Actionable Guidance for Succeeding in Enterprise-Class Privileged Access Management

According to EMA primary research, 79% of organizations consider privileged access management (PAM) to be very important or critical to their business operations. However, 76% of organizations experience significant privileged access policy violations each year, exposing the most sensitive business information and IT resources to extreme risks of exposure.

To assist organizations with identifying and deploying strategic improvements to PAM practices and solutions, EMA has developed an evaluation guide for achieving optimal PAM implementations. Join Steve Brasen, EMA Research Director, and Paul Lanzi, COO and Co-Founder of Remediant, to discover key elements of this guide.

Attendees will attain actionable guidance on how to advance their PAM implementations regardless of where they are currently in their security management journey.

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Live Event: Cloud & SDN – What It Means For Your Wi-Fi

The rapid evolution of networking solutions and the impact of macro technology trends makes future-proofing your infrastructure more complex than ever. With hype around Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Cloud reaching tipping point, what impact do these technologies have on the future design, deployment, and support of your wireless LAN infrastructure?

Join us on Thursday, 21 January 2016 to explore the possibilities and chart Wi-Fi’s evolutionary path to determine where best to place your bets in 2016 and beyond.

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What’s New in Self-Service Analytics: Top Insights from Our Annual Survey

Why is self-service so critical to businesses? And how is it impacting the relationship between business users and IT departments? Join us as we highlight groundbreaking key findings from our second annual report on the State of Self-Service BI. Intended to make business users more self-reliant and less dependent on their IT teams for data analysis, this report contains comprehensive insights that investigates the underlying need, opportunities for improvement, and key trends and issues affecting the industry.

What’s covered:

· Evolving trends coming in self-service business intelligence

· Key self-service BI capabilities in demand now

· Challenges today that are hampering self-service user adoption & how to overcome them

Event Date: Wednesday, November 4, 2015 Session Times: 10am EST // 3pm GMT OR 3pm EST // 8pm GMT

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UK Innovation Day 2015 – ‘Innovation Engineered’

Innovation day is the UK’s largest event and explores themes such as Internet of Things, Process Excellence, Risk Management and Strategic planning to name a few. This event gives attendees the opportunity to view presentations and take part in demonstrations and workshops hosted by Software AG’s valued customers and partners as well as Software AG’s very own solutions experts.
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Entwicklung eines Soll-Zustandes Ihrer Anwendungslandschaft

Wohin soll die Entwicklung gehen … und was kann das Endresultat sein?

Gehen Sie einmal davon aus, dass Sie Ihre Anwendungslandschaft und –architektur evaluiert haben. Dann ist es nun Zeit sich mit Details zu beschäftigen und eine Roadmap für Ihre Vision aufzustellen. Wie sieht es mit der Durchführbarkeit aus? Welche Schritte müssen denn nun genau veranlasst werden, um die Komplexität der Anwendungsarchitektur zu reduzieren?

Dieses Webinar beschäftigt sich mit:

• dem Design einer Soll-Anwendungsarchitektur und den einzelnen Schritten auf dem Weg dorthin

• der Verwendung relevanter Kriterien während der Analyse und Entwicklung der verschiedenen Soll-Szenarien

• der Ermittlung der für das Business optimalen Weiterentwicklung

• der Auswirkungsanalyse bei einem Wechsel von Ist- zu Soll-Architektur

Melden Sie sich jetzt an!

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DevOps Webinar Series: Operate with Efficiency

Date/Time: March 3rd, 3pm AEDT | 5pm NZDT

In this session, we will look at how you can achieve service levels with better visibility and continuous feedback across the entire software lifecycle. Gather visual evidence to understand the full context of your web or mobile users' experience, and then analyse their behaviour and pinpoint their struggles so you can prioritize improvements.

We will further examine how your organisation can manage and optimise application and infrastructure performance in traditional IT, virtualized, cloud, and hybrid environments while having the visibility, control, and automation you need to manage complex and interdependent applications.

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DevOps Webinar Series: Release and Deployment Solutions

Date/Time: February 17th, 3pm AEDT | 5pm NZDT

In this session of our Devops Webcast Series we will cover how our Release and Deployment Solutions enable greater speed and frequency for the delivery of complex mobile, cloud, web-based and traditional applications with reduced cost and risk and increased quality.

