NeoCertified Secure Email: Enhancing Business Communication Security

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, where data is the lifeblood of modern businesses, the need for robust security measures has never been more pressing. As companies increasingly rely on electronic communication channels to facilitate critical operations, the risks associated with data breaches and cyber threats have escalated exponentially. Email has become a prime target for malicious actors seeking to exploit vulnerabilities and gain unauthorized access to sensitive information.

NeoCertified has become a trusted partner offering corporate-grade email encryption and data protection solutions tailored for SMEs. With 20+ years in cybersecurity, NeoCertified pioneers affordable, user-friendly email encryption services that empower businesses to secure communications efficiently and cost-effectively.

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How To Build Your Telemedicine Practice

No industry is immune to the effects of technology innovation on operations and consumer behavior. We all expect convenience, a seamless experience, value, and fast time-to-service. These preferences have driven the rise in eCommerce over the past decade. Now, they are causing seismic shifts in the healthcare landscape.

A step by step guide to setting up a telemedicine business. This plan will help you understand trends and items to do before starting.

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Online Appointment Scheduling

Businesses such as healthcare providers use appointment scheduling apps to give their clients the ability to manage their appointments online at their own convenience.

Following some of the best practices we are sharing with you, can lead to drastically positive improvements of how your customers experience bookings.

Come along on this journey as we show you some stunningly overwhelming statistics that highlight just how vital it is for you to get the appointment scheduling process right.

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A Telehealth Strategy Framework Growing Practice

If you have an established medical practice, introducing or boosting telehealth services may be easier than you think. With more people accepting remote medical services, and compliance issues simplifying constantly, there's never been a better time to get involved.

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10-Step Guide to Stopping No-Shows

No-shows can be a significant issue for medical practices, resulting in lost revenue and empty appointment slots. This 10-step guide provides practical tips to help practices reduce the number of no-shows. Implementing just a few of these suggestions can make a big difference.

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Bigleaf Improves Microsoft Teams Performance

In this video by Bigleaf Networks, the efficacy of Bigleaf's solutions in enhancing Microsoft Teams performance is showcased. The Teams video conferencing platform, widely used by businesses, often encounters issues such as video freezing, audio lag, and degraded call quality, typically due to packet loss, latency, and jitter. The video demonstrates that simply increasing bandwidth is not a solution. Instead, Bigleaf employs their intelligent software to prioritize and optimally route traffic across an organization’s multiple internet connections to ensure high-quality video calls. A comparative test with and without Bigleaf highlights significant improvements in video frame rates, network quality, audio integrity, and reduced packet loss and jitter, making Teams calls reliable and clear. Bigleaf's router and software work in tandem to ensure smooth operation of video and voice calls.

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Things To Consider for A Better Internet Failover Setup

This guide discusses the common issues with VoIP and video calls, like dropped calls, choppiness, robotic voices, and lag, which affect many businesses. It emphasizes the necessity of network optimization to ensure consistent and reliable internet performance, especially for cloud-based technologies and communication platforms. Bigleaf's solution offers a network optimization service that manages traffic across internet connections, ensuring optimal performance and uninterrupted VoIP and video calls. It aims to end common call problems permanently by diagnosing, understanding, and solving them through intelligent routing and real-time internet connection adjustments.

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Improving UCaaS with Purpose-Built SD-WAN

This guide outlines Bigleaf's solution to common VoIP and video call issues, emphasizing the importance of network optimization. It details the challenges users face with dropped calls, choppiness, robotic voices, and lag in VoIP and video calls. Bigleaf addresses these problems through real-time internet performance monitoring and traffic routing, QoS policy adjustments, and seamless failover without manual configuration. The solution is designed to work seamlessly with cloud technologies and enables a reliable, enterprise-grade connection over broadband internet, highlighting the criticality of consistent internet performance for business operations.

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4 Common VoIP and Video Call Problems

This guide outlines how Bigleaf's network optimization solution addresses the frequent problems experienced with VoIP and video calls. It emphasizes the ubiquitous and critical nature of such calls -the common issues of dropped calls choppiness, robotic voices, and lag-and Bigleaf's ability to resolve these with real-time internet performance monitoring intelligent traffic prioritization, and routing. The solution is designed for cloud-based technologies and offers seamless integration with existing firewalls and internet providers, ensuring uninterrupted calls and consistent application performance -vital for business communications in the modern digital workspace. Bigleaf advocates for its effortless setup and promises to eliminate common internet-related complaints, thus enhancing overall business productivity.

