwen Shapira, and Todd Palino show you how to deploy production Kafka clusters; secure, tune, and monitor them; write rock-solid applications that use Kafka; and build scalable stream-processing applications.

  • Learn how Apache Kafka compares to other queues and where it fits in the big data ecosystem
  • Dive into Kafka’s internal design
  • Pick up best practices for developing applications that use Kafka
  • Understand the best way to deploy Kafka in production monitoring, tuning, and maintenance tasks
  • Learn how to secure a Kafka cluster
  • Get detailed use-cases
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2017 Apache Kafka Report

Learn more about how companies are using streaming platforms.

Over the past several years, organizations across many industries have discovered, and are filling, an increasingly important gap in their data infrastructure. It sits at the nexus of big data, data integration, and all of their data stores and applications – a gap that is being filled by streaming platforms like Apache Kafka.

Confluent has enjoyed a front row view as companies adopt streaming platforms to create new products, become more responsive to customers and make business decisions in real time. This survey focuses on why and how companies are using Apache Kafka and streaming data and the impact it has on their business.

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Why Outsourcing Managed Web Services is Better for Your Business

Digital marketing and web design are increasingly competitive fields. New businesses open their virtual doors each day, amidst ever-increasing demand for sites offering engaging content and positive user experience.

These client demands combined with rapidly evolving technology increase the workload of firms struggling to stay current to ensure the needs and requirements of new and old clients alike can be met.

Download this whitepaper to learn how your business can benefit from outsourcing your managed web services:

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5 Tips to Improve Your Website and Increase Sales

Retail e-commerce will reach $2.050 trillion this year - up 22.7% from 2015. That double digit growth will continue through 2019, reaching $3.578 trillion. That’s steady growth your business should be capitalizing on — but what if your business’ growth is limited by the performance of your website? Without the proper foundation and monitoring, a website can quickly become the reason consumers are clicking away. To ensure continued growth for your e-commerce business and avoid lost sales, your website needs to be optimized for speed, protected against downtime and traffic surges, and fully secured.

Use the following tips to talk to your IT department about how your website is performing.

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Big Data Analytics Market Study

Based on survey methodology, this second Big Data Analytics Market Study from Dresner Advisory focuses upon the combination of analytical solutions within the Hadoop ecosystem, adding some new criteria and exploring changing market dynamics and user perceptions and plans.

You’ll also learn why Pentaho ranked among the top three Big Data Analytic vendors in the areas of infrastructure, data access, search, machine learning, and supported distributions.

Read the market study to learn:

  • Top infrastructure choices, machine learning technologies and vendors for big data
  • Ratings of technologies and platforms used in big data analytics
  • Big data trends by industries, functions, and geographical regions
  • The most popular big data use cases

*Pentaho, a Hitachi Group company, helps organizations harness value from all their data. Our open enterprise-class platform provides end-to-end data preparation, integration, and analytics.

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Konzepte für den Erfolg mit Big Data

Erfahren Sie, wie Sie mit vier gängigen Big Data-Szenarios erfolgreich sein können: Data Warehouse-Optimierung, optimierte Datenaufbereitung, 360-Grad-Ansicht von Kunden, Monetarisierung von Daten.

Folgende Themen werden behandelt:

  • Wie Sie Data Warehouse-Kosten reduzieren und die Leistung verbessern
  • Wie mit einem agilen Datenintegrationsprozess die Entwicklungszeit für mapReduce um das 15-Fache gegenüber herkömmlichen Programmier- und Skripterstellungsverfahren reduziert werden kann
  • Wie durch die Verknüpfung verschiedener operativer und Transaktions-Datenquellen zur Erstellung von On-Demand-Analyseansichten neue Wachstumsmöglichkeiten erschlossen werden können
  • Wie durch die Verwendung interner Daten hochwertige Datensets für externe Kunden bereitgestellt werden können
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