The Responsive Maturity Model

The Responsive Maturity Model is designed to guide you, step by step, through the stages required to un-silo your data, increase team effectiveness, create personalized connections with each donor, and grow giving at scale.

What You’ll Learn:

Learn the 5 key building blocks to drive increased generosity with your team, tactics, and technology. The Responsive Maturity Model provides clear, actionable building blocks for healthy, effective teams and increased giving. With this guide, you’ll learn how to:

  • Build data health processes that create trusted data.
  • Build reports to create transparency and alignment around key fundraising KPIs across your organization.
  • Identify tools that can help your team better collaborate and understand the entire donor journey.
  • Segment and personalize your donors communication based on donor behavior and affinity.
  • Create robust, automated, dynamic campaigns the connect to each donor at the right time with the right next step.

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The Donor Journey Guidebook

Start creating donor personas and mapping your donor journeys with The Donor Journey Guidebook from Virtuous.

These fillable templates will help you approach your communication planning in an organized and deliberate way, so that you can take each donor on a relevant and responsive journey.

Responsive donor journeys help you bring donors from awareness to engagement, then onto generosity and advocacy.

Begin planning your donor journeys to build deeper supporter relationships today.

Complete the form to download the guidebook today!

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Top 5 Challenges in Designing a Data Warehouse for Multi-Tenant Analytics

If you don’t properly design your data warehouse for multi-tenant analytics, you’re gonna have a bad time. Most data warehouses are built to efficiently store large volumes of data from numerous sources, not for end-users of SaaS platforms working with multi-tenant analytics. This architecture mismatch causes a variety of headaches. We’ll outline the top 5 challenges and explain how to have a good time instead.

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Things To Consider for A Better Internet Failover Setup

This guide discusses the common issues with VoIP and video calls, like dropped calls, choppiness, robotic voices, and lag, which affect many businesses. It emphasizes the necessity of network optimization to ensure consistent and reliable internet performance, especially for cloud-based technologies and communication platforms. Bigleaf's solution offers a network optimization service that manages traffic across internet connections, ensuring optimal performance and uninterrupted VoIP and video calls. It aims to end common call problems permanently by diagnosing, understanding, and solving them through intelligent routing and real-time internet connection adjustments.

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Improving UCaaS with Purpose-Built SD-WAN

This guide outlines Bigleaf's solution to common VoIP and video call issues, emphasizing the importance of network optimization. It details the challenges users face with dropped calls, choppiness, robotic voices, and lag in VoIP and video calls. Bigleaf addresses these problems through real-time internet performance monitoring and traffic routing, QoS policy adjustments, and seamless failover without manual configuration. The solution is designed to work seamlessly with cloud technologies and enables a reliable, enterprise-grade connection over broadband internet, highlighting the criticality of consistent internet performance for business operations.

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4 Common VoIP and Video Call Problems

This guide outlines how Bigleaf's network optimization solution addresses the frequent problems experienced with VoIP and video calls. It emphasizes the ubiquitous and critical nature of such calls -the common issues of dropped calls choppiness, robotic voices, and lag-and Bigleaf's ability to resolve these with real-time internet performance monitoring intelligent traffic prioritization, and routing. The solution is designed for cloud-based technologies and offers seamless integration with existing firewalls and internet providers, ensuring uninterrupted calls and consistent application performance -vital for business communications in the modern digital workspace. Bigleaf advocates for its effortless setup and promises to eliminate common internet-related complaints, thus enhancing overall business productivity.

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How to Switch Payroll Providers

Don’t let the stress of switching payroll providers keep you chained to broken and frustrating payroll processes. We’ve laid out all the steps—including checklists and questionnaires—to give you a clear-cut path to finally breaking free.

This detailed guide to switching payroll providers includes:

  • Instructions for selecting and narrowing down a shortlist of new payroll contenders, including a checklist of due diligence tasks.
  • A questionnaire to bring to discovery meetings and demos.
  • Checklists of tasks and reminders for canceling with an old provider and coordinating with a new one.
  • A mini-checklist of all the payroll info you’ll need when switching.
  • Information on what to expect if you’re switching from an in-house solution, PEO, accounting firm, or a third party payroll software provider.

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The Definitive Guide to Onboarding for 2024

When onboarding new employees, you have just 44 days on average to influence their decision to stay long-term. That's a vanishingly short window of time—and a high-stakes one, considering that employee turnover typically costs $7,500 to $28,000 per new hire.

