Connectivity Benchmark Report 2017

Nearly all IT decision makers are executing on digital transformation, but they are facing challenges and obstacles along the way. MuleSoft surveyed 951 IT decision makers across the globe to discover how they are executing on digital transformation initiatives, what their IT challenges are, and the role of an API strategy to meet their business goals.

Download the 2017 Connectivity Benchmark Report to find out:

  • The one strategy IT decision makers say help them deliver projects faster
  • The top 11 technologies ITDMs think will increase the pace of digital transformation
  • The two obstacles holding ITDMs back from achieving their digital transformation goals

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Gartner iPaaS Magic Quadrant 2016

MuleSoft Positioned as a Leader 3 Years in a Row

Read this complimentary copy of the 2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant for iPaaS, and find out why MuleSoft was named a Leader based on completeness of vision and the ability to execute

  • Expert perspectives on the iPaaS vendor landscape
  • Critical analysis of key differentiators
  • Latest developments in integration technology
  • Industry benchmarks and trends
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Business Process Management (BPM)

Using an API strategy as a foundation for BPM

Business Process Management is an important part of continuous improvement and business transformation, but many organizations struggle with implementing it effectively. Learn how a holistic API strategy, API-led connectivity, can help your organization implement BPM with ease.

This whitepaper will cover:

  • An overview of Business Process Management
  • A new way of thinking about implementing BPM with APIs
  • A walkthrough of a use case on how an organization uses API-led connectivity to successfully implement BPM
  • Best practices to adopt BPM with Anypoint Platform

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Secrets of a Great API

Not all APIs are created equal

A great API encourages developers to use it and share it with others, creating a virtuous cycle where each additional successful implementation leads to greater engagement and more contributions from developers who add value to your service.

Unfortunately, too many API providers build their APIs before thinking through the critical success factors, resulting in APIs that fail to meet business objectives. Delivering a great API isn’t hard if you follow a few proven principles.

In this paper you’ll learn:

  • What developers really want from your API
  • How to make your API stand out from the crowd
  • Strategies for driving broad developer adoption
  • A fool-proof way to design for great user experience

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Practical Tips to Find and Fix Common App Performance Problems

Performance issues today are compounded by increasingly complex infrastructures that IT teams must contend with when delivering applications. As a result detecting and fixing performance problems is hard. Sluggish end-user transactions may present themselves as being slow due to the code. However, that slowness is often not the root cause, but rather a symptom of an underlying infrastructural issue hidden from view.

Examine common, yet elusive application performance problems that reveal themselves only when you look at them from the right vantage point.

Get the field guide today!

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2016 Cyber Intrusion Casebook5) CrowdStrike Cyber Intrusion Services Casebook 2016

This year’s Cyber Intrusion Services Casebook focuses on in-depth digital forensics, incident response (IR) and remediation services performed on behalf of actual CrowdStrike clients. Real-life examples drawn from notable CrowdStrike Services IR engagements in 2016 — including the now-infamous hack of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) —are covered with an emphasis on best practices organizations can follow to identify and eject attackers before a devastating breach occurs.

Download this report to learn:

  • How CrowdStrike’s Falcon OverWatch and professional services teams discovered and attributed the DNC intrusion to nation-state threat actors FANCY BEAR and COZY BEAR
  • The gaps in security processes and planning that your organization can address now to stop the next breach
  • The specific tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) a range of nation-state and eCrime adversaries used to penetrate their victims’ defenses, and how they attempted to cover their tracks.

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CrowdStrike Threat Graph™: Stopping Breaches with Graph Data Models and Analytics

One of the biggest challenges to effectively stopping breaches lies in sifting through vast amounts of data to find the subtle clues that indicate an attack is imminent or underway. As modern computer systems generate billions of events daily, the amount of data to analyze can reach petabytes. Compounding the problem, the data is often unstructured, discrete and disconnected. As a result, organizations struggle to determine how individual events may be connected to signal an impending attack.

Download the white paper to learn:

  • How to detect known and unknown threats by applying high-volume graph-based technology, similar to the ones developed by Facebook and Google
  • How CrowdStrike solved this challenge by building its own proprietary graph data model
  • How CrowdStrike Threat Graph™ collects and analyzes massive volumes of security-related data to stop breaches

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Proactive Hunting: The Last Line of Defense Against the “Mega Breach”

The frequency of “mega breaches” continues to rise at an alarming rate. In fact, crippling incidents involving tens of millions of customer records, theft of highly valuable intellectual property, and related criminal activity have become commonplace.

This report asserts that many such breaches could be prevented by deploying next-generation endpoint protection technology in concert with an aggressive proactive hunting strategy. This potent combination provides the most effective means to reduce attack surfaces and defend against advanced adversaries.

