Hosted PBX and Managed WAN/LAN/WLAN

Cloud Adrenaline's Cloud Managed Voice and Enterprise Networking Solutions empower businesses to collaborate better and lower their communication and I.T. expenses. Our solutions can replace, augment, or coexist with your current infrastructure.

  • Reduce Voice and Phone expenses 20-60%
  • Improve Voice Quality and enhance productivity
  • Reduce Network Complexity and Expense
  • Correct Internet errors on the fly with SD-WAN technology

Unlike most other providers we have technology that can deliver real Quality of Service even over broadband connections. We make it easy with flexible hardware, service, and financing options. No upsell and no tricks. We feel all businesses should have access to the latest technology. We can help you solve your Communication, Network, and Wireless challenges all while keeping your Total Cost of Ownership low. We offer 100% US-based technical support for all our products.

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Simple is STILL Better: Embrace Speed & Simplicity for a competitive edge

Customers’ embrace of the web and smart phones creates massive new data sets, many of them unstructured or semi-structured. These include opinions, preferences, chat and email transcripts, and web clickstreams. The hardware and software technologies underpinning first generation warehouses were not designed to manage data at today’s volume or variety. While coercing older technologies to satisfy new demands may be possible, the results are inefficient and burdened with unplanned, unnecessary costs.

PureData System for Analytics has been designed, integrated and optimized to deliver data services to today's demanding applications with simplicity, speed and lower cost.

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DBTA: Why Cloud is the future of data warehousing

Enterprise data warehouses remain as relevant as ever in today’s business environment. However, the traditional data warehouse is not up to the task with a flood of new data pouring in at an increasingly rapid pace. To maintain their competitive advantage, organizations must take action now to modernize the traditional data warehouse.

The key to modernizing is flexibility, as business requirements are changing at a faster pace than technologies. Historically, building a data warehouse has been a painstaking endeavor. Not anymore. Register to read on.

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A CIO’s Guide to DevOps

You've heard about DevOps and digital transformation. What do they have to do with you, the CIO? How can you make sure your organization is not just current, but staying truly competitive?

Puppet takes on these questions in their guide to DevOps for CIOs, covering:

  • What DevOps actually means, and how it makes a difference.
  • Why DevOps matters to digital transformation in today's business climate and beyond.
  • How DevOps principles and practices can build your organizational muscle to deal with today's changes — and those to come.

The guide is based on survey findings and research gathered over five years from more than 25,000 IT professionals around the world. There's no bigger study of successful IT organizations and what they're doing right. Learn from the experience of others, and keep your organization out ahead of your competitors.

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DevOps and You: Advice for Building Your Career

Want to land a new job with a title like DevOps engineer or site reliability engineer? Or start adopting DevOps practices at your current job? Or move to an organization that has more mature DevOps practices? If so, this ebook is for you.

Puppet talked to dozens of engineers, managers and recruiters whose jobs (or the jobs they're hiring for) emphasize DevOps practices to see what insights they have to share. Throughout this ebook you'll find stories of how people got started in DevOps, details on the skills that will help you, and advice on how to be successful — or even land your next job.

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Closing the Skills Gap

35% of the open positions in cybersecurity can’t be filled today because there are not enough skilled candidates. There are too many threats, hiding amid too much data, leading to overworked analysts unable to focus on what matters most. Automated analytics can empower your existing security analysts to work more effectively on more complex tasks -- essentially closing the skills gap.
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Embracing New Software Agility to Drive Customer Satisfaction, Deliver New Services

Today’s dynamic business climate is increasingly application-powered, and as a result the need for code to address change is accelerating. Even businesses that have already adopted agile development and deployment processes and DevOps strategies are struggling with many challenges including:

  • Requirement for significant IT involvement to deliver functionality
  • The increasing challenge of “multi-speed” IT and connecting front-end and back-end systems, exacerbated by application and data siloes
  • Application development, testing and QA backlogs due to increasing user demands driven by consumerization of IT

to name just a few. Attend this TechBytes video series sponsored by IBM to learn how organizations of all types and sizes are now addressing these myriad challenges by adopting new development and execution platforms that accelerate the entire application lifecycle while creating substantial savings. These bite-sized webinars will cover the latest market conditions in the application development arena, with a particular focus on mobile; dive into the greatest challenges facing development and deployment teams today, and present strategies and tactics that can reduce workload, deliver more, faster, while getting more out of your IT dollar.

About the Presenter:

Soloman Barghouthi is IBM's Application Platform and Cloud Specialist and a Senior Technical Staff Member. Over the years he has held several development, architecture, and leadership positions in the WebSphere Application Server product. Soloman holds many patents and has published numerous papers and videos covering a wide range of technology topics. From his involvement over many years in the development of enterprise software, he has a deep understanding of all aspects of producing software from inception to market.

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IDC Lab Validation Brief: EMC Isilon Scale- Out Data Lake Foundation- Essential Capabilities for Building Big Data Infrastructure

IDC validated three key aspects of the Isilon Data Lake Foundation: performance, availability and security/compliance and offered this essential guidance for buyers:

  • HDFS Performance in Data Lake and NFS Performance during multi-protocol ingest
  • Data Availability
  • Secure Multi-tenancy

Download the white paper now to learn more about how to leverage EMC Isilon as your foundation for Hadoop analytics with Pivotal and Cloudera.

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Scale-Out Data Lake Solution Built on EMC Isilon

Organizations are faced with the challenge of handling large quantities of unstructured data that is growing rapidly, is needed by more employees for business operations, and must meet stringent security and compliance mandates. This level of enterprise data growth is best addressed by consolidating storage into one single central repository of persistent data—a data lake—that simplifies the IT architecture, is efficient, and scales as business needs change.
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