Will your new hires turn into dependable, dedicated team members? Or will a bad first impression send them running, taking your sunk costs with them? It all depends on the quality of your onboarding process, which needs to be as deliberate, comprehensive, and structured as every other HR process at your company.

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Procurement Automation 101

Download our free Procurement Automation Guide to learn everything you need for successful software implementation:

  • Comparative table to select the best solution tailored to your specific needs.
  • Framework for mapping and analyzing the implementation process.
  • Free business case template to prove the value of procurement software to stakeholders.

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Guide to Buying Safety Management Software

Our guide is a valuable resource that provides you with insights and considerations for selecting the right safety software for your organization. Whether you are a safety professional, an operations manager, or a business owner, this guide will prove indispensable in your quest to enhance safety practices and maximize efficiency.

Inside the Guide, you will find step-by-step information including:

  • Understanding your needs.
  • Budget Considerations.
  • Research Tactics.
  • Provider Evaluation Tactics.
  • Implementation Strategies.
  • Reviewal Processes.

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How Embedded Analytics Helps Product Managers Exceed Their KPIs

PMs are the CEOs of their product. This challenging role requires people management, expectation management, and delivering business results. In a SaaS environment, the challenge is compounded as results are measured daily, monthly and quarterly.

However, new vendors have emerged to assist Product Managers in delivering cutting edge experiences to their end-users which align to important KPIs. Below are five ways embedded analytics help PMs exceed their key performance indicators.

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A Product Manager’s Guide to Embedded Analytics

Our Embedded Analytics Product Fit Guide will walk you through the process of choosing an analytics provider and outline all of the steps involved. It was designed as a conversation starter to get you thinking about your specific needs, so you can align your requirements and priorities and ensure your analytics solution is a perfect match for your needs.

There are many considerations you should be thinking about as you evaluate different analytics vendors and solutions. It is important to both understand your needs and specific requirements as well as know which of them are the most important priorities for your project.

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5 Étapes Pour Réussir Votre Projet GMAO

Réussir l’implémentation de votre projet de GMAO représente un enjeu crucial pour poursuivre votre transformation numérique et rester dans la course vis-à-vis de vos concurrents.

Un déploiement de GMAO mal préparé ou insuffisamment accompagné peut se solder par un échec ou un abandon : mauvaise organisation, mauvaise préparation, ou personnel pas ou peu impliqué... Les raisons de la non-atteinte des objectifs sont souvent assez similaires.

Pas de panique ! Ces risques ne doivent pas vous effrayer pour autant, bien au contraire : en avoir conscience va vous aider à mettre en place les différentes étapes pour mettre votre projet GMAO sur la bonne voie.

Twimm vous propose un guide complet avec les 5 étapes clés pour digitaliser votre entreprise à l’aide dʼun logiciel GMAO simplement et efficacement.

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Tracking All Three Scopes of Greenhouse Gas with ESG Software

A common struggle for many organizations is that they have not identified all the sources of GHGs associated with their business, and they lack a simple way of tracking and reporting all scopes. This new fact sheet is for them.

Download our new resource “Tracking All Three Scopes of Greenhouse Gas with ESG Software” to learn about:

  • The three main sources, or scopes, of GHGs.
  • The challenges of tracking GHGs, especially Scope 3 emissions.
  • Major ESG reporting frameworks that include GHGs.
  • The industrial sectors that emit the most GHGs.
  • How VelocityEHS ESG Solution, can help businesses of all sectors and sizes manage all three scopes of GHGs.

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Overview of ISO 14001 – EHS Management Systems

Whether you choose to certify to ISO 14001 or just use it as a guide, you’ll find it helps you shape an effective environmental management system. Patterning your programs and practices on 14001 can help whether your biggest issue today is trying to stay in compliance with environmental regulations, or if you’re already pursuing sustainability goals like energy reduction and greenhouse gas (GHG) tracking.

Our new guide explains why ISO 14001 is a great roadmap for the journey from EHS to ESG, and all points in between.

Download this complimentary guide to learn:

  • the definition of an Environmental Management System (EMS).
  • the importance of stakeholder engagement in and outside your company doors.
  • strategies for choosing and developing good “Objectives, Targets, and Programs” for your environmental program.
  • why ISO 14001 provides a great framework for an environmental management system that grows with your ESG maturity level.
  • how modern ESG and EHS software can help you maintain environmental compliance, and help collect, analyze, and report the data required to verify the success of your environmental programs and ESG initiatives.

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