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Plugging Into Profits: Rewiring Brick and Mortar Retail

This infographic emphasizes the importance of reliable network connectivity for the digital transformation of brick-and-mortar retail. It outlines the components of digital transformation, such as deployment of modern technology, cloud-based inventory management, data-driven personalization, and omnichannel integration. It details the investment focus of retailers on improving inventory accuracy, enhancing system integration, and boosting efficiency and productivity. The infographic also highlights the significant economic impact and potential savings from implementing advanced connectivity, illustrating Bigleaf's role in optimizing networks to ensure continuous connectivity and protect retail businesses.

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Things To Consider for Better Internet Failover

This infographic is designed to guide businesses in setting up effective internet failover systems. It outlines a four-step approach to ensure business continuity and optimal internet performance. Starting with understanding the various causes of internet failure, it moves to prioritizing business goals, like uptime and rapid recovery from outages. The infographic suggests considering organizational needs such as ISP diversity, various connection types, same IP address failover, and Quality of Service (QoS) settings. It emphasizes the importance of using intelligently-powered software for automated, real-time circuit monitoring, and traffic routing to prevent disruptions. The final step involves customizing the failover setup to match the specific requirements of the business, factoring in IT resources, budget, and cloud reliance. Bigleaf positions itself as a solution for effortless internet reliability and optimization, inviting readers to explore its offerings through a demo.

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Improve Your VoIP & Video Conferencing Calls

This infographic focuses on Bigleaf's solution to common VoIP and video call issues, offering a network optimization platform that ensures consistent and reliable connectivity. It addresses the challenges of dropped calls, choppy audio, robotic voices, and lag in real-time communications, which can lead to lost revenue and poor business performance. Bigleaf's solution aggregates the bandwidth of multiple internet connections and leverages QoS, intelligent load balancing and real-time circuit monitoring to optimize application performance. The platform enables seamless failover and optimized performance for VoIP and UCaaS solutions without the need for complex, manual and resource-intensive configuration, aiming to eliminate common network-related complaints and improve business operations.

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Bigleaf: Internet Connectivity without Complexity

The Bigleaf Fact Sheet outlines Bigleaf's network optimization solution that simplifies internet connectivity for businesses. It combines SD-WAN technology with intelligent software to enhance internet and application performance, ensuring business continuity even in the face of common internet disruptions. Bigleaf's unique architecture, which includes customer premises routers and a dedicated gateway network, provides end-to-end traffic management and performance optimization. Key features include bi-directional QoS, same IP address failover, VPN optimization, and intelligent load balancing. Bigleaf emphasizes its user-friendly, plug-and-play setup, and its compatibility with any internet connection, firewall, and cloud application, making it an ideal fit for multi-site businesses, especially those transitioning from MPLS to internet-reliant environments or operating in rural areas with limited ISP options.

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Bigleaf Wireless Connect

This is an overview of Bigleaf Wireless Connect, emphasizing its role in ensuring uninterrupted business operations through Bigleaf’s advanced network optimization solution. It highlights key benefits such as business continuity during outages, optimized internet for seamless application performance, and convenient high-speed wireless connectivity. Additionally, it underscores the solution's ease of implementation and management, and the benefits of single-vendor billing and robust technical support. Bigleaf positions itself as reliable connectivity for businesses, promising minimal downtime and optimal operational efficiency.

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Live Streaming at Scale with Ant Media Server

Today, one of the biggest challenges in building a real-time streaming solution with sub-second latency is the automated scaling up and down of your infrastructure whenever and wherever you need. Some use cases such as online auctions, games, virtual events, webinars, e-conferences and conference call applications require ultra-low latency video streaming along with an infrastructure supporting a large number of viewers and publishers. It should also have the capability to scale up your solution to support thousands or even millions of viewers.

In order to achieve that, Ant Media provides off-the-shelf real time streaming at scale capability to run with automated mode in public cloud networks such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud or even on your on-prem infrastructure by using Kubernetes

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