Managing and Leveraging Digital Identity in Financial Services

Download our whitepaper to help identify the challenges faced by customer-facing financial services organizations in managing identities in the digital era. Then, delve deeper to consider how technology can help address these challenges and, in doing so, familiarize with opportunities to streamline service delivery and improve the customer experience.

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Forrester TEI Study: The ROI of Incident Notification

xMatters commissioned Forrester Research to conduct a study and examine the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by deploying its communication platform.

Check out the report to see how a Fortune 500 Communication Company:

  • Achieved a 261% ROI
  • Experienced $753,280 in net present value benefits over 3 years
  • Reduced MTTR by 91% for tier 1 incidents
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The Business Value of Red Hat OpenShift

Industries are being disrupted with unexpected competition requiring IT departments to become agile in responding to meet evolving business needs. Enterprise IT is transforming by taking a fresh approach and leveraging modern tools to help developers become more efficient in delivering innovative solutions. Leveraging analytics from increasing volumes of data to automate common processes is increasingly becoming the new normal for intelligent applications. Application platforms supporting an architecture that gives developers a wide choice of components across hybrid cloud infrastructure are a preferred path in the enterprise cloud adoption journey. Download our whitepaper to learn about how Red Hat's OpenShift can help your business grow through the cloud!
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Effective Business Process Management with Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite

Business process management (BPM) brings together the capabilities to orchestrate systems, people and services, while allowing a structured execution timeline. This e-book introduces basic BPM concepts, along with business rules, events, and processes. It also details Red Hat® JBoss® BPM Suite, a complete BPM platform that provides standards-based modeling, automation, simulation, and business process monitoring.
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Microservices: An improved Architecture Design

Microservices architecture, a new design method for creating loosely coupled but autonomous services, lets enterprises use emerging technologies to create and manage modular systems on a scale that exceeds earlier approaches like service-oriented architecture (SOA). But organizations that refactor monolithic applications into microservices experience widely varying degrees of success. The key to effective microservices is a solid understanding of how and why microservices should be used to build applications.
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7 Step Guide to Risk & Compliance

Keeping up with the tracking and reporting required to achieve regulatory compliance costs organizations considerable time and resources. And yet many of the risks faced by organizations go far beyond these requirements. In today’s shifting landscape, safeguarding against more abstract risk is another essential element of success. So how can you effectively mitigate abstract risk and ensure regulatory compliance?

Download our guide to find out in 7 actionable steps.

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7 Step Guide to Effective Business Transformation

In an increasingly complex business environment, the pace of change represents a threat as well as a lucrative opportunity. How can you secure and successfully act on the immediate transformational needs of your organization? And how can you ensure that future transformations are equally smooth and repeatable? This guide provides you with 7 succinct, actionable steps that can be applied to any transformation scenario.

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7 Step Guide to Operational Excellence

Operational excellence is no longer the exception, it is the expectation of consumers. Learn how to meet and exceed these expectations with our practical 7 step guide. It provides clear, actionable steps and tips from process leaders on how to achieve operational excellence, independent of allegiances to any particular methodology.

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Office 365 Users: The Ultimate Danger to Your Company’s Security

Office 365 protection features are optional add-ons starting at $3 per user/month. Most SMBs cannot afford the high costs for these features. With a single data protection solution that can back up computers, mobile devices, databases, emails and applications, including Office 365, a company can achieve a higher return on investment (ROI).

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15 Tricks to Succeed in Managing Multiple Office 365 Tenants

A recent survey revealed that it takes a minimum of 13 hours per month to administer an Office 365 tenant with 1 to 50 accounts. If you are a service provider managing more seats than that, the time you spend doing these tasks can quickly get out of hand. Luckily, with a reliable set of procedures, you can make these tasks very easy. To help you out, we have gathered 15 tricks from successful partners who have collectively managed thousands of Office 365 tenants, without any stress.

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The Forrester Wave™: Digital Process Automation Software, Q3 2017

Today, low-code, user-friendly, AI-based automation is taking the place of traditional BPMs. In this in-depth analysis, Forrester takes a look at what the top companies are doing to stay ahead of the curve, and how each vendor stacks up against the other. If you’ve been considering a workflow and content automation tool such as Nintex, the report is worth a look.

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SMB Digital Transformation Webinar

Are you looking to improve customer experience and boost employee productivity? The technology partners you choose are a critical factor in ensuring that you can meet these goals, and more. For tips on how to select technology partners that can move your business forward, listen to this in-depth webinar from Nemeretes research.
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Top 5 HR Processes That Are The Culprits Of Busy Work

As a Human Resources lead, you’re involved in every part of your company. And some days, it can certainly feel like it. If it seems like you’re retyping the same thing over and over again, there’s a good chance you might be. But you shouldn’t have to. When you implement a good process, work stops being so repetitive, and starts being more effective. Get familiar with the top five HR processes that are the culprits of busy work, and what you can do to make that work flow.

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