The Art of Dashboard Design: 7 Fundamentals to Master

Why is designing for dashboards so important? It serves as a visual display that represents the most important information needed to achieve a specific objective. But how do you start? What if your not a design expert? This guide will arm you with the top fundamental design concepts that you can apply to the most basic of visuals.
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Speed, Scale, Security: Orchestrating a Great Download Experience

Delivering software is becoming harder every day. Not only do you have to compete in a universe of 15 billion connected devices, but also with a growing number of users downloading everything from new applications to virus updates.

The result is a growing congestion that can undermine your ability to get your application, software patch, or device update to your end users as quickly as possible. And every minute that your users spend trying to download your software is a minute they can’t spend using it.

What it ultimately comes down to is latency.

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DevOps and the Cost of Downtime

DevOps is hot, and likely top of mind for you executives – bringing many technical and business benefits to LOB leaders, the C-suite and IT delivery organizations. But when you ask stakeholders to change what they’ve done successfully for years, you must monetize the benefits and ROI for them, and make the organization change real. This IDC Report highlights how communicating DevOps business value is critical to securing additional funding and accelerating the rate and course of change in an enterprise.
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Scaled Agile Information Kit

Scaled agile practices deliver on the promise of scaling development methods to the enterprise through a unified approach and addressing the requirements of complex constructs and additional stakeholders of today’s organizations. Just ask Nationwide Insurance, which is leveraging scaled agile practices. Learn more about scaled agile and Nationwide’s success, and you’ll discover how to:

- Utilize a foundational framework and public knowledge base of proven lean and agile practices at enterprise scale
- Reproduce benefits achieved by four real-world companies
-Follow Nationwide’s example in slashing downtime and dramatically improving code quality in just three years

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Static Code Analysis in an Agile World

To keep pace with ever-increasing customer demands on software functionality and time-to-market expectations, software developers have had to evolve the way they develop code to be both faster and higher quality. As part of this trend, the Waterfall method of software development began to give way in the late 1990s to a more lightweight method of software development: Agile.
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TotalView for OpenPOWER, CUDA, and OpenMP

This talk from ScicomP 2015 helps you debug numerical simulations better by reviewing best debugging practices for CUDA and OpenACC-accelerated applications and discussing the development of OpenMP-specific tracing and debugging interfaces (including the OMPD interface for performance analysis).
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Fuzz Testing Maturity Model

Fuzz testing is an industry-standard technique for locating unknown vulnerabilities in software. Fuzz testing is mandatory portion of many modern secure software development life cycles (SDLCs), such as those used at Adobe, Cisco Systems and Microsoft. This document provides a framework to assess the maturity of your processes, software, systems and devices. At the heart of this document is a vendor-agnostic maturity model for fuzz testing that maps metrics and procedures of effective fuzz testing to maturity levels. The maturity model is a lingua franca for talking about fuzzing, allowing different organizations to communicate effectively about fuzzing without being tied to specific tools.

The Fuzz Testing Maturity Model (FTMM) gives builders and buyers a set of standard levels for communicating about fuzz testing.

Synopsys solutions help deliver a more comprehensive security offering for the SDLC by adding black box testing capabilities, including the Codenomicon Defensics® tool for file and protocol fuzz testing, and the Codenomicon AppCheck™ tool for software composition analysis and vulnerability assessment.

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What is Fuzzing: The Poet, the Courier, and The Oracle

Fuzzing is well established as an excellent technique for locating vulnerabilities in software. The basic premise is to deliver intentionally malformed input to target software and detect failure. A complete fuzzer has three components. A poet creates the malformed inputs or test cases. A courier delivers test cases to the target software. Finally, an oracle detects if a failure has occurred in the target. Fuzzing is a crucial tool in software vulnerability management, both for organizations that build software as well as organizations that use software.

Synopsys solutions help deliver a more comprehensive security offering for the SDLC by adding black box testing capabilities, including the Codenomicon Defensics® tool for file and protocol fuzz testing, and the Codenomicon AppCheck™ tool for software composition analysis and vulnerability assessment.

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The Product Delivery Problem (Hint: It’s Not You)

For product managers and their counterparts, the road to launch is a fight to keep every task, every detail, every change grounded in business goals. It’s not enough to be fast. Or to deliver the right product. You need to do both. This requires:

• Balancing the needs of many stakeholders to define a set of requirements for what’s being built, why and how.

• Prioritizing and re-prioritizing “must-have” mandates from multiple voices—everyone from front-end users to engineers to sales to support.

• Ensuring that what gets built is what every one expects.

This white paper outlines surefire ways you can establish and maintain a strong connection between intended outcomes, development methodologies and customer value.

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ESG Brief: Enhancing Database Environments with NetApp Storage

Organizations of all kinds rely on their relational databases for both transaction processing and analytics, but many still have challenges in meeting their goals of high availability, security, and performance. Whether planning for a major upgrade of existing databases or considering a net new project, enterprise solution architects should realize that the storage capabilities will matter. NetApp’s systems, software, and services offer a number of advantages as a foundation for better operational results.
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Profiting from the Transition to Physical + Digital Solutions

Technology trends impacting network equipment providers include increasing software intellectual property (IP) component in physical products, mainstreaming of virtualization technology, the ability to decouple software from hardware and an increasing desire for service providers and enterprises to transition from using custom hardware to generic, commercial off the shelf (COTS) hardware powered by software.
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Testing SAP Solutions For Dummies

In this eBook, we share how IBM software and solutions can help an organization manage quality and begin testing SAP solutions and the integrations they depend on earlier, continuously, while testing smarter.
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