Mojo Aware, Cognitive WiFi Feature Brief

How smart is your wireless network? Don't settle for WiFi that isn't brilliant. Mojo's unique, self-driving WiFi solution harnesses the power of cloud, analytics, and artificial intelligence to deliver an outstanding experience to your WiFi users. The intuitive graphical user interface highlights what matters most with features like Client Journey and Baseline Anomalies. The client-first approach provides clear visibility in wireless user experience. Download our feature brief and discover how to elevate your network intelligence.
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Security of Mojo Networks Cloud Managed WiFi

Across enterprises and public sectors alike, migrating in-house data processing to the cloud has become an accepted strategy among IT departments. This often raises eyebrows within the security department because data security controls that were traditionally managed in-house now move into the hands of third parties. Cloud managed WiFi is no exception to this dogma. Hence, Mojo has taken proactive steps to build a robust security program for the cloud that strengthens its WiFi access and security solution. As the first WiFi vendor with its own SSAE 16 and SOC2 certification, Mojo is delivering the most secure cloud managed WiFi solution.
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Lifecycler Infographic

Lifecycler is intended for customers who are interested in establishing an online B2C presence that is tied directly back to their PostBooks or xTuple system.

Get this infographic to discover who LifeCycler provides seamless integration of the world's leading eCommerce platform, Shopify, with xTuple and PostBooks.

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Lifecycler Webstore

We all had a webstore online built in wordpress and hosted on GoDaddy. And it was the loneliest webstore in the known universe. It was also a royal pain to build and maintain. It took a long time to build and soon fell into disrepair owing, in part, to the complexity of maintaining it.

We knew that we wanted to maintain a presence online but also wanted to spend minimum resources to implement and maintain it. We are much like the other thousands of PostBooks/xTuple users across the globe. Most of them should want and need to have a webstore, as well.

So, based on our own experience and this observation, instead of spending our resources to rebuild our own website, we invested our time and effort in building Lifecycler – a tool that makes a webstore easy to create, populate and deploy for xTuple/PostBooks users.

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Lifecycler User Guide

Lifecycler integrates xTuple/PostBooks with Shopify. Depending upon demand, other common webstore services such as Wix may be added later. Setup is easy. Here are some guides to walk you through the setup process and use of the integration.

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4 Steps to Reduce the Risk of Malicious Insider Activity

The risk of malicious activity has never been more of a reality for organizations than now.

End users today access, process, and manage privileged data more than ever as part of their job. This need for employees to use privileged data puts the organization at risk of malicious actions that include data theft, destruction, manipulation, and ransom. And it’s not just theory, a full one third of reported insider incidents in 2015 involved end users who access sensitive data as a requirement to do their jobs.

So, how do you tell in whose interests they are working - the organizations or their own? Find out more by downloading the Whitepaper.

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Implementing a User Activity & Behavior Monitoring program

Monitoring user activity & behavior has significant benefits: increased security against insider threats, productivity increases, and more efficient and effective employee investigations.

Security & Risk professionals recognize the value and benefits of analyzing user behavior and monitoring user activity. At times, legal and HR staff have questions that must be addressed prior to implementation.

This document is intended to assist company executives determining how to best implement a user activity monitoring and / or user behavior analytics program.

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The Future State of Storage

Changing business needs and the drive toward cost efficiencies and performance mean an end to reliance on traditional, proprietary storage approaches. Modern storage infrastructure enables CIOs to tackle some of their biggest pain points and put their data to work rather than viewing that data as a cost center. Driven by a desire to be flexible and “do more with less,” IT leaders are embracing things like software-defined storage, because it emphasizes freedom and openness.

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Choosing Software-Defined Storage Over Legacy Storage Appliances

Software-defined storage solutions like Red Hat Gluster Storage are a compelling new way forward without traditional limitations. Coupled with a wide range of available industry-standard storage hardware, an open software-defined approach delivers most of the functionality and performance of proprietary platforms at approximately half the cost. It also offers substantially more predictability in terms of both scalability and cost over traditional storage appliances.

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Transforming ITIL to Fit the Modern IT Organization

IT organizations across industries are consistently debating on whether or not ITIL makes sense for their teams. If you haven’t already implemented ITIL, should you? And, if you have already implemented ITIL, how do you update it to make sense for your evolving team? There is opportunity for you to transform some of the outdated aspects of the framework. In this white paper, we’ll discuss:

  • The ITIL Legacy and Business Value
  • The Current State of IT Organizations
  • The Future of ITIL
  • Making ITIL Work for You

Download this white paper to discover how you can put the ITIL framework into a place that is mutually beneficial.

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ITSM Projects: 10 Mistakes You’re Probably Making

ITIL works with best practices for IT project management, while providing the framework necessary for success. Many IT organizations have found success utilizing ITIL throughout their projects, however, there are many who have had little or no success. With so many frameworks and best practices available to IT for project success, where are the downfalls occurring?

Download this white paper to discover the 10 biggest mistakes happening in ITSM projects.

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End-to-End Visibility and VoIP Performance Monitoring

ThousandEyes gives VoIP operators deep insight that they've never had before, extending visibility across the corporate WAN and the public Internet. VoIP monitoring brings together SIP signaling and RTP voice quality metrics, detailed path visualization and routing information to identify chronic problem areas, accelerate diagnosis of faults and improve QoS.
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