Economic Impact of Red Hat Enterprise Linux

The IDC study “The Economic Impact of Red HatEnterprise Linux” identifies the global footprint of RedHat’s flagship operating system, the advantages it brings to IT organizations, and the opportunity it creates for its ecosystem.

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Infographic: Accelerating Automation: How Businesses are Adapting to a Post COVID-19 World

The majority of business leaders say they have made business process automation a top priority in recent years. But now, 80% of business leaders say they face new challenges as a direct result of COVID-19. Organizations overwhelmingly agree that business process automation is crucial in a post-COVID world—but it won’t be easy. Businesses will have to invest in technologies that scale with the business, standardize strategies for continual process improvement, allow citizen developers to drive automation efforts, and most importantly, embrace change. Download this infographic to learn more about how K2, a leader in intelligent process automation, can help.

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Whitepaper: Accelerating Automation: How Businesses are Adapting to a Post COVID-19 World

Business process automation is challenging at the baseline – and COVID-19 has made it feel nearly impossible. However, it is more important now than ever.

Organizations overwhelmingly agree that business process automation must be embraced to address new, immediate business realities as well as to ensure long-term survival. This is not an easy road. Those who are most effective at overcoming barriers and rallying their teams to embrace change will be well- poised to win in the future.

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COVID-19 Just Accelerated Your Road to Automation

This webinar focuses on how COVID-19 has accelerated your road to automation, and how you can use K2 tools to not only patch the gap, but rapidly automate solutions across your enterprise. Learn tips to implement your automation strategy and become adept at adapting to crises with speed and agility. This discussion also explores how COVID-19 broke organization's processes, but more importantly how COVID-19 has created a new "business as usual".

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COVID-19 Remote Work Just Broke Your Processes: Here’s What To Do About It

Automating business processes to win, serve, and retain customers has been an imperative for years. With COVID-19 sending workers home to work en masse, the goal for many has become restoring manual processes that have either failed completely or been crippled. Read this report to learn how to mitigate the current business disruptions and set a foundation for faster, more agile process automation going forward.

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Whitepaper – Top 5 Salesforce Integration Patterns

Getting the most value out of your IT investments is now more crucial than ever. Integrating Salesforce with your enterprise architecture is key to enabling sales teams, enhancing customer loyalty, and growing market capabilities.

Read this whitepaper to learn how to:

  • Streamline business processes and maximize services and solutions.
  • Integrate Salesforce with custom applications, databases, ERP, and CRM systems.
  • Synchronize CRM systems, migrate from legacy CRM systems, broadcast ERP data into your CRM system, and more.

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Customer Management In The Relationship Era Report

In the Relationship Era, customer relationships (and the way we manage them) have fundamentally changed. What was once a  one-­time transaction between a business and a single buyer has evolved into long-­term and mutually rewarding partnerships between teams and their customers.

In May 2018, we surveyed 1,059 business professionals to discover how they work together to build lasting customer relationships. Download our new research report, The State of Customer Management in the Relationship Era, to discover what we found.


  • Top objectives businesses are prioritizing in 2019
  • Top teams involved in building customer relationships
  • Top customer communication and collaboration channels
  • Top challenges with customer relationship management
  • Top integrations for maximizing team productivity
  • And so much more!

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ROI Survey ­Impact of CRM in the Relationship Era Infographic

In the Relationship Era, CRM is now impacting businesses and teams like never before. Yes, that means even marketing & customer success teams are using CRM now. We surveyed our customers to discover how they are leveraging their CRM to work together and build lasting customer relationships. We crunched the numbers and broke down the diverse ways in which CRM's are improving collaboration, productivity and much more.

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ROI Survey ­ Impact of CRM in the Relationship Era ebook

In the Relationship Era, CRM is impacting businesses and teams like never before. (Yes, even Marketing and Customer Success teams are using CRM now.). We surveyed our customers and crunched some numbers to find out how they're using CRM to collaborate CRM to collaborate and build lasting customer relationships.

Find out:

  • The 4 perks of CRM that only some teams know about
  • One of the biggest time-­wasters for Sales teams
  • The differences between teams that use CRMs and teams that don't
  • And more...

Don't get left behind in  mediocre CRM-­land. Download the ebook for free.

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Become a high-growth manufacturer

High-growth companies are powered by people who understand what it takes to get set for growth—individuals with the vision and drive to take their business to the next level. We call these people the Grow Getters.

Grow Getters know what growth looks like for their business and how to achieve it. They invest where it counts and have an integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that gives them the essential visibility and agility needed to act for growth.

Discover the 10 characteristics that set the Grow Getters apart from their competitors…

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Cloud ERP for Job Shops and Manufacturers

In the face of growing competition and a challenging business climate, many job shops and manufacturers are looking for ways to reduce costs, streamline operations, and improve the bottom line. Implementing enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a proven solution for running a business efficiently and effectively. Yet, a large percentage of manufacturers have held back from implementing an ERP system due to high initial costs, long implementation times, and competing demands for time and resources.

This paper describes how the Software as a Service (SaaS) model (more commonly known as ‘the cloud’) delivers financial, implementation, and operational benefits to job shops and manufacturers. It also details cloud deployed Epicor ERP meets the needs of job shops and manufacturers. Job shops and manufacturers can leverage Epicor ERP—and cloud technology to ‘punch above their weight’—increasing effectiveness.

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