Let Us Fill Your Lead Funnel Now With Highly Relevant Leads!

We are Slashdot Media, the leaders in B2B software lead generation. Let us fill your lead funnel now with highly relevant leads. May/June special 2 for 1. Spend 5K get $10K in leads – spend $10K get $20K… you get the idea. All matching your target audience to a T.

Get interviewed on a dedicated episode of the SourceForge Podcast, the world’s largest reaching B2B software podcast published to over 1.6 million subscribers (YouTube, X, LinkedIn, Spotify, Facebook), tell your product’s story, and establish yourself and your company as an authority in your industry.

We can create professionally produced long form video content about your product, or you can supply your own that we will post on our 1.6 million strong social media followers, then slice that video up into short clips to nurture your leads with high quality content. Not only will your podcast episode be published to our giant audience, but you’ll own that professionally produced video, and can use it everywhere you want to.

Imagine a marketing sequence starting off with a blast of your 45-60 minute long form product video going to our 1.6 million highly engaged software buyers. Our customers are seeing hundreds and in many cases thousands of our social media followers watching the long form product videos we have created.

Follow that blast up with a 4 to 6 month sequence taking slices of that content going out in our highly focused lead generation campaign and you get to keep the content we build for you and use it in your marketing forever. That is how we build your world class lead gen campaign that generates leads, nurtures them and provides great brand recognition and ultimately increased sales.

How much energy does it take your sales force to set up and make hundreds or thousands of 45-minute product presentations? We can help you do it for a fraction of that cost and help you create a world class lead funnel for your sales team.

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Lead Gen: Looking for Leads that Actually Convert? Our 20+ Years of Experience Delivers

Generating leads that actually match your ICP (ideal customer profile) and perform once in your pipeline isn’t as easy as it sounds - we get it. We’ve tried all sorts of engagement strategies and tactics over the past 20+ years as a leader in tech marketing and the good news is we continue to drive growth for the world’s most innovative technology companies.

How do we do it? We leverage and connect with our loyal B2B audience of over 20 million monthly site viewers and 100+ million buyer database contacts. And we stick to what works and what we do well – identify high-intent prospects, employ methodical targeting, then engage and nurture.

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