The State of Network Management in 2018

Businesses rely on their networks for nearly every aspect of their operations. If packets don’t move, users and customers are directly impacted and revenue doesn’t flow.

Read the results of Kentik's survey of networking industry professionals and review how organizations are addressing their network management challenges including:

  • How network professionals assessed their organizations’ readiness to tackle networking automation and advanced networking/security analytics.
  • Why user experience and data breaches are among the top network worries.
  • How the proliferation of tools for managing networks and improving cloud visibility is impacting the enterprise and which technologies are most commonly deployed.

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Five Cloud Deployment Mistakes That Will Cost You

With lack of visibility into how cloud resources are utilized, it's easy to make costly mistakes. This paper covers five network-related cloud deployment mistakes that you might not be aware of that can negate the cloud benefits you’re hoping to achieve.

Topics discussed in this whitepaper include:

  • The risks and costs associated with redundant cloud-based services.
  • The importance of avoiding “hair-pin” traffic routing scenarios when configuring cloud services.
  • How to minimize costs by minimizing unnecessary inter-region traffic.
  • Understanding the network behavior of cloud services and taking advantage of basic optimization, configuration, and compression opportunities.
  • Recommendations for reducing Internet content delivery costs.

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Cloud Architecture Best Practices: Using the Right Tools

Building a cloud application is like building a house. Without following industry best practices, everything could come tumbling down. Fortunately, Amazon established cloud architecture best practices, the AWS Well-Architected Framework.

This paper outlines their principles, "Five Pillars", best practices for cloud and further extends the Framework to networking — a critical part of cloud architecture.

This white paper will:

  • Outline the AWS Well-Architected Framework: Principles,“Five Pillars,” and best practices.
  • Inform how the Framework applies to networking — a critical part of cloud architecture.
  • Highlight how Kentik can help effectively implement these best practices.

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VARs: Build a Bridge to Customers Through Service Contract Renewals

New customer acquisition is the holy grail of sales achievement. But while acquiring new customers is essential to growth, no business thrives without strengthening and growing their existing customer relationships. This is especially true when considering annuity revenue streams.

Today, most solution providers focus significant effort on increasing annuity revenue. These revenue streams are service related and include both solution provider and OEM-delivered services that are contracted and sold on a subscription basis. Creating greater customer connection and intimacy is a crucial component of developing and growing annuity offerings.

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VARs: Create a Path to Profit Through Increased Warranty Renewal

Solution providers have long recognized the value of annuity revenue and profit that can be realized by selling OEM maintenance and support agreements.

The ability to successfully manage these complexities creates value for customers and a significant opportunity for solution providers. In fact, solution providers who deliver a comprehensive management approach to their customers are already realizing significant improvements in annuity revenue and profit. And by using this approach, solution providers can also gain contract renewals on products sold by other vendors.

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VARs: Grow Revenue Through Better Contract Renewal Strategies

The ability to maximize revenue growth of any offering depends on the processes in place to support that offering. For solution providers, this is especially relevant for annuity and contract management. Annuity management is a profitable growth area, however, it can be a chaotic undertaking with increasing complexity as the business grows.

However, annuity agreement management is often approached with little regard to all three of those components. A common approach is to address the challenge with people, but with little regard to process and tools. As the business grows, the volume and complexity of the agreements quickly overwhelm a company’s ability to address the problem solely from a manpower perspective.

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Solution Providers Guide To Annuity Revenue Growth

Since the advent of the internet economy, IT manufacturers have been redefining the way their products are delivered to the commercial marketplace. As a result, channel organizations responsible for the sale and delivery of these products have had to repeatedly rethink how they create value in the way they service their clients. To identify the cause and effects creating disruptive shifts in the channel market, we must first understand the decisions our customers make and why they make them!

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2018: State Of Virtualization In The Cloud

Momentum of cloud adoption for virtual workloads continues to grow, but it’s not without challenges. While there are a variety of motivations driving this transition, one thing is clear: organizations are still figuring out what the best approaches are.

