Faster Internet and Better Phone Service!

Get connected to a blazing fast fiber-grade connection. Enjoy better clarity and better reliability with ZTelco's cloud based telephone services. Get better phone and internet services for your business today and get a free month*.

Take advantage of enterprise level reliability and sophistication with the benefits of personalized support. Realize even more value with an integrated solution to include Internet and/or MPLS. Whether your business has 10 handsets or 10,000 users, we can help you.

Manage your multi-location business with a fully-meshed and secure network. Easily scale your business with a proven solution to provide inter-office connectivity. Better manage your critical applications with traffic prioritization using a ZTelco private network.

* New Business Customers Only. Offer Available Throughout San Diego County, Hemet, Temecula, Lake Elsinore, and Surrounding Areas.

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The Business Value of Red Hat OpenShift

Industries are being disrupted with unexpected competition requiring IT departments to become agile in responding to meet evolving business needs. Enterprise IT is transforming by taking a fresh approach and leveraging modern tools to help developers become more efficient in delivering innovative solutions. Leveraging analytics from increasing volumes of data to automate common processes is increasingly becoming the new normal for intelligent applications. Application platforms supporting an architecture that gives developers a wide choice of components across hybrid cloud infrastructure are a preferred path in the enterprise cloud adoption journey. Download our whitepaper to learn about how Red Hat's OpenShift can help your business grow through the cloud!
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Effective Business Process Management with Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite

Business process management (BPM) brings together the capabilities to orchestrate systems, people and services, while allowing a structured execution timeline. This e-book introduces basic BPM concepts, along with business rules, events, and processes. It also details Red Hat® JBoss® BPM Suite, a complete BPM platform that provides standards-based modeling, automation, simulation, and business process monitoring.
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Microservices: An improved Architecture Design

Microservices architecture, a new design method for creating loosely coupled but autonomous services, lets enterprises use emerging technologies to create and manage modular systems on a scale that exceeds earlier approaches like service-oriented architecture (SOA). But organizations that refactor monolithic applications into microservices experience widely varying degrees of success. The key to effective microservices is a solid understanding of how and why microservices should be used to build applications.
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Digital Innovation Through Agile Integration

The ability to integrate APIs from multiple sources is critical to success. New approaches to enterprise integration, backed by flexible, cloud-ready technologies, are necessary. Agile integration, an architectural approach, combines agile methods and practices with technologies for the purpose of rapidly integrating applications and data.
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7 Step Guide to Risk & Compliance

Keeping up with the tracking and reporting required to achieve regulatory compliance costs organizations considerable time and resources. And yet many of the risks faced by organizations go far beyond these requirements. In today’s shifting landscape, safeguarding against more abstract risk is another essential element of success. So how can you effectively mitigate abstract risk and ensure regulatory compliance?

Download our guide to find out in 7 actionable steps.

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7 Step Guide to Effective Business Transformation

In an increasingly complex business environment, the pace of change represents a threat as well as a lucrative opportunity. How can you secure and successfully act on the immediate transformational needs of your organization? And how can you ensure that future transformations are equally smooth and repeatable? This guide provides you with 7 succinct, actionable steps that can be applied to any transformation scenario.

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7 Step Guide to Operational Excellence

Operational excellence is no longer the exception, it is the expectation of consumers. Learn how to meet and exceed these expectations with our practical 7 step guide. It provides clear, actionable steps and tips from process leaders on how to achieve operational excellence, independent of allegiances to any particular methodology.

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Full-Stack Monitoring for Performance-Based Routing

Is your stack primed for growth in 2018?

In the 2018 Full-Stack Monitoring eBook from Cedexis, learn how to leverage monitoring tools across your resources to intelligently deliver applications and data.

Tools exist to monitor every layer of a network-based application’s stack, but getting them to work together is a different issue.

How can a stack of different monitoring tools work together to minimize downtime and maximize application performance? From bare metal to network, monitoring tools span application layers and provide features that allow emergency notification to DevOps personnel when infrastructure goes belly-up.

In this 2018 eBook, learn how the latest full-stack monitoring tools can help keep your users happy and your DevOps team sleeping soundly

Chapters Include:

  • Tackling the Challenge of Modern Application Delivery
  • No Single Monitoring Tool Is Enough
  • Hardware Monitoring
  • Operating System Monitoring
  • Application Monitoring
  • Network Monitoring
  • What About Containers?
  • Synthetic and RUM Approaches to Network Monitoring
  • Planning for Outages and Performance Issues
  • Planning for Growth
  • The Future of Full-Stack Monitoring

Get your copy of the 2018 Full-Stack Monitoring for Performance-Based Routing eBook today!

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9 Ways to Stay Undefeated Against Disasters

At $9,000 a minute, downtime is expensive and IT managers need to do everything they can to increase uptime. Even just a 1% increase in uptime can save your company millions in negative business impacts. Learn the 9 steps you can take to protect against downtime.

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How Leading Enterprises Achieve Business Transformation with Talend and AWS

Cloud Architects’ Handbook

This handbook takes a deep dive into the IT architectures developed by 3 different enterprises for big data, real-time analytics, and ETL projects on Amazon Web Services (AWS) using Talend.

Find out how 2 pharmaceutical companies and a food and beverage service retailer solved their integration challenges for these use cases:

  • Improve strategic decision making with faster, better KPI data from optimized systems worldwide.
  • Combine large, complex public datasets from clinical trial studies to improve treatment.
  • Create more targeted marketing campaigns using real-time social and mobile data.
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    Unlocking the Power of Analytics with an Always-on Data Lake

    Digital transformation is impacting the world of business, both in terms of the technology available for the transformation and how that technology is leveraged to deliver business outcomes. As more companies look to analytics and data science for effective decision making, a new generation of integrated, web-scale, highly durable, resilient, and secure storage is needed to support their digital transformation journey.

    • Businesses are using data from both internal and external sources to drive digital transformation.
    • Leveraging cloud-based analytics for effective decision making is one of the highest priorities for business today
    • Cloud-based object storage can provide a persistent data store for analytics, delivering scale, flexibility, and cost savings beyond traditional database and file systems

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    Why You Should Look at the IBM Cloud for Archival Solutions

    Organizations of all sizes continue to experience operational, economic, management, and technical struggles in how they are delivering IT services, often motivating them to embark on digital transformation journeys. For many organizations taking such journeys, the cloud is a big part of the answer. Cloud-based storage can provide a compelling alternative to on-premises archival-class storage and enable levels of agility not previously achievable.

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