Simplify IT – Strive for Simplicity

For technology executives, the mandate to simplify is particularly important, as IT is being pressured to do more with less, with flat or decreasing budgets and fewer resources. Business innovation is increasingly dependent on the application of information technology as well. IT leaders are challenged to architect and build infrastructures that meet 24/7 business demands while remaining within the limitations. While companies are feeling the challenge of tight IT budgets, departmental cuts, and resource constraints, a notable and important business need has emerged: the need to simplify.
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Mission Impossible, Solved: How to manage the explosive growth of unstructured data in your enterprise

Enterprise IT managers are tasked with the mission to solve for the vast explosion of business data. As business data continues its relentless growth, building complex, tiered storage architectures is no longer practical. It has been nearly impossible to keep ahead of the explosion of data, until now. Attend this webcast and join storage industry expert, David Vellante, as he leads a discussion with IBM and IBM Ecosystem partner, Nirvanix, on how to solve for the explosion of today's unstructured data in the enterprise.
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Big Data on the Cloud: A better path to deeper business insight

There are no hotter topics in IT today than big data and cloud computing. Big data brings with it a fundamental shift in how IT can impact business. In this webcast, you’ll learn about how to: • Create affordable and flexible cloud services • Develop meaningful, best-in-class data analytic capabilities • Harness real intelligence from your structured and unstructured data sources
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