No matter where you are on your journey to the cloud, understanding the role the cloud plays with your virtual environment has become an integral part of your IT initiatives.

Download this report to learn about:

  • The challenges organizations face on their journey to the cloud
  • The motivations - and risk - associated with this trend
  • How organizations globally are approaching moving virtual workloads to the cloud

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Streamlining VM Backups With The Public Cloud

Managing Your VMware, VMC, Hyper-V, and Nutanix Backups With the Public Cloud

Managing the backup and restore of virtual machines in a distributed environment is typically a convoluted process. Leveraging a cloud-native platform for these data protection workloads enables organizations to reduce the demands on IT teams as well as their budgets.

Find out how Druva can help you harness these advantages:

  • Infrastructure that is hosted completely offsite
  • Fast response times in the case of failover for disaster recovery (DR)
  • Dynamic DR and global workload mobility
  • Centralized global coordination and monitoring
  • Radically lower total cost of ownership (TCO)

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Making The Business Case For VMware Cloud Backup

Managing the backup and restore of virtual machines is typically a complex operational process. Making the business case to move these workloads to the cloud is critical to reduce new hardware, software, and administrative burden.

Gain real-world Insights that will help you:

  • Understand the economics of legacy solutions vs cloud-based solutions.
  • Calculate the return on investment (ROI) for your project.
  • Remove virtual infrastructure backup complexity
  • Leverage enterprise cloud backup for disaster recovery
  • Reduce costs up to 60% with an all-in-one cloud-native backup solution

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How ATP Compares to Avanan

Most using Office 365 know first hand the challenges with preventing email based phishing and malware attacks. To help solve the problem, Microsoft is trying to convince their customers to upgrade to an E5 license or purchase ATP as a separate add-on. But does this pricy add-on really solve the problem? In this live demo, we'll explain how ATP falls short in securing Office 365 and we'll actually demo O365 ATP side by side with Avanan to highlight the gaps so you can see for yourself.

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Get the 2019 Avanan Calendar!

Business email compromise doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, but laughs sure do. That’s why we’ve put together all of our funniest cloud security comics into one calendar!

Inside, you’ll find jokes about phishing, compromised accounts, suspicious logins, and multi-factor authentication drawn by Avanan’s very own Content Marketing Manager, Reece Guida. The calendar also has dates for major infosec events across the United States in 2019.

We hope you hang up this free calendar for your coworkers or family to see!

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How Avanan Compares To Microsoft Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)

Most using Office 365 know first hand the challenges with preventing email based phishing and malware attacks. To help solve the problem, Microsoft is trying to convince their customers to upgrade to an E5 license or purchase ATP as a separate add-on. But does this pricy add-on really solve the problem? In this white paper, we'll explain how ATP falls short in securing Office 365. Further, the white paper goes beyond phishing attacks ATP misses and highlights the missing features enterprise security teams need when trying to secure O365 as a whole.

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Capital Caring: Cloud Security for Healthcare Providers

Why a healthcare provider switched from O365 ATP to Avanan

For HershellFoster, Capital Caring’s CIO, email security was a constant worry. Like so many healthcare organizations, employee inboxes were inundated with hundreds of phishing and other malicious messages each day, confusing users and potentially putting patient data at risk. Even with aggressive training, it was difficult for employees and volunteers to filter out the increasingly sophisticated attacks. Avanan helped made Capital Caring's dramatically reduce phishing attacks to protect patients and employees from breaches of personally identifiable information. Using Avanan has helped Capital Caring spend more time on what matters most: patient care."

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Cyber Resilience eBook


Navigating a turbulent cybersecurity climate can be hard – especially as threats like Petya and WannaCry continue to cripple organizations. Business disruption, downtime, technical failure and data loss are all real risk factors that can’t be ignored.

The power of preparedness is in your hands. It’s time to start thinking holistically about safeguarding against email-borne threats and mitigating risk – it’s time to implement a cyber resilience strategy.

Get expert insight, tips and guidance from industry thought leaders on how to build a cyber resilience plan for email in this e-book.

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