Think You are Safe from DDoS Attacks?

Amazon Web Services is the world's top cloud platform, offering reliable and affordable cloud computing. But, AWS does NOT have customer-specific DDoS detection or prevention and may not be able to help you in the event of a DDoS attack.
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Achieving Application Readiness Maturity

Imagine that you’re a production line manager in a manufacturing company and you’re under pressure to deliver an increasing number of products that are rapidly growing in complexity. You also have to deliver an increasing number of versions of each product. And you have to speed up the production line substantially. If you can’t meet these requirements, your company’s customers will find what they need elsewhere.
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A Guide to REST and API Design

In his 1966 book “The Psychology of Science,” American psychologist Abraham Maslow tackled the idea that those in the field of psychology needed to approach treatment from multiple perspectives, to take on new ideas, and not just continue using the same theories and techniques created by Freud and his followers so many years ago. Acknowledging that changing your point of view can be difficult, Maslow wrote “[I]t is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything like a nail.” We have all had this experience. We get so used to the way things have been done in the past, we sometimes don’t question the reasons for doing them.
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Unlock the Mystery of Effective Strategic Planning

You’re facing increasing global competition. However, changing business models such as lower-cost cloud options, enable more competitors to join the fray faster than ever.

Your response? Consistently select the right projects and bring in-demand products and services to market quickly.

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TechInsights Report: The Changing Role of IT and What to Do About It

Today’s challenging and hyper-competitive business environment offers CIOs a unique opportunity to assume an expanded role as a strategic technology expert collaborating with the business toward greater success, more revenue and happier customers.

It’s in IT’s hands at the moment, but the window of opportunity is closing as lines of business get tech-savvy, spending more of their budgets on IT projects and re-examining the role that IT plays in advising them. IT can either define a new role for itself which embraces this change, or ignore it and risk becoming increasingly irrelevant to the business.

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Seperating Work and Personal: How BlackBerry Balance Works at the Platform Level

As more and more business processes go mobile, IT faces an ever-increasing number of security challenges. Users now have access to a multitude of personal communication channels, such as social networking sites, untrusted personal applications, webmail, web browsing, and instant messaging. Without the proper structures in place, data-transfer mechanisms such as P2P file sharing, USB connectivity, media card swapping, Bluetooth™ and NFC data transfer can all pose a threat to the enterprise.

In the past, better mobile security meant sacrificing the user experience, and vice versa.This paradigm ends with BlackBerry® Balance.™

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The Top 8 Mobile Security Risks: How to Protect Your Organization

As enterprises mobilize business processes, more and more sensitive data passes through and resides on mobile devices. And while almost every CIO knows how important mobile security is, getting a grip on it can be tough. There’s a lot to consider, and new factors enter the equation all the time.

On the pages that follow, you’ll find an overview of the key issues you need to be on top of right now to protect your organization, its employees and its customers.

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Video Cloud Helps Puma Drive Customer Engagement Across Every Screen

PUMA produces and publishes a wide range of video content around the world to support its products but also to bring customers on a journey.

While PUMA is known for its cutting-edge products, its brand really comes alive through the context that the company puts the products in and the lifestyle that the brand portrays. PUMA looks to video as an opportunity for engagement and a way to direct customers to a cadence-specific, multiscreen experience.

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Optimizing Capacity to Meet Business and IT Demands

Escalating competitive pressures, tight budgets and scarce capital resources are working in concert to intensify the importance of true alignment between IT and the organization it supports. But many of today’s enterprises are noticing a decided gap between what the business demands of IT and the realities of what IT can deliver.
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Get the Whole Picture: Why Most Organizations Miss User Response Monitoring and What to do About It

"End user response. To borrow a phrase, it’s where the rubber meets the road. You can be armed with vast amounts of performance metrics, but if you don’t know what users are actually experiencing, you don’t have the real performance picture. While this measure is critical, it is one many organizations fail to consistently capture. Why? This guide looks at the challenges of user response monitoring, and it shows how you can overcome these challenges and start to get a real handle on your infrastructure performance and how it impacts your users’ experience."
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