The Straight Truth about a Cloud First Strategy

Within this eBook, you will read about the challenges you might encounter when adding the cloud to your environment and the importance of taking a step back, to look at your data strategy and how your strategy should take a Cloud First approach. This is a compilation of blogs created by the Commvault cloud solutions leaders in response to a recent eBook written by industry experts at Storage Switzerland. It starts out with commentary on the weight of data and how that affects your ability to achieve a flexible and agile cloud infrastructure. It moves one to discuss the need for a Cloud First strategy, how the Cloud First model is apparent within Commvault Software, and how that model can help you innovate for the future.

It highlights three ‘keys to victory’ when creating a successful Cloud First strategy: data sovereignty, controlling costs and proper data protection and sheds light on the challenge associated to complexity of choice. How did choice become a source of pain and how should you fix it? It gets granular with a blog about manual scripting and complexity challenges, followed by a discussion around agility and the need for visibility across your environment. There is a compelling lessons learned commentary on the recent cloud outage heard round the world and how you should rethink your disaster recovery and overall data strategy. Finally, it highlights the importance of protecting applications and workloads in the cloud. At the end, you will find some additional resources available to you to learn more about how the Cloud loves Commvault, and how you can use Commvault to drive your Cloud First strategy.

Commvault is a leading provider of data protection and information management solutions, helping companies worldwide activate their data to drive more value and business insight and to transform modern data environments. With solutions and services delivered directly and through a worldwide network of partners and service providers, Commvault solutions comprise one of the industry’s leading portfolios in data protection and recovery, cloud, virtualization, archive, file sync and share. Commvault has earned accolades from customers and third party influencers for its technology vision, innovation, and execution as an independent and trusted expert. Without the distraction of a hardware business or other business agenda, Commvault’s sole focus on data management has led to adoption by companies of all sizes, in all industries, and for solutions deployed on premise, across mobile platforms, to and from the cloud, and provided as-a-service. Commvault employs more than 2,700 highly skilled individuals across markets worldwide, is publicly traded on NASDAQ (CVLT), and is headquartered in Tinton Falls, New Jersey in the United States. To learn more about Commvault — and how it can help make your data work for you — visit

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Connectivity Benchmark Report 2017

Nearly all IT decision makers are executing on digital transformation, but they are facing challenges and obstacles along the way. MuleSoft surveyed 951 IT decision makers across the globe to discover how they are executing on digital transformation initiatives, what their IT challenges are, and the role of an API strategy to meet their business goals.

Download the 2017 Connectivity Benchmark Report to find out:

  • The one strategy IT decision makers say help them deliver projects faster
  • The top 11 technologies ITDMs think will increase the pace of digital transformation
  • The two obstacles holding ITDMs back from achieving their digital transformation goals

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Business Process Management (BPM)

Using an API strategy as a foundation for BPM

Business Process Management is an important part of continuous improvement and business transformation, but many organizations struggle with implementing it effectively. Learn how a holistic API strategy, API-led connectivity, can help your organization implement BPM with ease.

This whitepaper will cover:

  • An overview of Business Process Management
  • A new way of thinking about implementing BPM with APIs
  • A walkthrough of a use case on how an organization uses API-led connectivity to successfully implement BPM
  • Best practices to adopt BPM with Anypoint Platform

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Secrets of a Great API

Not all APIs are created equal

A great API encourages developers to use it and share it with others, creating a virtuous cycle where each additional successful implementation leads to greater engagement and more contributions from developers who add value to your service.

Unfortunately, too many API providers build their APIs before thinking through the critical success factors, resulting in APIs that fail to meet business objectives. Delivering a great API isn’t hard if you follow a few proven principles.

In this paper you’ll learn:

  • What developers really want from your API
  • How to make your API stand out from the crowd
  • Strategies for driving broad developer adoption
  • A fool-proof way to design for great user experience

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Best Practices for Microservices

Today's business environment is extraordinarily competitive. No company, no matter its size or what industry it is in is safe from disruption. To mitigate this risk, it's important to consider implementing microservices best practices in order to change quickly, innovate easily, and meet competition wherever it arises.

Organizations that have successfully laid a foundation for continuous innovation and agility have adopted microservices architectures to respond rapidly to the never-ending demands of the business.

In this whitepaper, we will address:

  • Why microservices are such an important software trend
  • Design principles for a microservices architecture
  • How Anypoint Platform can help you implement microservices best practices in your organization
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Whitepaper – APIs and DevOps: Great Alone, Better Together

Every enterprise recognizes the need to change the way they work to deal with today’s hypercompetitive business environment. That’s why DevOps has become so important to enterprise IT; a DevOps model increases reliability and minimizes disruption, with the added side benefit of increasing speed.