See how these solutions can drive down costs and eliminate waste while increasing speed to market through repeatable deployment processes. In addition we will show how we can reduce risk by delivering higher quality application releases with increased compliance and transparent end-to-end processes.

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A Platform Without Boundaries Webinar Series

More than 90% of the Fortune Global 500 companies use Red Hat products and solutions. These successful enterprises achieve competitive advantage using stable, secure, open software foundations. Whether you’re ready for platform standardization, server virtualization, better management, or modern storage, you can improve efficiency and control costs with Red Hat® solutions.

Join Red Hat for this 3-webinar series where you’ll learn about:

• Building a platform without boundaries.
• Modernizing your IT infrastructure for increased efficiency.
• Proactively evolving your IT portfolio.

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Advancing Software-Defined Storage

Date: Thursday October 2, 2014

Time: 11 a.m. (ET) / 8 a.m. (PT) | 5 p.m. (Paris) / 8:30 p.m. (Mumbai)

As infrastructures evolve and data continues to increase exponentially, many IT professionals are developing strategies to ensure that they’re prepared for whatever comes next. Red Hat has a clear strategy to help customers respond to these shifts and realize direct business benefits as a result.

Join this session and learn how Red Hat Storage, an open, software-defined storage solution, provides a scalable, secure platform across physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

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How to Use Log Management for Compliance

Session 1: Thursday, August 21, 9 a.m. EDT | 2 p.m. BST | 15:00 CET

Session 2: Thursday, August 21, 11 a.m. EDT | 4 p.m. BST | 17:00 CET

Every day, your network generates event records which can be used to reduce your organization's exposure to intruders, malware, damage, loss, and legal liabilities. But how quickly can you pinpoint an exact log when you really need it? A comprehensive log management solution makes it simple to pinpoint the log you're looking for from within the many possible sources and formats in which it can appear.

This live demonstration of Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold Log Management Suite will show you how to quickly pinpoint log events and stay compliant.

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Leveraging Application Deployment Automation in the Cloud

Event Details: July 16, 2014 at 1:00 PM Eastern

Faster time to deployment is a vital component of cloud computing, regardless of what cloud platforms you are using. Automating the deployment of your applications can significantly speed up launch time and simplify management.

Dell Cloud Manager allows you to easily create reusable application blueprints. Design and configure an application stack once, then save for future use. Any authorized user can leverage the blueprint as a ready-made template, or simply deploy to the cloud platform of their choice at the click of a button. Using Chef or Puppet? We integrate with both - or you can use our built-in service catalog.

Join us for this informative session where you will learn how your organization can benefit from leveraging the cloud for application delivery.

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How eBay Classifieds Group monitors and manages their app performance

Thursday June 26, 9.30am (UK), 10.30am (Central Europe)

In this live webinar, Armand Verstappen, NOC Manager at eBay Classifieds Group will highlight how Compuware APM enabled eBay to protect and optimize the experience their customers love by:

• Validating performance of their own datacenters
• Monitoring their CDN performance
• Monitoring performance trends versus their competitors

You will learn how eBay Classifieds Group tackles the challenges they face through sophisticated application monitoring strategies they’ve put in place to stay ahead of their users’ expectations.

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Facing your OS or mail server’s end of life? Google can help.

In April 2014, countless businesses around the world will stop receiving critical support and updates for their operating system or mail server. If your company is among them, there are steps you can take to minimize security risks while you formulate a lasting solution. During our live "Hangout on Air", we'll offer some basic advice and explore how Google can help you ride out this tricky phase - and avoid the same predicament a few years down the line.
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Inside the Brackets: Episode 3 – The Right Tool for the Job

Wednesday, October 16 - 11:00am (Pacific Time)

What should you consider as you choose the right tools for your app development work - and avoid the common pitfalls and perils in tool selection? Go inside the brackets with Abe Elias of Sencha, Nolan Wright of Appcelerator, Kevin Smith of Intel, and Doug Schepers of the W3C as we dig into tools and resources for app developers. Then stick around to ask these panelists your tough questions!

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