2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Science Platforms

IBM named a leader for data science platforms

Data science platforms are engines for creating machine-learning solutions. This report evaluates 16 providers of data science platforms.

Read the report to learn:

  • Why IBM is recognized as a leader
  • Why data science, analytics, and machine learning are the engines of the future

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From business insight to business action: Combining the power of IBM Predictive Analytics and IBM Decision Optimization

The synergy between predictive analytics and decision optimization is critical to good decision making. Predictive analytics offers insights into likely future scenarios, and decision optimization prescribes best-action recommendations for how to respond to those scenarios given your business goals, business dynamics, and potential tradeoffs or consequences.

Together, predictive analytics and decision optimization provide organizations with the ability to turn insight into action—and action into positive outcomes.

In this white paper, you’ll gain a better understanding of:

  • The difference between predictive and prescriptive analytics
  • How predictive and prescriptive actions complement one another to help you achieve optimized business decisions
  • IBM’s approach to creating a powerful end-to-end decision management system

Read the paper today to discover how to bridge the gap between insight and action.

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A Manufacturer’s Guide to Growing Profitably

Even if you do your best to try to plan for future growth, there will be surprises along the way . Download our eBook highlighting the importance of being able to plan accurately for growth, and suggests areas of your business that you can critique to assess your ability to effectively plan for growth . It also identifies the risk factors and consequences that manufacturers who don’t plan for growth leave themselves open to.
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The Business Case for Deploying Epicor ERP in the Cloud

Not all ERP solutions are made equal, and to further complicate the matter not all solutions suite all organizations. If you're looking for an ERP solution for your organization, download our whitepaper to learn how you can assess and evaluate the best ERP deployment model, unique to your business and technical environment.
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Cloud Data Protection for VMware Environments

As virtualization enables higher flexibility and scalability of infrastructure, protecting these environments becomes increasingly complex, resulting in heavy administrative overhead and infrastructure costs. Download our whitepaper to see how Druvan can reduce risk, cost, and the effort of managing today's complex information environment.
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Druva Phoenix: Server Backup Born in the Cloud

Server backup, especially at companies managing multiple sites, is an inefficient, expensive process prone to errors. Druva Phoenix simplifies this process by enabling you to backup straight to the cloud, providing a seamless way to manage all your backup and archives centrally. Download our whitepaper to learn more about how Druva Phoenix can help your business!
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Breaking the Silos: Why integrated monitoring tools are key to driving high performance in modern app environments

New technologies and practices such as containers and DevOps methodologies have transformed today's enterprise application environments. With these advancements in hand, organizations can become more agile, able to respond quicker than ever to customer needs and competitive demands. And yet, this modern application development environment often leads to new pain points for the teams responsible for ensuring application performance. These pain points include alert fatigue, data overload and intelligence gaps due to the lack of data correlation. How can these modern teams move fast and still develop top-performing apps?

In this paper, we answer that question by examining the tool capabilities required to monitor in modern environments, including advanced analytics, extensive integrations, and both agent and agentless technologies. In addition, we look at emerging organizational models that support the performance goals of agile teams.

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Why Discovery Is critical to Multi-Cloud Success

Although cloud computing represents perhaps the biggest change to IT in recent history, it’s not as simple as it sounds. Despite a seemingly constant call to “move to the cloud,” businesses must navigate a wide variety of service offerings and deployment models to determine what’s best for their requirements.

Download this whitepaper to see how multi-cloud discovery addresses this challenge by providing insight into your assets and their relationship across every environment.

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Drill Down: 5 BDR Fundamentals

There are five essential pieces to a sound backup and disaster recovery (BDR) plan, and IT pros who follow these steps are able to feel confident in their long-term organizational plan. Read this expert guide from Ben Maas, an independent consultant and system architect who has guided many companies through BDR deployments, to learn these five fundamentals. Understand how to size your environment, evaluate your BDR capabilities, and test your system for any surprises.
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Why Midsized Organizations Should consider EVault by Carbonite

Today it is possible, even for smaller organizations, to establish both backup and full-fledged hybrid data protection under one robust onsite/offsite underpinning. ESG has four recommendations to assist such organizations as they try to pursue a disk-to-disk-to-cloud data protection strategy in the right way, with particular consideration for EVault by Carbonite
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Cloud Recovery Success: A technical DRaaS Guide

Testing full recoveries of IT environments requires a proven methodology. Establishing and meeting RTOs, configuring a cloud recovery system, and tracking your changing environment are all critical components of a successful cloud recovery operation. In this expert Technical Guide, learn how Jamie Evans, Senior Manager of Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) for EVault, helps clients complete a full recovery of their systems.
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