Solving Your Top AP Challenges in 2021

79% of accountants say manual processes are their biggest challenge. From data entry to chasing approvals, managing AP can be time-consuming and costly.

Download this white paper to learn:

  • Top challenges of managing POs, invoices, payments and expenses and how to solve them
  • Steps to mitigate risks such as duplicate payments
  • Solutions for managing AP from home
  • How to reduce the cost of invoice processing by more than 80%

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Decision Maker’s Guide to Enterprise Linux

Expert Analysis on Key Enterprise Linux Distributions

For better or worse, committing to an enterprise Linux distribution has a long-lasting and far-reaching impact on organizations. That means companies need to make the right decision the first time if they want to meet and exceed their business goals.

In our Decision Maker's Guide to Enterprise Linux, we break down 20 of the top paid and free enterprise Linux distributions and discuss the key points decision makers need to consider before they commit.

Understand the Enterprise Linux Landscape

When you download the Decision Maker's Guide to Enterprise Linux, you get instant access to timely and in-depth analysis on enterprise Linux distributions -- ranging from stalwarts like CentOS and RHEL, to emerging distributions like Rocky Linux. For each distribution, we provide an expert assessment of:

  • Build stability
  • Ecosystem maturity
  • Security update frequency
  • Suitability for cloud, CI/CD, and embedded systems
  • Viability for use at enterprise scale
  • And more

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Transformation Demands a New Approach to ERP with Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP

When selecting an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, executives often overlook the power it holds today and the importance of tax compliance. Some organizations still believe that the operational systems that have supported their companies in the past, will help to do business in a new way as they grow. However, ERP can be a significant impediment to modernization if the processes encoded in the software are inflexible or bind the company to outmoded ways of doing business.

In this white paper, learn about factors which IT leaders should consider when planning for an ERP transformation along with business transformation, the significance of choosing a tax-aware ERP and how the right ERP solution can accelerate the pace and benefits of transformation.

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Link your social and CRM to drive real business value

Running paid and organic social campaigns is crucial for businesses today, but tracking likes, comments, and shares doesn’t tell you how—or if—those engagements are leading to actual sales.

The problem is a lack of data integration: Without pushing social engagement data into your CRM, it’s hard to match it with other behaviors like purchasing, applying, or donating.

Explore how Hootsuite is integrating social data into Microsoft Dynamics 365 to reach consumers in their favorite digital spaces and turn likes into real leads. Download the e-book Linking Social and CRM to learn how data integration is the key to extracting real business value from social, and what steps your business can take to truly capitalize on the time and resources it invests in social media.

Get actionable guidance into how uniting social and CRM can transform your business, ensuring you can:

  • Join the right conversations to find new customers
  • Tie identity to engagement for a more complete customer profile
  • Improve custom audience targeting to strengthen your social media ROI

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Measuring Cyber Security Controls Effectiveness with Security Validation

Protecting an organization from advanced attacks is no easy task. Year after year, breaches seem to get worse, even as we hear about improvements in security controls. CISOs are left to wonder if they need to spend more on cyber security, or if their tools or personnel are not performing as expected. Understandably, answers are unique to each organization and its security strategy.

According to Ernst and Young’s 2020 paper titled “How does security evolve from bolted on to built-in?”:

  • 20% of organizations are extremely confident that cyber security risks and mitigation measures presented to them can protect the organization from major cyber attacks.
  • 25% of organizations can financially quantify the effectiveness of their cyber spend.
  • 26% of breaches in the past 12 months were detected by the security operations center (SOC).

This paper explores best practices for getting in front of these issues by measuring cyber security control effectiveness. It covers the origin, capabilities and selection criteria for security validation technologies.

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Remediation and Hardening Strategies for Microsoft 365 to Defend Against UNC2452

This past winter, FireEye uncovered a widespread campaign conducted by a threat group we labeled UNC2452. In some of the intrusions linked with this campaign, the attackers used their access to on-premises networks to infiltrate Microsoft 365 environments. An estimated 60,000 organizations have been affected.

Because there is no formal security boundary between on-premises networks and cloud services provided by Microsoft 365, a thorough review of potentially affected cloud environments may be necessary.

This paper can help you understand the nature of this attack and outline steps you can take to detect and protect your potentially compromised environments. You can learn about:

  • The four main techniques threat actors are using to exploit Microsoft 365
  • Actionable detection and remediation strategies for each threat
  • Hardening recommendations for your Microsoft 365 environment

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Drive Better Business Outcomes

Any downtime caused by poor database performance interrupts business operations, has a negative impact on productivity, and can directly affect the bottom line. And enterprise applications like SQL Server are the backbone of any organization.

Read our whitepaper to see how you can ensure your organization is operating at peak performance by applying comprehensive monitoring to improve business outcomes.

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Manage the Multiple Database Journey

To ensure adequate transactional capacity, most enterprises have adopted a multi-database strategy—using several different database platforms to store different classes or categories of data. So, there’s been a surge in the number of databases in use at most organizations, with database managers increasingly responsible for numerous instances.

In the multi-database environment, ensuring each individual database operates at its optimal level is critical. And since database platforms don’t all operate the same way, database managers must gain expertise on the multiple platforms. They also must continue to conduct performance tuning, maintain high availability, and ensure data security—again for multiple platforms.

Read our whitepaper to see how your business can best manage multiple databases.

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10 reasons to run SAP S/4HANA on Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Choose an infrastructure platform that lets you optimize your SAP environment and operations while preparing you for the future. Through trusted technologies, investment protection, and flexible innovation, Red Hat can help you modernize your SAP systems and build a foundation for digital transformation.

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The Changing Landscape of B2B Commerce

B2B Commerce is quickly evolving, with customers expecting more, but the technology has drastically improved, making delivering on such expectations simpler. Learn how to leverage best practices and modern technology to make your B2B eCommerce website fresh and relevant for your customers today.

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