The Modernization Imperative: Developing and Deploying in our Hybrid IT World

Today’s dynamic business climate is increasingly application-powered, and as a result the need for code to address change is accelerating. Even businesses that have already adopted agile development and deployment processes and DevOps strategies are struggling with many challenges including:

  • Requirement for significant IT involvement to deliver functionality
  • The increasing challenge of “multi-speed” IT and connecting front-end and back-end systems, exacerbated by application and data siloes
  • Application development, testing and QA backlogs due to increasing user demands driven by consumerization of IT

to name just a few. Attend this TechBytes video series sponsored by IBM to learn how organizations of all types and sizes are now addressing these myriad challenges by adopting new development and execution platforms that accelerate the entire application lifecycle while creating substantial savings. These bite-sized webinars will cover the latest market conditions in the application development arena, with a particular focus on mobile; dive into the greatest challenges facing development and deployment teams today, and present strategies and tactics that can reduce workload, deliver more, faster, while getting more out of your IT dollar.

About the Presenter:

Soloman Barghouthi is IBM's Application Platform and Cloud Specialist and a Senior Technical Staff Member. Over the years he has held several development, architecture, and leadership positions in the WebSphere Application Server product. Soloman holds many patents and has published numerous papers and videos covering a wide range of technology topics. From his involvement over many years in the development of enterprise software, he has a deep understanding of all aspects of producing software from inception to market.

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7 Steps to Getting Your API Architecture Right the First Time

As a best practice for solution delivery, a strong API strategy can drive a whole landscape of opportunity for IT managers. This paper draws from data collected by CIC and many customer discussions to highlight the most pressing API issues facing IT teams.

Download this white paper to learn:

  • Why you need an API strategy
  • Tips to avoid common pitfalls and barriers to compelling APIs
  • Ways to foster new ecosystems
  • The value of connecting back"

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Why IoT Needs a Data Integration Strategy

One of the exciting areas of the IoT is its potential to change how we engage with technology and transact business. The move to IoT is providing unprecedented access to data that either didn’t exist before, or was too complicated and expensive to collect. While the Machine to Machine (M2M) era focused mainly on the challenges of connecting devices, the IoT era concentrates on the opportunities presented to businesses who use connected data. This data can provide valuable context for business processes. By collecting and analyzing IoT data, groups within an organization can increase efficiencies with services such as predictive maintenance and route optimization. It can also improve the customer experience by supporting new service experiences such as omnichannel retail and smart home applications.

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IoT Upsets Application Development

Before IoT, applications worked using a "request and response" design where information flows in one direction. Now with the emergence of IoT, applications need to be able to flow data both ways and be able to learn from the incoming data to make improvements on-the-fly.

This report will provide you with insight into how applications must now be developed to cater to an IoT world and how you can incorporate machine learning to facilitate IoT data interpretation.

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The Platform Transformation: How IoT Will Change IT and When

IoT is here to stay. In fact, the IoT platform market is projected to hit $1.6 billion by 2021. IoT makes it possible for businesses to connect to things, people, and locations, manage those connections and harnesses data that can provide insight for businesses.

This report explores key considerations for future-proofing elements of your IT stack and smoothing the transition to IoT components for your business.

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Foundational Elements of an IoT Solution

IoT may seem like a wide array of technologies arranged in a bewildering set of combinations, which is true, but reading this eBook can thankfully break things down for you into clear layers that you can use to inform your mental model of IoT to create your own IoT application. This eBook will teach you how to:

  • Break down IoT into a mental framework to think about your solution
  • Connect, secure and interact with things in the cloud
  • Design and implement with key cloud technologies in mind
  • Wrap up all the information into an application quickly and effectively
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Back to the Future with the API Economy

With this survey-based research, ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATES® (EMA™) analysts set out to assess the API economy from multiple dimensions.

Examining both the “consumer” and “provider” sides of the equation, the study explores the challenges of API usage in today’s production environments.

This white paper summarizes the survey findings on the deployment, management, and governance-related challenges of delivering API-driven services.

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EMA Study

Leading IT analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) has just completed its latest survey-based research on DevOps and Continuous Delivery and will be presenting the results during this webinar. Momentum continues to build for these two timely topics, and the initial findings are confirming the links between accelerated software delivery and revenue growth, which was first revealed by the 2014 EMA research on these same topics.

Join Julie Craig, research director at EMA, to get highlights of this new research.
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The Total Economic ImpactTM Of IBM UrbanCode

Achieving Application Delivery Velocity with a 482% ROI

IBM commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct their Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study that examines and quantifies potential return on investment (ROI) for IBM UrbanCode Deploy within an enterprise DevOps environment. The study determined that a composite organization, based on the customers interviewed, experienced an ROI of 482%!

Read the Forrester Consulting study and learn how these enterprise organizations achieved:

  • 97% reduction in the cost of releases
  • Reduction in the risk of failed deployments
  • 75% faster deployment times

Download Study – See how IBM UrbanCode brings deployment velocity while reducing release costs

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Single Sign-on for Office 365, Microsoft Azure and On-Premises Environments

Businesses today are being challenged by the proliferation of handheld devices and new corporate policies for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). Users want to be able to access their productivity applications from anywhere, from any device — a laptop, smartphone or tablet— and use only one username and password to access it all. This creates a challenge for IT. How do they give users what they want, while maintaining a secure environment?

To accomplish this, businesses need to have a robust, hybrid infrastructure that allows users to seamlessly access their applications whether they are deployed in their on-premises data center or in the cloud. This white paper focuses specifically on Microsoft’s approach, featuring Office 365 and Azure. It demonstrates how to configure and deploy Active Directory in a hybrid architecture. We’ll discuss why hybrid makes sense, common concerns, pitfalls to consider, and best practices for setting up your hybrid infrastructure leveraging Azure Active Directory Services with Office 365.
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The Hybrid Cloud and Microsoft Azure

The cloud has become mainstream. Businesses are no longer asking “Should we move to the cloud?” but wondering “When should we move?” Furthermore, hybrid clouds are not new, and some of the foundational elements of hybrid cloud creation, operation and maintenance are rooted in decades-old traditional data center technologies.

This whitepaper will:
  • Examine the concepts of hybrid cloud environments.
  • Discuss the potential advantages of using hybrid cloud technologies.
  • Look at how the Microsoft Azure platform enables efficient and effective hybrid cloud computing.
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The Rise of PhD APIs

APIs are no longer just a development tool. In this white paper from ProgrammableWeb, you can learn more about the rise of PhD APIs and how they harbor game-changing potential for organizations and business models.
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The Total Economic Impact™ Of IBM UrbanCode

IBM commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct their Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study that examines and quantifies potential return on investment (ROI) for IBM UrbanCode Deploy within an enterprise DevOps environment. The study determined that a composite organization, based on the customers interviewed, experienced an ROI of 482%! Read the Forrester Consulting study and see how IBM UrbanCode brings deployment velocity while reducing release costs.

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