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Open Source and Cloud-Based Software to Power AI Initiatives

Enterprises are using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to generate significant business benefits. Most technology leaders are using open source tools and hybrid cloud based infrastructure to power their AI/ML projects. Red Hat and Pulse surveyed 100 enterprise IT and data leaders who use AI and ML to understand why they implemented the technology, the types of AI/ML tools they rely on, and the most popular initiatives they’re investing in.

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Empowering Developers Through Cloud Services Sponsored

This analyst white paper shares IDC's view on how development teams can get the most out of cloud computing, and how using cloud services when building cloud-native applications can increase productivity. By using cloud services for foundational functionality such as data streaming, AI/ML, and API management teams can free themselves from the responsibilities of managing complex infrastructure at scale, and focus on business outcomes. IDC explores the challenges of working across hybrid-cloud environments, the innovations being made in open source communities, and how to empower developers with the flexibility and choice offered by cloud services.

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A Hybrid and Multicloud Strategy for Architects

The elasticity, scalability, and speed of deploying applications in the public cloud can help organizations increase business growth and reduce costs while managing data growth and improving agility. But moving to the hybrid or public cloud can present challenges. Red Hat offers a comprehensive infrastructure platform that enables compute, storage, and networking on demand, across on-premise and public multicloud resources.

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux Security and Compliance

Due to the ever-increasing number and sophistication of security exploits, security built into every part of the infrastructure is critical. It's vital that an operating system (OS), as the foundation for all applications, has the depth and breadth of security capabilities to protect against vulnerabilities and meet compliance requirements.

Learn how Red Hat Enterprise Linux helps you get more secure, compliant, and audit-ready by supporting the top security and compliance requirements for an OS.

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Experience the Value of Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Your business relies on your IT infrastructure. The right operating system can help you boost performance, improve security, speed development, and prepare for the future. Red Hat Enterprise Linux delivers a consistent, intelligent operating foundation for modern IT and enterprise hybrid cloud deployments.

Read this e-book to discover the Red Hat Enterprise Linux experience in seven essential areas of IT.

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