5 Considerations when Evaluating a File Sync and Share Solution

Choosing any new service or tool can be a lengthy and complex process. When it’s time to look for a file sync and share solution for your business, the considerations to take into account are seemingly endless. Here are five key considerations that will help you look out for the right features and ask the right questions.
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Dropbox for Business – Enhancing Enterprise Applications

Dropbox recently introduced several new enhancements to its business collaboration and productivity solution, bDropbox for Business. These new enhancements include tools for productivity, collaboration, enterprise file management, and security, and build on the continuing momentum of the vendor’s vision of a simplified and secure business collaboration and sharing process focused on supporting heterogeneous workflows.
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Maximize Performance and Availability for Virtualized Environments with Quantum and Veeam

In the modern data center, many companies running business-critical data on a virtual infrastructure face a variety of technical challenges that traditional backup software vendors are struggling to address:

• Maximizing data availability while controlling costs, the size of backup windows, and the network loads.

• Providing fastest recovery possible for individual emails, files, or full VMs following an outage.

• Protecting data in primary data centers as well as in remote offices, workgroups, and other locations.

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Quantum Deduplication and Tape Solutions Cut The Mahr Group’s Backup Down to Size

For 150 years, manufacturers all over the world—from the automotive industry to medical equipment producers—have relied on precision measuring instruments from The Mahr Group. This consortium of companies is the world’s third-largest producer of production measurement solutions and offers an extensive product portfolio ranging from large manual calipers to precise digital measuring instruments. Founded in Esslingen, Germany, today The Mahr Group has a global focus with subsidiaries and customers around the world, including Europe, China, and the United States.
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Understanding Verification, Validation and Certification

Cybersecurity and communication robustness have become increasingly bigger concerns as technology has continued to improve and systems have become more complex. Each attempt to expand the networking and communication capabilities of devices have brought new features and convenient solutions for end users, along with new security and robustness challenges.

Synopsys solutions help deliver a more comprehensive security offering for the SDLC by adding black box testing capabilities, including the Codenomicon Defensics® tool for file and protocol fuzz testing, and the Codenomicon AppCheck™ tool for software composition analysis and vulnerability assessment.

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Does the cloud put data sovereignty compliance out of reach?

A decade ago, these two words together would have resulted in many blank stares in the majority of boardrooms. Today, speak these two words to Fortune 500 CIOs and CISOs, and they will most likely end up with their head in their hands. Data sovereignty is a critical emerging topic. It addresses the legal and regulatory jurisdictions governing particular digital information and how vendors, customers, and users can manage these overlapping jurisdictions.
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A Guide to Data Privacy for Business and IT Executives

Do you lie awake at night wondering if your company is doing all it can regarding data privacy? You probably should. Almost daily, the news media reports another privacy breach, and it’s hard to escape it as a persistent problem in our information economy. Stories about the privacy foibles of major companies grace the covers of newspapers and magazines. We witness a continuous stream of regulatory fine and sanction announcements and breach notifications. We see organizations singled out in news stories and blog posts and on talk shows for bad privacy practices.
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Five Levels of Embedded BI for your SaaS Application

The expanding role of data in business management promises smarter operational applications that manage and automate better processes. This new breed of intelligent applications, called analytic applications, is transforming how organizations and other applications consume information to drive improved business performance and competitive advantage.
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Top 10 Emerging Dashboard Design Trends

Dashboards serve an important purpose as they transform dull and sometimes opaque data into visually stunning insights that resonate with a wide range of users. To maximize their impact, however, dashboards must be implemented around the needs of the business, so that the decision makers consuming it can act immediately on the information presented.
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The Art of Dashboard Design: 7 Fundamentals to Master

Why is designing for dashboards so important? It serves as a visual display that represents the most important information needed to achieve a specific objective. But how do you start? What if your not a design expert? This guide will arm you with the top fundamental design concepts that you can apply to the most basic of visuals.
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5 meilleures pratiques pour créer des tableaux de bord efficaces

Sélection mesures pertinentes à inclure dans votre tableau de bord est critique. Surtout, ils doit être métriques qui comptent et qui sont pertinentes pour l'emploi à portée de main . mais ceci ne signifie pas chaque métrique devrait être incluse - loin de là. Vous devriez être très sélective pour déterminer quelles mesures gagner une place sur votre tableau de bord .
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10 principales tendances en matière de solution décisionnelle pour 2015

Tout comme le paysage de business intelligence a transformé en libre-service données , il faut aussi que la gouvernance transformer . Approches simples comme verrouillage bas tous les données d'entreprise ne fonctionneront plus - ni volonté de l'approche la suppression de tout processus du tout . Organisations vont commencer à enquêter ce qui signifie la gouvernance dans un monde de l'analyse en libre-service .
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