Download the white paper to:

  • Learn how a proactive hunting strategy protects valuable data assets from a potential mega breach
  • Get a detailed analysis of how highly skilled human hunters pair with technology to aggressively seek out threat behaviors
  • Understand why integrating CrowdStrike Falcon Overwatch into an organization’s existing security resources offers the most comprehensive protection against persistent and skilled adversaries
  • Find out how the elite Overwatch team uses the CrowdStrike Threat Graph™ to sift through petabytes of information to gain unprecedented endpoint visibility

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Three Essential Elements of Next-Gen Endpoint Protection

A large and growing number of security solutions are being touted as the "next generation" in cyber defense, and endpoint protection products are no exception. This has led to widespread confusion about which solutions have truly incorporated next-generation technologies and approaches, and which ones are making empty claims or half-hearted attempts.

CrowdStrike developed this white paper to help you sift through the hype and uncover the critical elements that a true next-generation endpoint security solution must include.

Download this white paper to explore:

  • An explanation of the essential elements of Next-Generation Endpoint Protection
  • An evaluation matrix for comparing the potential impact of different solutions
  • A list of the top questions to ask potential vendors
  • Tools to help you measure and compare different solutions

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A Deep Dive into Ransomware’s Evolution

Once a “consumer-only” problem, Ransomware now has an established business case for profitability, and that’s driving criminals to expand their operations and hunt for more lucrative prey. As a result, commercial enterprises and other large organizations are increasingly in the cross-hairs.

Consider these facts:

  • Ransomware attacks doubled in 2015
  • The number of new ransomware variants increased 17% in Q1 2016
  • The FBI estimates that ransomware will net criminals $1 billion in 2016

This white paper dives into the inner workings of ransomware, its perpetrators and how they are evolving to maximize profits. You’ll also learn how companies are fighting back, and review best practices for protecting your organization from becoming another victim of electronic extortion.

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Scaling Data Science for the Industrial Internet – Advanced Analytics in Real Time

One estimate holds that, by 2020, businesses involved with the Internet of Things will spend roughly 26% of their entire IoT cost on technologies and services that store, integrate, visualize, and analyze data from various IoT devices—or nearly twice what IoT companies spend today. Conventional techniques for extracting and evaluating IoT data need to get a lot smarter if companies are to keep pace with the phenomena they’re tracking. In this ebook, author Andy Oram discusses the state of IoT analytics by examining ThingWorx and its partners Glassbeam and National Instruments—companies that provide development tools and capabilities for building and running IoT applications. By learning how to use modern techniques to automate and speed up analytics on IoT projects, you can gain an edge in security, customer satisfaction, and operational efficiencies.

  • Understand the demands of IoT analytics by exploring examples of farm, factory, vehicle maintenance, and healthcare automation
  • Explore the characteristics of predictive analytics, a realm where you don’t know in advance which factors are relevant
  • Examine the tools for IoT analytics used by companies at various levels of data analytics
  • Get revealing case studies of IoT analytics from ThingWorx, Glassbeam, and National Instruments
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Protecting Smart Devices and Applications Throughout the IoT Ecosystem

IoT security presents unique challenges to every party involved in the process – from device manufacturers and product development managers to application developers and end users. The top challenges to effective IoT security are directly related to the benefits of the IoT itself: the lack of human intervention needed for thousands of smart, connected devices to operate and the variety of devices that can be connected. This new whitepaper by Rob Black, CISSP, Senior Director of Product Management at PTC, addresses IoT security best practices at the device and application level, such as:

  • Data and network traffic encryption
  • Audit trails
  • Granular permissions and visibility
  • Secure software development life cycle (SDLC)

Download this white paper and learn how an IoT platform can help secure your enterprise today.

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Connecting Networked Devices

Connected devices are the heart of the IoT. Without those devices or the vital connectivity that brings them to life, the IoT simply wouldn’t exist. Industry statistics tell the story: Gartner Research estimates that there are 6.4 billion connected devices in use in 2016 and projects that the number will balloon to 20.8 billion by 2020. The CEO of a major telecom company thinks it’s closer to 50 billion connected devices by 2020. In a new report from O’Reilly Media, you can learn about the requirements needed to connect networked devices – from prototyping to scaling IoT for the enterprise. Download the report now and you will learn:

  • The unique security challenge for connected devices in the IoT
  • The difference between local devices, devices on the edge of the IoT, and devices in the cloud
  • How to prototype and what is needed to plan for scale
  • What to consider when designing the prototype, such as its physical environment
  • How to address the key life-cycle activities of a connected device

Download “Connecting Networked Devices: Prototyping and Scaling IoT in the Enterprise” today!

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