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Provide a seamless training experience for your employees, customers, and partners to accelerate growth and drive business success.

Organizations choose SkyPrep when they experience:

  • High training costs and complex logistics with in-person training.
  • Time-consuming manual record-keeping for compliance requirements.
  • Difficulty providing standardized, consistent training companywide.
  • High employee turnover (Call centers, fast food, retail).
  • Inability to easily track learner progress and see who has overdue training.
  • Training that led to knowledge gaps and poor employee performance.
  • Difficulty training employees and franchisees in various remote locations.
  • Disjointed training and need to scale, formalize and streamlinetraining.

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SkyPrep: Training Smarter, Faster!

SkyPrep's team are e-learning professionals deploying proven and intuitive online training solutions — fast!

Serving 1,000,000+ users from 500+ companies, SkyPrep has won awards for its ease-of-use, cutting-edge performance, and outstanding customer support.

SkyPrep's Mission:

  • Proven Solution: Trusted by more than 500 companies to take their employee training to the next level.
  • Award-Winning: Recognized for providing an industry-leading, turnkey solution by experts including Capterra, Software Advice, and G2 Crowd.
  • Easy-to-Use: Intuitive and user-friendly for both Administrators and Learners – even for non-technical users.
  • A Committed and Knowledgeable Support Team: Every client is paired with a dedicated account manager with years of eLearning experience to help unlock the full potential of the platform.

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Recognizing And Addressing Hiring Biases

When you’re a part of a hiring team, your job is to find the best candidates. However, this becomes a challenge when unconscious biases come into play.

Fortunately, there are a number of strategies that you can employ in order to shut down bias before they creep in.

In this pre-recorded webinar we met with Kehsi Iman Wilson, a DE&I and social justice trainer and educator, and CEO of High Quality Talent.

Key takeaways from the webinar:

  • Actionable steps you can take to provide recruiters with training on biases and hiring
  • Examined strategies to manage the unconscious biases we all hold
  • How to make the hiring process more inclusive
  • The effectiveness of blind recruitment, and whether it should be implemented
  • How to come up with an impersonal resume review system
  • Diversity and inclusion job boards that recruiters should be looking at

Learn how to recognize and address hiring biases at your organization!

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Recruitment Metrics to Power Your Hiring Strategies

Did you know that 71% of companies see people analytics as a high priority, but only 8% report they have usable data, according to Deloitte?

Utilitizing recruitment metrics allows you to evaluate your hiring process and ensure that you stay on track with your company’s strategies and goals.

In this pre-recorded, 45 minute webinar, we were joined by Richard Brown, Lead Talent and DE&I Business Partner at McLaren Racing, to discuss the recruitment metrics that have helped them to improve their DE&I progress.

Brown deep-dives into the following:

  • How recruitment metrics are set up at McLaren Racing
  • How these metrics impact everyday business decisions
  • Ways to recruit more intelligently using real-life examples

Learn how to use recruitment metrics to power your hiring strategies!

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How To Get Your Employer Branding Right

The best talent has plenty of options, so differentiating your organization is critical. The time to start thinking about positioning your company as a great employer is long before you ever post a job or interview a candidate.

In this pre-recorded, 45 minute webinar, we were joined by Maria Rodriguez, Global HR Director of HireRight, where we discussed:

  • How companies can maintain a strong employer brand during times of crisis and the story they should be telling
  • How recruiters and hiring managers who don’t have buy-in from management can get support for employer branding initiatives
  • How can hiring professionals ensure their employer branding is both authentic and compelling
  • The best ways to measure the success of employer branding campaigns

Learn how you can shape your employer brand so that it is both authentic and compelling to candidates and employees.

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Hire Better Together – An Introduction to Collaborative Hiring

For many companies, the key to success in today’s candidate driven market is adopting a collaborative hiring process, turning their hiring practices into a team sport.

Collaborative hiring creates a better candidate experience, which will help you to attract and retain great talent.

What is collaborative hiring? Collaborative hiring is a team-based hiring method that structures the recruitment process to get colleagues from other parts of the company more involved.

To introduce you to collaborative hiring, this ebook covers:

  • A step by step explanation of the collaborative hiring process
  • Tips on setting up a collaborative hiring strategy at your organization
  • Insight’s from Perry Oostdam, Recruitee’s CEO and Co-Founder on the outcomes and rewards of collaborative hiring

Download this ebook to learn how to hire better, together.

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Hiring In 2022: From Home to Hybrid

The last few years have brought about a new reality of working from home all around the world. Now, many companies are going hybrid.

New remote and hybrid policies and technologies take time to create and implement. So what should we do to be better prepared for the future?

To help you navigate these new ways of work, this report is covers:

  • A look forward to the future of hybrid hiring
  • A synopsis of remote hiring since 2020 from the perspective of recruiters, executives, and HR professionals
  • Actionable tips on overcoming challenges in implementing a remote or hybrid hiring plan

Download this report to learn how to better adapt to the changing hiring landscape: be it remote, in the office, or hybrid.

