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OpenStack Storage for Dummies

OpenStack Storage for Dummies outlines OpenStack and Ceph basics, configuration best practices for OpenStack and Ceph together, and why Red Hat Ceph Storage is great for your enterprise. OpenStack is scale‐out technology that needs scale‐out storage to succeed. Red Hat Ceph Storage is a software‐defined storage solution that provides this scale‐out capability with an extensible architecture that integrates more tightly with OpenStack than traditional storage solutions.
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Red Hat Named a Visionary in Gartner Magic Quadrant for File Systems and Object Storage

In its first-­ever Magic Quadrant for Distributed File Systems and Object Storage, Gartner places Red Hat storage solutions in the Visionary quadrant. Download this complimentary report to:

  • Discover the role of file systems and object storage as part of a software-­defined infrastructure 
  • Evaluate strengths and weaknesses of different vendors 
  • Review analysis of each vendor's solutions, vision, and ability to execute
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Software-­Defined Storage for Persistent Containers

Containers require less overhead than virtualized environments, and instantiate quickly, offering better isolation and easier scalability. However, while run­time containers are intended to be disposable, their data is definitely not. Despite their light­weight nature, containers still require reliable and available storage so that data is persistent—in the event of failed containers, failed disks, or crashed servers.
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Modernizing and migrating applications for government agencies

Government agencies want to migrate and modernize their applications. This might be as straight forward as migrating from a proprietary application server to an open source Java™ application server, or the modernization of a monolith application into a more modular microservice-driven application. Choosing the right infrastructure to host these migrated or modernized applications is a looming question for clients.

Join this webinar as Red Hat discusses pathways to:

  • Reduce Oracle and IBM maintenance bills by migrating application servers and messaging technology to Red Hat® JBoss® Middleware.
  • Migrate applications to cloud providers like Amazon and Microsoft using the same secure platforms already in your datacenter.
  • Understand the correct migration path for your Linux® containers and microservices.
  • Containerizing applications.

Zohaib Khan, app migration practice lead and PaaS Community of Practice manager, Red Hat
Jason Corey, middleware sales manager, Public Sector, Red Hat

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Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform

Accelerating government innovation, supporting government missions

Public-sector leaders at every level are embracing a vision of government that is transparent, accessible, and responsive to citizen needs. However, this vision often runs up against the reality of existing IT infrastructure. Too often, legacy middleware is locked into proprietary software and systems that do not integrate well or scale effectively across the enterprise.

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Is an open source business process management solution right for you?

Increased availability of highly functional enterprise open source business process management (BPM) technology is bringing the benefits of BPM solutions within reach of more companies and projects. If you are considering deploying BPM solutions, but have been daunted by the cost, footprint, risk, lack of flexibility, or complexity of proprietary options, an enterprise open source approach may be just what you are looking for.
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The Business Value of Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform

The ability to integrate systems and share data across the enterprise is a common datacenter need.

"Integration bus" is a common term that describes the technology used for middleware-based integration. Integration bus needs can vary in complexity, data volume, and required performance.

Download this paper to discover how both Red Hat and IBM offer multiple products that can help customers develop and deploy middleware integration solutions.

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Deploying Java EE Apps in Cloud and Container Environments

Keeping your Java organization up to speed means delivering new applications and updates in days or weeks, grappling with application deployment in different environments, and struggling to keep application reliable and performing smoothly.

Successful leaders are turning to DevOps methodologies, microservices architectures, and containers to meet these requirements. But without the right application development platform, these infrastructures may not be properly supported.

Access this product overview and learn how you can best support your on premise infrastructure by employing the right application development platform.

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the Power of Integration

Organizations in manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, construction, and media are connecting their enterprises with Red Hat® JBoss®Fuse. With standard, proven integration patterns and more than 150 ready-to-use connectors, Red Hat JBoss Fuse lets organizations integrate applications, services, processes, and data to gain competitive advantage, reduce time-to-market, and lower total cost of ownership.
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Red Hat JBoss Middleware

Helping government innovate faster, work smarter

Government innovation isn’t an oxymoron. Agencies at every level of government are responding to expanding mission requirements and rising citizen expectations by developing new applications and services that take advantage of mobile, cloud, data analytics, and other emerging technologies. They are also looking for ways to automate processes, so they can work smarter and deliver services more efficiently, despite constrained budgets.

But today’s applications and services, and the ways they are consumed, are significantly different than in the past. They must be adaptable and integrate with new and existing applications more efficiently. They must be developed faster, and seamlessly scale across heterogeneous environments that include physical, virtual, mobile, and cloud resources. Unfortunately, the middleware infrastructure used in the past is simply not agile, productive, or cost-effective enough to deliver on these new requirements, causing many agencies to struggle in their efforts to streamline operations and improve services.

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Platform-as-a-service, DevOps, and Application Integration

An introduction to delivering applications faster

Application demands are increasing, but the availability of resources is not. Pressure from internal and external customers to create more apps faster is generating a need for new processes and methods. Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offers many benefits across IT organisations. Developers gain the freedom to focus on coding, while IT operations maintains control without having to manage spin-up environments.

This eBook illustrates how PaaS, combined with application integration technology such as Red Hat® JBoss® Fuse can reduce application delivery costs, increase application reliability and developer productivity.

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FICO Wins Customers with Red Hat OpenStack Cloud

FICO, a financial services provider, wanted to address small-to-medium business (SMB) and midmarket customer requests for solutions without on-premise installation. To transition from an on-premise model to a cloud- and services-based infrastructure, FICO chose to build an OpenStack® cloud using Red Hat® solutions, including OpenShift by Red Hat and Red Hat Enterprise Linux® OpenStack Platform. As a result, FICO generated US$10 million in sales to new customers, reduced solution time to market by 50%, and lowered storage and overall infrastructure costs.
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Convincing your boss that software-defined storage is the future

You’ve probably heard the term software-defined storage. But how do you define it? And what does it really mean for the future of storage. If you’ve been trying to persuade your boss that software-defined storage is right for your organization, now’s the time to arm yourself with all the right information to make your case. Learn more in this brochure.
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