But that isn’t enough. DevOps must be balanced with a focus on asset consumption and reuse to make sure the organization is extracting maximum value out of all the newly built assets. And that’s where an API strategy comes in.

Download this whitepaper to discover:

  • The right way to create a DevOps model in your organization
  • How to use an API strategy called API-led connectivity to complement and enhance a DevOps model
  • How Anypoint Platform can help your organization get the most out of adopting DevOps
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Principles of Microservices Security

Organizations adopt microservices architectures to develop a foundation for continuous innovation and agility as well as to respond rapidly to business demands. However, the financial incentive associated with this agility is often tempered with the fear of exposing valuable information that the microservices possess. How can organizations best manage this digital risk?

Read this White Paper to discover:

1. The three goals of security and digital risk management.
2. The principles of microservices security that must be followed to manage digital risk.
3. How Anypoint Platform helps organizations implement and maintain microservices security

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Sourcing Intelligence Platform

Making the right sourcing decisions can be vital to the success of any hardware project. The Supplyframe Sourcing Intelligence platform utilizes Data Science to help thousands of companies build better products and achieve superior decision making.
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Providing Continuous, Pauseless Operation for Java Applications

Business critical apps based on the Java platform are now facing challenges that were inconceivable a few years ago. They demand large amounts of data and memory at runtime to support high user and transaction loads.

That’s why Java applications can quickly reach scalability barriers. Learn how developers are improving garbage collection processes with technology that provides:

  • Predictable, consistent application response times
  • Greatly simplified deployments with fewer, large instances
  • Smooth scaling to memory heap sizes over 2TB without pauses
  • Reduced garbage collection tuning and JVM tuning
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Creating More Consistent Performance for Java and Apache Cassandra

Because Apache Cassandra - a NoSQL distributed database designed for reliability and high scalability - is written in Java, it’s subject to limitations and performance issues associated with traditional Java Virtual Machines (JVMs).

Due to response time outliers, frequent Java garbage collections, and out of memory errors, deploying Java-based apps and databases like Cassandra can be expensive, time-consuming, and require frequent re-tuning.

Learn how to resolve these issues and improve Java performance, even for workloads that require large memory, high transaction rates, low latency, and consistent response times.

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Using a Better Java: Meet Real-Time Business Imperatives

Java is ubiquitous, powerful, and productive – you could even say it’s the default language for the modern enterprise – but Java has serious limitations when it comes to enabling a real-time, mobile, big data businesses.

This white paper explores how to implement a better Java – one that meets industry standards, accelerates innovation, and makes better use of finite resources.

Learn how to:

  • Build Java apps that scale
  • Improve performance of existing apps without re-coding
  • Leverage big data and robust in-memory computing
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Putting People at the Center of Technology Design

Ultimate Software was the first to offer comprehensive people management in the cloud. More than 20 years later, Ultimate is still regularly recognized as a product development and technology leader in the industry—serving thousands of customers and their employees all over the world.

Ultimate’s technology design ethos puts people first at every step along the way. This mission is echoed in its corporate culture, foundational partnerships with employees, and the user experience found in the UltiPro solution.

In this whitepaper, you’ll get direct insight into the main drivers of the people-centered technology that is being leveraged at Ultimate, and learn how this approach is simplifying and improving the work lives of employees worldwide.

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Mastering People-Centric Recruiting

Are you leveraging your unique corporate culture in your recruiting? The benefits are too substantial to ignore.

Your business needs a people-centric recruiting strategy to get the right talent at the right time. Discover how Conexus Credit Union has emphasized its core cultural values and honed in on the people who have the drive to make a meaningful difference in the lives of their customers and community.

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Improving Profitability Through Better HCM

Human capital accounts for 50-60% of variable costs within a company. Yet this all-important cost center is typically managed with fewer business intelligence metrics, less fiscal discipline, and more compromise than traditionally-valued aspects of business such as infrastructure, development, and support. Without stringent best practices for managing human capital, high turnover saps costs for training and knowledge transfer, while disengaged employees drain profits from your bottom line.

Case studies have demonstrated a 34% increase in sales per employee and 43% higher profits per employee as a direct result of leveraging a single best-in-class human capital management (HCM) solution for all aspects of the employment lifecycle.

Download this free whitepaper where we’ll explore five organizations that have already taken advantage of comprehensive people management and experienced these and other outstanding results.

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5 Tasks Your People Can Tackle From Anywhere with UltiPro Mobile

Employees and managers in today’s workforce expect instant access to the tools and information they need to get the job done no matter where they are in the world or what kind of device they’re using. Your people management solution must be built from the ground up to empower users on the go with the same capabilities and ease of access they would have sitting in front of a desk.

That’s where UltiPro by Ultimate Software comes in. With a mobile experience designed with people at its core, staying connected and accessing the information you and your employees need to be successful has never been easier. Download this brochure to find out more.

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