Top 5 IT Processes That Are The Culprits Of Busy Work

The IT department is responsible for keeping businesses running. But that shouldn’t mean your days are spent running around, looking for hardware, tracking down licenses, and responding to requests. The success of your department is built on organization and process. How solid is your foundation? Get familiar with the top five processes within Information Technology to see how others have laid the groundwork for success.

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Top 5 Sales Processes That Are The Culprits Of Busy Work

Selling services and products is paramount to any organization’s success. But manually entering sales leads and contracts inevitably leaves teams with less me to close deals and service existing clients. Leads, and customers, end up moving along much faster than a sales person’s ability to get through all the paperwork. When sales teams adopt effective (automated) processes into their systems, tedious, paper based tasks, can be completed in just a few clicks. Get familiar with the top processes within Sales to see how others have begun laying the groundwork for future success.

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Top 5 Finance Processes That Are The Culprits Of Busy Work

Everyone wants to be successful at work, confident they’re doing the best job possible. But busy-ness doesn’t always equal effectiveness. More often than not, busy-ness isn’t a reflection of the worker, it’s a reflection of the process — or lack thereof. Get familiar with the top five workflow processes within Finance to ensure your busy-ness is what’s best for the business.

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Demystifying Workflow – Making sense of making process make sense

While you might be aware of workflow automation, you might not be aware of what it’s truly capable of. The Demystifying Workflow eBook pulls back the veil to expose the things like:

  • How workflow automation actually works
  • What business processes look like when workflow is present
  • The measureable business value in having an optimized workflow
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Workflow Automation Guide

For those who’ve heard of workflow automation, and aren’t quite sure of what it is, the Workflow Automation Guide provides a great overview of what it means for businesses, covering basics like:

  • Why poor processes often get overlooked
  • Where manual habits often exist
  • Why automation is crucial for long-term success
  • What businesses gain with the right workflow automation solution
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Texas Craft Brewery Guide to Enterprise Management Solutions

In the increasingly competitive world of craft brewing, those who will succeed – survive, even – will do so by virtue not only of the quality of their beer but also their agility, effectiveness, and efficiency.

Like any other industry, as competition heats up in the craft brewery industry, those who can maximize their effective use of their data will enjoy both strategic and tactical advantages over the competition. The best solutions combine a comprehensive set of capabilities with low total cost of ownership. No comprehensive solution can be trivial to adopt, but the best solutions will minimize that difficulty. Download our guide to learn more about how you can help your brewery grow!

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Iconic Brewery Management System

Automated systems, like the Iconic Brewery Management System, provide the foundation for the necessary brewery processes to be reproducible, documented, and followed, thus reducing risk by ensuring sound business practices are followed. Download our whitepaper to learn more about the benefits and implementation of an automated brewery management systems.

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How to Profit From Selling Office 365

The IT landscape has shifted a lot in recent years. While some technology professionals have embraced the cloud era and see the benefits, there are still a lot of businesses that need some convincing before they can make a comfortable transition to Office 365.

This is a great opportunity for Managed Service Providers to teach SMBs about the potential of Office 365 and the new opportunities it has to offer.

Download this whitepaper to learn how your business can profit from selling Office 365.

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How Microsoft Got Performance Reviews Right

Microsoft, long known for using stack ranking and ratings eliminated both in 2013.

It’s new performance management is based on more timely feedback to align employee objectives with company goals.

In this resource, you’ll learn how Microsoft evolved its annual appraisals to better drive performance, and how you can adopt a modern performance system similar to Microsoft’s.

  • How Microsoft uses check-ins to develop employees
  • What the company uses to determine compensation now that ratings are eliminated
  • How you can implement a performance management system similar to what Microsoft uses
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3 Secrets To Successful Resource Management

Poor Resource Management is at the root of some of the most pressing problems that PMOs, IT groups, service delivery organizations and others face.

The path to achieving improved RM in your PMO begins with three key areas of focus: Attracting Talent; Just-in-Time Resourcing; and Building Effective Processes.

Download the free eBook to learn more!

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Better Together: Managing Your Apple Devices as an Ecosystem

The reality is desktop operating systems — Windows, macOS and Chrome OS — have little in common. All have a unique workflow to provision, encrypt, deploy, secure, update and support devices. The same “uniqueness” also applies to the mobile platforms: iOS, Windows Mobile and Android.

So, you as an organization have to choose:

  • Manage your devices by platform type (i.e., desktop or mobile).
  • Attempt to manage your devices with a unified tool.
  • Manage your devices by ecosystem (Apple, Microsoft, Google).

Download this e-book for a break down of the choices facing you and your IT staff, and see how each impacts you and your users.

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What is Needed to Build Trusted Infrastructures?

As security models converge on perimeter-less infrastructure and the need to protect raw data, we must move beyond "STIG compliance," 2FA, and encrypting all data. This technical session will step through evolving thinking on trusted infrastructure: tokenization is a recent data protection method, but what is it and when can it be used? What work is being done on Trusted Platform Modules, and what is trusted boot? What are new cryptographic models, including quantum cryptography and blockchain? How does this fit into containerization and server-less computing? How is open source confronting these challenges?

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Digital Transformation: The Consumerization of Government IT

In a 2016 PricewaterhouseCoopers survey of over 1400 CIOs, 84% stated they needed to address wider stakeholder needs and 77% found that technology was one of “the top 3 influencers transforming stakeholder expectations for the business.” Hear how government agencies and system integrators are transforming their organizations using modern application development practices, tools, and platforms.

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Stop Overpaying for Storage Appliances

Traditional, appliance-based storage cannot keep up with modern data demands. Software-defined storage solutions like Red Hat® Gluster Storage can cut costs in half while delivers increased agility and unprecedented scalability without sacrificing durability, security, and performance.

This infographic illustrates how to cut storage costs in half with software-defined storage.

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