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5 Step Framework On: A Winning Candidate Pipeline

The longer your hiring process is, the higher the cost of hiring. 40% of industry professionals said it takes them more than four weeks to hire new talent. With a carefully curated and well-maintained pipeline, you can ensure you always have access to a network of top-quality talent, making it easier to recruit when the need arises and reducing your cost and time to hire.

To help you optimize your pipelining efforts and make the best use of your time, here is a five-step framework for building and nurturing high-caliber talent and providing a great candidate experience to all.

This framework covers:

  • Identification of candidate profiles and pipeline goals
  • Strategies for building a stand-out employer brand
  • Proactive sourcing techniques
  • Steps to engage your pipeline
  • Top HR Tech tools to help you measure progess

Build a candidate pipeline that’s fit for purpose.

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Reimagine Your Employer Brand: The Current State of Employer Branding

A successful employer brand will bring the right talent to your organization. With the candidate-driven market that has emerged in the era of the Great Resignation, employer branding has become even more relevant.

Employer branding can help you attract, engage, and retain the right talent. However, 60% of companies lack an active employer branding strategy. Dedicating time and energy to your employer brand pays off - it makes your company an even better place to work! It's time for an employer brand refresh.

To help you on your way to success, this guide is packed with:

  • Practical advice on how to build a strong employer brand
  • Key industry statistics
  • Actionable insights to elevate your careers site

Make sure you’re the brand employees love and applicants can’t wait to be part of.

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CoreanGen Case Study

When the global crisis hit, CorneaGen faced a monumental challenge. The company’s days sales outstanding (DSO) was averaging 73-78 days and invoices older than 150 days represented $1.5 million of revenue. This situation needed to improve quickly, or the organization would risk facing serious cash flow problems.

The AR team struggled with significant inefficiencies caused by poor AR practices. When invoicing, old credit notes were applied to outstanding invoices. This meant that when a customer took a credit note, CorneaGen’s team had to spend time reconciling information in the invoice history. This stalled the process and took time away from revenue-generating activities.

YayPay seamlessly integrated with CorneaGen’s NetSuite ERP to unlock the company’s financial data. The team immediately benefitted from having data organized and presented on centralized, cloud-based dashboards. Customization capabilities enabled the team to create reportable fields for data, which eliminated the time previously spent scrolling through endless customer information.

Learn more about how YayPay transformed CorneaGen’s AR team – download the case study!

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Four Things to Look for in a Call Center Software

This guide is written to all salespeople, sales managers, VPs, IT, customer service and general management (CEO, CTO, CFO). It should be a required reading for an-yone that is part of the decision to expand to a call cen-ter. It is specifically written to those companies that have outgrown the typical ways of cold calling and desire to move into a full-fledged call center program to accel-erate company growth.

Within this document we will focus on the importance of the following in a call center software:

  • Stable platform on which to base the system
  • Enterprise-grade, full-featured software
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Works for your budget

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Fast Food Chain Order Voicebot via Dialogflow

Our client is one of the leaders within the fast-food industry. Their aim was to gain a competitive advantage by processing orders faster than industry average, even during peak periods.

To achieve such success, the client wanted to deploy a voicebot. This voicebot was to ensure problem-free deliveries and improve customer satisfaction rates.

They asked for an AI solution with machine learning capabilities that can support phone orders, and Call Center Studio delivered.

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World’s Third Biggest University Interactive Chat Response (ICR)

Our client is a prestigious university with high enrollment rates. Before Call Center Studio, they used to outsource their call center operations. However, the company wasn’t able to address the high demand during peak seasons such as registration/enrollment and exam periods.

The client also had a chat platform operating on Adobe to help decrease call traffic by navigating students to chat services. However, Adobe’s infrastructure requires updates from all end-users, which actually complicated things even further.

Eventually, students would experience trouble with the chat service and end up calling the university’s call center. The chat system was also unable to direct the students to the correct representative. Thus, the call center agents were overwhelmed with all the chat-related calls when they already had their plates full.

Call Center Studio exceeded expectations by using ICR to solve the problems, providing the university with a huge efficiency boost.

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Black Friday Chatbot via Google Dialogflow

Our client is one of the regional leaders within the e-commerce industry and wanted to remain anonymous for this case study. Despite having an expanded call center team, they were challenged to manage their increasing traffic during Black Friday. Increasing the number of agents was just insufficient, costly, and not sustainable.

To better manage the increasing call volume, reduce agents’ stress and decrease customer complaints in the most efficient and effective way, the client needed a chatbot that would understand customer requests and provide solution.

As a solution, Call Center Studio designed a Chatbot using Google’s Dialogflow to automatically handle repetitive requests.

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Discover Benefits and Best Practices to Improve a Call Center

In the modern world, call centers remain one of the most challenging places to work in. They have very high turnover rates, usually low employee satisfaction, and are regarded as a cost center by most executives.

The ongoing pandemic has had a major effect on how businesses operate, including call centers. It forced many offices to close down and created pressure to switch to a work-from-home (WFH) environment. There is no saying if this “new normal” is here for good, but many businesses have already decided to cultivate WFH while some are still struggling.

So, how can you manage your team effectively in one of the most challenging environments under the pressures of digitalization, remote work, and customer demands?

Download this Success Kit to discover how to improve your Call Center.

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