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Choosing Web Application Libraries In an Open Source World

Building robust, functional, attractive applications and components that perform well on all devices and platforms is a time consuming and costly undertaking. Developers need a comprehensive solution that includes a fully supported, pre-built component library to build applications quickly and efficiently, so that businesses can get their apps to market faster and with better usability. In many cases, commercial component libraries used in conjunction with open source frameworks offer the best of both worlds.

Learn top considerations for choosing your technology stack as it relates to developing enterprise-grade web applications today.

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Bitnami Stacksmith

In this illustrated white paper, you’ll learn how Bitnami’s flagship product, Stacksmith, modernizes your DevOps pipeline by automating the packaging of your applications for today's cloud and container platforms, and continuously maintain them so they stay up-to-date and secure.

Learn Stacksmith’s benefits for developers, IT ops, IT security, and DevOps teams, and how Bitnami Stacksmith is the simplest way to package applications and assets for today's cloud and container platforms, and automate the ongoing maintenance of these applications so they remain up-to-date and secure.

What is Stacksmith?

Bitnami Stacksmith is a single, standardized packaging and maintenance tool that generates deploy-ready, cloud-native assets in multiple formats for multiple cloud vendor platforms. Stacksmith provides two primary functions:

  • Automated packaging

Stacksmith’s automated packaging takes your assets – application code, configuration policies, and scripts - incorporates the platform dependencies, maps the cloud platform service integrations you specify (ie. Database), optimizes the results for your chosen platform(s), and delivers everything you will need to successfully deploy.

  • Ongoing maintenance

Stacksmith also simplifies the ongoing maintenance of your assets by continuously monitoring private repositories (for code, script or config policy updates) and trusted sites (for system package updates and Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs)), and providing manual (click ‘update’) and automated (supports continuous updating) methods for you to re-package your applications, ensuring they stay up-to-date and secure.

Bitnami now offers Stacksmith in three tiers:

  • Stacksmith Public - for individuals with open source projects and those using open source software. Free of charge.
  • Stacksmith Team – for groups to get applications packaged and in production, or get from VMs to containers, in a programmatic and cost-effective way. Starting at $800 per month.
  • Stacksmith Enterprise - for large organizations that require single-tenant delivery and directory integration. Contact us for pricing.

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The MSP’s 10-Point Guide to Success

Let’s face it. Not all small business owners are thrilled with the idea of moving their workloads to the cloud. They’ve invested a lot of money in their on-premises solutions and they really don’t see the need to change their infrastructure. They also have legitimate concerns about network security, downtime and availability. So, how do you convince them that it’s time to upgrade to a cloud platform like Microsoft Azure?

By presenting good arguments. We’ve prepared a simple guide that will help you get started. But first, we’d like to take a closer look at Microsoft Azure and the booming market for Infrastructure-as-a-Service.

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4 Great Ways to Make Your Customers Happy

In the eBook, Marketing Specialist Marc Gordon will give you four essential steps to selling happiness to your customers. With more than 25 years of experience in helping businesses grow, Gordon says you do not have to knock yourself out to get loyal customers. Just do the right things to keep them happy.

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Citrix Cloud Government Free Trial

Citrix Cloud Government platform empowers your agency to securely deliver apps and data to your workforce while improving IT efficiency and enhancing user experiences. Our cloud-based management platform—running on FedRAMP High Baseline certified government infrastructure as a service—enables you to leverage our industry-leading application and desktop virtualization technology on any government-grade infrastructure.

Citrix Cloud Government platform helps deploy, manage, and optimize virtual workloads in your data centers or on the government-grade infrastructure of your choice..

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Citrix Cloud Government

To meet always-evolving mission objectives, government agencies need IT flexibility and scalability. Citrix Cloud Government ensures access to high-performance IT resources by enabling agencies to deploy, manage, and optimize Citrix workspace solutions on any government-grade infrastructure.

It’s a cloud-based management platform that runs on FedRAMP High Baseline certified infrastructure—and it’s built to enable the simplicity, scalability, and performance your agency needs.

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The Cloud Security Platform

Healthcare is moving to the cloud and HIPPA regulations still apply. Two key challenges healthcare organizations have when moving to the cloud is preventing the accidental sharing of ePHI via cloud applications and the takeover of your user’s SaaS accounts by hackers due to phishing attacks. Avanan connects to any SaaS or IaaS in one click via API connection. Secure all of your cloud applications from business suites like Office 365, G-Suite, to Citrix ShareFile, and everything in between. With the click of a button, protect your enterprise Office 365, Box, G Suite, or any other SaaS application with cloud-based versions of security technology from best-of-breed vendors like Check Point, Symantec, and McAfee.

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HIPAA Compliance in the Cloud

Healthcare is migrating to the cloud, putting HIPAA regulations in a new context. Moving clinical and business data into Software as a Service (SaaS) or Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) improves scalability, interoperability, and cost—but cloud adoption must not be at the expense of security or compliance.

This whitepaper identifies challenges of enforcing HIPAA compliance in the cloud, and offers technical solutions that address these requirements in order to provide lasting security for ePHI.

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Capital Caring: Anti Phishing Security for Healthcare Providers

Since 1977, Capital Caring has improved care for those facing life-limiting illness through public education, advocacy, and direct support of patients and their families. Over 650 employees and 850 volunteers offer hospice, palliative care, and counseling to more than a thousand patients and their families each day. They turned to Avanan to help stop email based phishing attacks that were targeting their O365 users.

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Hybrid Cloud Strategy for Dummies

Cloud computing is proliferating and taking over the world of IT as we know it. Cloud computing also grows more complex and multi‐faceted daily. Organizations can create their own private cloud infrastructures in‐house, sign up for services from public cloud providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, or Microsoft Azure, or create hybrid environments. Other vital choices come close behind. Architects and engineers must deal with an array of connections, integrations, portability issues among clouds, resource options, orchestration, storage, and more. And somehow it must all be managed and maintained.

You can probably see why a carefully thought‐out and detailed approach to cloud computing — a strategy, in other words — is so important.

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Hybrid Cloud Management for Dummies

We’re in the era of hybrid cloud, an integrated combination of public and private cloud environments. Most companies moving into the public cloud today are making strategic decisions about which applications should go to the cloud and which should stay on-premises. Get acquainted with hybrid cloud management strategies and solutions, and learn what critical components must be addressed as you plan your hybrid cloud environment.

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