Advanced Threat Protection Buyer’s Guide

Increasing the strength of your company’s defense against the latest persistent threats means providing coverage across the entire attack chain: prevention, detection and mitigation. This checklist will help you assess your current Advanced Threat Protection solution needs through a baseline set of requirements, including:

  • Environment coverage
  • Mix of security technologies
  • Integration and automation capabilities
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    7 Reasons to Adopt Cloud Hosting

    Many benefits of moving to the cloud are more obvious than others. However, the obvious benefits only scratch the surface of the business advantages you can achieve from adopting the cloud. Whether using a private, public, compliant or hybrid cloud model, the hidden benefits of the cloud can help your business advance over your competitors and gain or retain the status of a market leader in your industry. Download the document below to learn more.
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    The Ultimate Guide to Understanding the Cloud

    Cloud computing is not a new concept having evolved over time and adapted to new technologies and business challenges. Until recently, cloud technology has been somewhat unknown outside of IT teams. Today, cloud computing has gone mainstream for both personal and business use for such things as computer backups, file sharing, email, mobile applications, and more. Learn more about today’s Cloud, the benefits and trending applications across all sectors of business. Download the document below to learn more.
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    10 Steps to Build a Killer Office 365 Support Service

    Getting technical support has been listed as one of the top 5 challenges small businesses face when they move to the cloud. Although Microsoft offers some assistance to Office 365 end users, the service does not fit this type of companies’ needs. Moreover, costs for a guaranteed, top-level support are high and only a few small businesses want to go that route.

    CSP Direct and Indirect partners are not just reselling licenses; they have to offer a full customer experience that includes technical support. Guaranteeing the same level of support as Microsoft or better requires partners to know about:

    • How to set up a first-class technical support service
    • How to choose the right pricing model for your support services
    • Hiring and training employees
    • Managing customer satisfaction

    As a VAR, MSP or SI, offering support service is a unique opportunity to improve customer loyalty, free referrals, plus cross-sell and upsell options. Being your customers’ first point of contact for either sales or support matters will keep you aware of your customer needs. As a result, you’ll be able to help them better adopt Office 365 services and come up with complementary solutions.

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    The Definitive Office 365 Sales Guide

    What differentiates a good sales person from a bad one is often the ability to ask good questions and really listen to the answers. In fact, almost 50% of your sales effort should be put in understanding the business needs of your potential clients. Once you understand the business reality as well as the processes, problems, challenges, and goals, the sales part is quite easy.

    Microsoft Office 365 provides an all-in-one modern workforce designed to provide customers with a single solution for all their end-user cloud productivity and collaboration needs.

    Your Office 365 sales team has to use a systematic approach to collect the right information from your clients. Building this approach relies on your ability to:

    • Identify Office 365 selling scenarios
    • Position the right product benefits to solve the client’s top pain points
    • Address security and compliance concerns with Office 365
    • Overcome the most frequent client objections with counter arguments

    Our white paper lists top questions every sales person should be ready to answer about Office 365, plus different customer buying scenarios. You’ll also find a list of the most common values that Office 365 offers an SMB and how these values are linked to 4 core business goals.

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    How to Profit from Selling Office 365

    The IT landscape has shifted a lot in recent years. No one would argue that Office 365 is one of the hottest products to hit the cloud market in a long time. There is definitely a great opportunity for Managed Service Providers to teach SMBs about the potential of Office 365 and the new benefits it has to offer.

    But as you’re reselling Office 365, there is no guarantee that customers will be lining up to buy it from you. You have to put yourself in the client’s shoes. Why would they get Office 365 from you if they can just as easily buy it from someone else or directly from Microsoft?

    As a Managed Service Provider, targeting the right market and creating an adequate sales strategy are essential to your success. We’ve identified a few topics you definitely need to master so you can make your Office 365 business thrive:

    • The differences between Office 365 licensing models
    • How to bundle and price your offer to maximize profits
    • Tips to create demand and promote your offer
    • How to identify Office 365 opportunities and handle objections

    Our white paper will explore some high-level concepts to keep in mind when offering cloud services. We believe that building good offers and establishing yourself as a technology educator and integrator will improve your chances of convincing your clients to adopt Office 365.

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    The Storage Automation Report

    See how IT professionals in your industry are leveraging automation in the next generation data center. Download The Storage Automation Report to find out:

    • 300 IT professionals' drivers behind storage automation and the benefits they've realized
    • How the rise of the DevOps approach has fueled the need for automation at the storage layer
    • Preferences around storage management plug-ins and software development kits
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