Top Reasons to Adopt Scale-Out Data Lake Storage

A modernized data warehouse, a Data Lake is scale-out storage for data consolidation. It allows for Big Data accessibility using traditional and next-generation access methods to gain value through analytics.

  • Meet the demands of your storage growth with massive capacity
  • Expand to a public or private cloud
  • Deploy seamless replication of the data to the core
  • Derive business value through analytics
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3 Challenges of Moving to a Cloud-Based Infrastructure

Moving applications and services to the cloud means you’ll be offloading some daily tasks and maintenance, and ideally saving time, space and money. But remember that those SaaS or hybrid cloud apps still belong to your organization and are still part of IT. When there’s downtime or slowdowns, users will still be coming to IT’s door to get help.

Don't get caught unprepared! Download this guide to learn about 3 major challenges you'll face as you move to a cloud-based infrastructure.

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How to Solve the Top IT Issues at Remote Locations

IT teams can run into many challenges when supporting remote office users, especially that they’re not physically able to see the problem and might not have a colleague on site to help.

This whitepaper identifies five top issues to watch for when you're in charge of offices, users and technology that you can't actually see. You'll learn how to solve challenges with remote locations like:

  • Integration issues, especially with shadow IT
  • Lack of visibility into the WAN
  • Service delays due to gaps in tech staff resources

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DCIG Integrated Backup Appliance Buyer’s Guide 2016-17

Compliments of Unitrends. This Buyer’s Guide highlights the most robust and feature rich integrated backup appliances available on the market today. These backup appliances have many if not all of the features needed to protect both physical and virtual environments and will give you visibility into the new set of features that will define the next generation of integrated backup appliances.
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Enterprise WAN and LAN Monitoring

Technology trends like telecommuting, BYOD, VoIP and SaaS adoption bring new challenges to the underlying network infrastructure that connects branch offices and datacenters. This guide explains how to tackle the challenges faced by the internet-centric enterprise by intelligently monitoring your WAN, LAN, Wi-Fi and SaaS applications through a combination of Enterprise and Endpoint Agents.
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APM Vendor Landscape

Application performance management (APM) has graduated from monitoring back-end systems to helping delight customers. Infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals tasked with managing today's complex technology face choosing from a dizzying number of vendors to keep critical client-facing systems up and anticipate problems.

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Faster, More Accurate Decisions with IT Analytics

The rise of the digital enterprise has created an explosion of valuable, yet unharnessed data for IT organizations. Traditional IT tools and processes, founded on the notion of control and management, are unable to support the speed and agility requirements of the digital enterprise. IT organizations must reengineer their approach from traditional analytics and reporting to adaptive, real-time digital service analytics.

Take more accurate decisions with IT Analytics, download this paper.

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Go Beyond Mere Monitoring

We live in an always-on world. We are quick to adopt new technology and quick to abandon it if slow or unresponsive. This mobile-consumer mindset has created significant challenges for IT: ensure customer satisfaction by proactively monitoring performance and availability, identify web application problems, predict the performance of the application and measure service levels. TrueSight App provides all of them.

Download this paper: keep users happy and applications healthy.

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Best Practices for SaaS Adoption in the Enterprise

Traditional enterprise performance management solutions were designed for applications running inside the corporate network and are unable to provide visibility beyond the corporate network perimeter. With the rapid adoption of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications by enterprises, these performance management solutions that are completely blind to issues outside the enterprise, are unable to help IT teams troubleshoot performance problems with the SaaS applications.
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The Guide to Network Intelligence

The network your company relies on is far more complicated, more vulnerable and more hidden from your view than ever before. Network Intelligence is a modern approach to managing today's network that provides true end-to-end visibility across all the networks and connected devices. This guide explains why Network Intelligence is useful for modern networks and how it is implemented.
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Innovation Insight for Collective Intelligence Benchmarking

Collective Intelligence Benchmarking (CIB) is a new, efficient approach that extracts insights from massive data sets to provide an understanding of end-user experience. This report from Gartner highlights cloud and network monitoring solutions that apply CIB techniques, enabling IT teams to quickly identify performance issues and ultimately "hold cloud- and SaaS-based providers accountable for below-par service delivery."
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