Recommended New Approach to Improve Digital Application Performance

Online applications and services, from ecommerce to government services, increasingly address a global audience. These services require a globally-distributed architecture that is optimized to deliver a high-quality user experience. Traffic optimization solutions based on managed DNS services are a critical component of such distributed architecture. They offer an efficient method for optimizing globally-distributed architectures for both end-user performance and cost.

When these optimization services are able to make traffic management decisions based on real-time performance analytics, they become immensely more valuable and effective. They allow application owners to build traffic optimization policies that are based on real-time network conditions, rather than purely static conditions like geography. Combining real-time performance data with cost metrics enables application services to be optimized for performance and cost.

This white paper examines why operators of online services should leverage managed traffic optimization services that use a combination of real-time data feeds, including real user measurements (RUM), active and passive monitoring, and location-based information. It briefly reviews NS1’s Pulsar RUM analytics and Managed DNS traffic management platform.

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5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With DNS

For businesses that need to deliver Internet-scale performance and reliability for high-volume, mission-critical applications, NS1 is a comprehensive DNS and traffic management platform that uses infrastructure data to make intelligent routing decisions in real time. Unlike traditional DNS technologies that are fractured and rudimentary, NS1’s dynamic, data-driven platform and unique Filter Chain routing engine were purpose-built for the most demanding applications on the internet.

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Multi-CDN Made Easy Webinar

Many enterprises are finding it increasingly difficult to deliver a consistently high quality end user experience to a global online audience using a single Content Delivery Network (CDN). CDN providers have different strengths and weaknesses so it is unsurprising when a single provider does not adequately address the needs of a global online organization.

The good news is there are plenty of CDN providers to choose from, and by leveraging the right combination of providers, enterprises can simultaneously improve end user quality of experience while lowering costs. The means to achieve this goal is based on the ability to intelligently steer traffic to the right CDN at the right time.

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