IDC Report: Modern Defense Against Sophisticated Attacks Requires Comprehensive Endpoint Protection

Read this IDC Technology Spotlight to explore the key capabilities of modern endpoint security technologies in the market. See why enterprises are choosing solutions containing more sophisticated detection and deeper forensics capabilities to enable incident responders to execute faster triage and investigations. Access this in-depth analyst report for insights on responding to endpoint threats in minutes.
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Achieving High Fidelity Security: An EMA White Paper

Discover the key facets of high-fidelity security – the ability for organizations to collect comprehensive and timely data and gain context for fast and prioritized threat detection and response. Learn about the benefits of combining network and endpoint data with a strong analytic toolset. Read this analyst report for more details about a successful security monitoring program and insights for making your security team more effective.
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BOM Management: Why the Electronics Manufacturing Industry Must Move Away From Excel

There is a very strong, historical connection between the electronics manufacturing industry and Microsoft Excel. But the industry is shifting towards a new generation of BOM management tools, and sticking to Excel may hurt your organization's competitivity.

What You'll Learn

The goal of this paper is to demonstrate how the use of a BOM Management tool can not only patch the deficiencies of Excel in that regard, but also improve the efficiency of the quoting process within an organization, while bringing associated costs down by providing accurate information and reducing error rates.

For any organization operating in the electronics manufacturing ecosystem, efficient BOM management is key to productivity. Excel became a limiting factor in that regard and you'll discover how the new generation of tools can help you stay ahead of the competition.

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Optimized Capacity Management Drives Business and IT Success at Sanofi

As a global leader in the pharmaceutical market, Sanofi must support sustainable innovation and growth throughout its large organization. Sanofi IT and business services must perform reliably and consistently even as the number of users expands and new demands are placed on the underlying infrastructure. This paper describes how capacity management enabled Sanofi to prepare effectively for shifting business demands and avoid the kind of bottlenecks that can degrade service. Furthermore, the successful partnership that developed between IT and the business continues to help Sanofi deliver powerful results, such as:

  • Capturing new market opportunities
  • Expanding the company’s global footprint
  • Bringing innovative products to market

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Get started with capacity management (and this is how)

Learn what steps you can take to implement a capacity management practice that ensures you have the insights to make decisions about what infrastructure resources are needed and when, and understand the associated costs.


  • Organizations need to be more agile and deliver digital services faster
  • Traditional on-premises, hosted, in the cloud: IT infrastructures allow you to scale up and down quickly
  • Capital expenses becoming operational, headcounts reductions, complex IT environment

Can your manual Capacity Management process keep up?

Without a good capacity management practice in place, you lack the insight to make informed IT and business decisions.

Faster! Quicker! With less resources!

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7 Steps to Getting Your API Architecture Right the First Time

As a best practice for solution delivery, a strong API strategy can drive a whole landscape of opportunity for IT managers. This paper draws from data collected by CIC and many customer discussions to highlight the most pressing API issues facing IT teams.

Download this white paper to learn:

  • Why you need an API strategy
  • Tips to avoid common pitfalls and barriers to compelling APIs
  • Ways to foster new ecosystems
  • The value of connecting back"

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Why IoT Needs a Data Integration Strategy

One of the exciting areas of the IoT is its potential to change how we engage with technology and transact business. The move to IoT is providing unprecedented access to data that either didn’t exist before, or was too complicated and expensive to collect. While the Machine to Machine (M2M) era focused mainly on the challenges of connecting devices, the IoT era concentrates on the opportunities presented to businesses who use connected data. This data can provide valuable context for business processes. By collecting and analyzing IoT data, groups within an organization can increase efficiencies with services such as predictive maintenance and route optimization. It can also improve the customer experience by supporting new service experiences such as omnichannel retail and smart home applications.

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Making Self Service a Reality

Giving your users the ability to service themselves is one of the fastest ways to build business value in a digital enterprise. But there's a right way and a wrong way to establish the infrastructure, manage demand and create experiences that will delight different types of users.

In this eBook, discover how to apply self service with the help of enterprise service management. You'll learn about:

  • The advantages of going self service
  • Best practices for creating successful self service
  • How to apply self service to other functions within the business
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Application Performance Management for App-Driven Businesses

Software applications are essential in today’s business environment, where internal and external services are delivered across mobile, social, collaboration, and cloud technologies. Application Performance Management (APM) is strategically important for companies that need to ensure the performance and availability of business-critical software applications -- if an application has problems that impact customers, a business can lose revenues or incur damage to its brand.

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The Key to Going Digital

The Key to Going Digital explores how transformative technology can help people work faster, smarter and more easily. Discover how to create a productive digital workplace by shifting from traditional IT processes to a people-centric approach.

You'll learn about:

  • Embedding crowdsourcing and social collaboration into workflows give employees a voice in choosing the IT solutions they want to use
  • Creating workplace personas engages and empowers employees
  • How the growth of millennials in the workplace has created significant changes in how we all work
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12 Reasons You Don’t Need to Monitor Your Apps

Still wondering what all the application monitoring hype is about? Read more to find out all the reasons why you still don't need to monitor your apps, no matter what everyone else says!

  • You already know your application is doing great and everyone loves it.
  • You can't even remember your last outage; It was probably before you were born.
  • All those nasty messages on Twitter about your app are just people being silly on the Internet.
  • APM provides no real value to you or your business: it's about as informative as tabloid magazines.

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Brocade Data Center Fabrics Deliver Cloud Scale, Agility, and Operational Efficiency

Brocade is transforming networks to support the new IP by delivering cloud-optimised architectures that offer new levels of scale, agility, and operational efficiency.

These highly automated, software-driven, and programmable data center fabric solutions provide flexible network virtualization options and scale for data center environments ranging from tens to thousands of servers.

Brocade solutions make it easy for organizations to architect, automate, and integrate their infrastructure with current and future data center technologies as they transition to a cloud model.

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Visibility in the Modern Data Center with Brocade SLX Insight Architecture

As organizations continue to transform their business and adapt to new digital workloads, IT operations teams struggle to keep pace with the volume and variety of digital data going across their networks.

Visibility is critical, and in order to meet customer and end-user service and application expectations and remain competitive, organizations need to provide service and application assurance, improve operational efficiencies, and enable new monetisation opportunities. They need comprehensive visibility into the operational state of the network and into the traffic that is transiting the network without compromising day-to-day operations and performance.

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