Worldwide Enterprise Communications and Datacenter Networks 2014 Top 10 Predictions

New trends impact networking costs, which can already represent a significant portion of IT spending. Mobile devices and cloud computing as well as video viewing may drive network requirements to new and unseen levels. This report from Gartner forecasts changes to enterprise network capacity over the next five years by evaluating the impact of cloud, mobile, video and BYOD using a range of scenarios. This research will help network planners to understand the challenges and measure which kind of evolution is best practice.
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Integrating Big Data into Business Processes and Enterprise Systems

In the paper, “Integrate Big Data into Your Business Processes and Enterprise Systems” you’ll learn how to drive maximum value with an enterprise approach to Big Data. Topics discussed include:

• How to ensure that your Big Data projects will drive clearly defined business value
• The operational challenges each Big Data initiative must address
• The importance of using an enterprise approach for Hadoop batch processing

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Asset and service management for smarter transportation

This white paper reviews the trends and issues facing the many segments of the transportation industry from an enterprise asset management perspective. These include the rolling stock and vehicles managed by freight and logistic companies, private fleets, public fleets and public transit.
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Continuous Delivery is Reshaping the Future of ALM

Continuous delivery equals competitive advantage releasing software many times a day may sound like science fiction, but it’s reality for a growing number of firms. Continuous delivery is a shift to assembly of components and services, and a new DevOps compact provide the means to pivot away from the frustrations of the past to become the enabler of new, exciting digital customer experiences.
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Continuous Delivery: Five Habits of Highly Successful Practitioners

Continuous Delivery is a development discipline in which software can be released to production at any time. It’s about building a development and release pipeline where early feedback, automated build and test, and incremental deployments into production can dramatically speed up release cycles. Indeed, you accelerate your time to market -- providing a continuous flow of “release candidates” for business acceptance -- without sacrificing quality.
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Big Security for Big Data

In order to meet current security problems, a new paradigm shift needs to occur. Businesses need the ability to secure data, collect it, and aggregate into an intelligent format, so that real-time alerting and reporting can take place. The first step is to establish complete visibility so that you can monitor your data and those who access it. Next, you need to understand the context, so that you can focus on assets that are critical to your business. Finally, you need to utilize the intelligence gathered so that you can harden your attack surface and stop attacks before data is exfiltrated. This white paper will give you the information you need to get started.
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Top 10 Endpoint Backup Mistakes

Backing up and protecting sensitive corporate data has become more challenging because of several trends: exponential data growth, the rise in endpoints, BYOD, and SaaS applications. Avoid the following ten endpoint backup mistakes to ensure that your critical corporate data is protected and end user productivity is improved.
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Survival Guide for Data in the Wild

It’s a wild world outside the corporate firewall. Protecting data for your entire company is a heavy responsibility. There’s the employee who leaves his laptop in the airport. And the former employee who still has access to corporate data from her personal device. Or the ever-present danger of litigation. You’re accountable for a wide range of scenarios that put your corporate data at risk.

Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone. Learn from the experience of others to ensure that you’re prepared for every threat to your corporate data in the wild. With step-by-step instructions, this Survival Guide is your most valuable tool for keeping corporate assets out of harm’s way.

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Recommendations for Simplifying OS Migration

OS migration is typically time-consuming and expensive. The average enterprise migration project takes 18-32 months from conception to completion and involves significant IT time and end-user downtime. An endpoint backup solution can simplify OS migration by giving IT the ability to migrate data, as well as system and application settings, effectively and seamlessly. To make your next migration easy, follow these six recommendations when planning your project.
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Information Governance Best Practice: Adopt a Use Case Approach

When should you implement integration governance? According to this Gartner research note, you should start now if you are an IT professional considering an initiative like MDM, e-discovery, information archiving or cloud migration. The need for governance is prompted by a combination of massive data growth, litigation, new data types, scrutiny from a regulatory perspective and new information privacy risks.
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Improve the Confidence in Your Big Data with IBM InfoSphere

This white paper discusses how IBM InfoSphere can improve the confidence in Big Data across nine common use cases including Single Customer View, Application Development, Application Efficiency, Security & Compliance, Application Consolidation & Retirement, Data Warehouse Augmentation, Operations Analysis, Security/Intelligence Extension and Big Data Exploration.
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