IBM MobileFirst Platform Developer Edition

IBM Worklight Developer Edition V6.2 is a collection of three self-contained, easy-to-install development tools:

1) Worklight Studio
Use this Eclipse plugin to quickly build, run, and manage mobile web, hybrid, and native apps.

2) Command Line Interface
As an alternative to the Worklight Studio plugin, you can create and manage native and hybrid apps using your own preferred environments for editing and continuous integration.

3) Mobile Test Workbench
If you have Worklight Studio installed, you can automate the functional testing of Android and iOS apps built with Worklight Studio.

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Free Hyper-V Monitoring and Reporting Tool

Veeam ONE Free Edition is a risk-free way to experience firsthand the many benefits that Veeam ONE brings to virtualization management.

With no restrictions on the number of hosts, management servers and Failover Clusters you can monitor and report on, Veeam ONE Free Edition lets you see how 24x7 real-time monitoring, resource optimization, management reporting and more can improve the performance and availability of your virtual environment.

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Free VMware Backup

Have you ever wanted to archive an old VM just in case before deleting it? Or take a copy of the VM before applying a critical patch? Well, now you can! With VeeamZIP™, ad hoc backups are easy, compact and portable. Download now!
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Free Hyper-V Backup

Windows Server 2012 gives small organizations an easy way to adopt virtualization and its cost-saving benefits. The next step for SMBs is to protect their critical data from software or hardware disasters. Veeam Backup™ Free Edition helps small business start with virtual backup and protect their Microsoft Hyper-V workloads for free.
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Rational Application Portfolio Management ROI Tool

CIOs and IT Executives are being asked to "do more with less". With a complex and poorly understood application portfolio at hand a large percentage of IT funds are consumed, it leaves these CIOs and IT Executives challenged to find the funds needed for creating real value in form of innovation and enabling new business opportunities. Organizations spend too much (up to 90%) of funds on maintaining and operating an expanding application portfolio.
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Intelligent Transportation Systems ekit

The IBM Rational Intelligent Transportation Systems solution addresses the challenges with complex projects for the planning, development, deployment and lifecycle management of transportation software. Learn more by reviewing the ekit resources.
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Future-Proof Your Data Environment

In this era of big data, business and IT leaders across all industries are looking for ways to easily and cost-effectively unlock the value of enterprise data that resides in both transactional processing and data warehouse systems. They are trying to quickly implement new solutions to gain additional insight from this data to improve outcomes across all areas of the business, while simultaneously optimizing resource utilization and reducing costs. IBM® DB2® for Linux, UNIX and Windows is a multi-workload database management solution built for these challenges. Built with CIOs in mind, this interactive online tool offers new insights in form of analyst research papers, problem/solution guides and direct client feedback about Total Cost of Ownership and overall efficiencies gained by selecting DB2.
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Veeam Backup Free Edition for VMware and Hyper-V

Whether you use VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V or a combination of both, Veeam® Backup™ Free Edition is a perfect fit for your environment. No matter how you do regular backups, Veeam Backup Free Edition is the must-have tool for managing your VMs.
Are you on a budget or still experimenting with VM backup? Veeam Backup Free Edition is the perfect solution because it's:

- Powerful: Clone, copy, export and manage your VMs. Look inside the VM and restore individual items.
- Easy-to-use: No complicated configuration, and no need to power off the VM. It just works!
- Free: No expiration date and no limit on the number of hosts or VMs.
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Happy Users, Happier IT: A Dream World Becomes Reality

Connected people are accustomed to convenience and simplicity when they use technology. To stay productive at work, they demand faster, easier access to IT services, wherever they are. BMC Software meets the changing demands of service delivery with a new approach to IT self-service. MyIT gives users everything they need - all from one simple, intuitive app. A world can exist where users help themselves and you spend more time on strategic IT initiatives. Try MyIT today!
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Analysis Tool TCO

The IBM Pureflex System TCO Analysis Tool was developed independently by leading ROI developer Alinean, Inc. This Analysis tool compares the total cost of ownership for the IBM PureFlex Solution versus a traditional dedicated or virtualized IT infrastructure by collecting information about the current computing needs and then projects the TCO for the two alternatives.
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Business Analytics and Data Quality, Big Data, Strategy and Visualization

Based on observations and conversations with clients, Gartner has identified five "hot" trends related to business intelligence: data quality, mobile BI, big data hype, BI strategy and visualization and has made recommendations for addressing these trends to meet changes that are coming in BI in the next few years. IBM Business Analytics software provides solutions and services that can help you follow their recommendations. Learn about these solutions and how they can help you address their trends.
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IT Quality Health Assessment

This two minute survey consists of ten questions to assess your software quality environment. When complete you will receive custom recommendations that you can view and print out to help plan your QA strategy; complete with next steps, and thought leadership guidance and papers.
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Software Development Open Source Assessment Tool

"Open source software is found in nearly every enterprise nowadays and it has been proven to be a viable choice for some software development projects. But don't let it's low (or zero) acquisition cost lull you into making a decision, without first spending some time determining if it's truly the right choice for your organization or project. Take just a few minutes answering some questions to see if there are other considerations that you should investigate first. IMT Program notes: this tool is used within the ALM and Agile Buyer's Agenda in various Buyer's Journey GTM kits, also in Science of Nurture."
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