Backup and DraaS IT Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to data protection and business continuity, what is your goal? That’s easy – a solution you know will work every time, protecting everything you have in your data center with absolutely zero downtime and zero data loss. Selecting the right solution is increasingly more than just about basic backup. Learn what to look for, and potential gaps in coverage, to put your organization in the best position to achieve the lofty goal of total protection.

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Disaster Recovery Techniques that Stop the Enemy Within

Most reports on data protection and business continuity highlight the need for vigilance against external threats. You read a lot about the negative business impacts of hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, fires and malware, but a different class of threats are far more prevalent – those created by your own employees.

Download this guide to get the five employee habits that threaten your IT organization

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5 Ways IT Resilience Beats Disaster Recovery

IT Administrators are responsible for the technology that keeps the world’s businesses running. Every day they are faced with circumstances threatening to bring down your applications, servers, and even communication. IT is forced to recover from catastrophic weather events, hardware failures, advanced ransomware infiltrations, and hundreds of other potential disasters. Even a minor event in just one of the millions of components in a modern datacenter can ripple out of control and cause enterprise-wide problems.
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Global Deduplication for Encrypted Data

Global data deduplication provides important benefits over traditional deduplication processes because it removes redundant data through entire enterprises, not just single devices. Global deduplication increases the data deduplication ratio—the size of the original data measured against the size of the data store after redundancies are removed.

This helps reduce the amount of storage required at a time when businesses face exponential storage growth.

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DRaaS Ushers in Changes to Data Protection Strategy

In the last few years, businesses have changed the way they protect data. Studies show they’re abandoning traditional backup and recovery in favor of disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS).1 With DRaaS, businesses enjoy the luxury of keeping a replica of their data hosted at a remote site that they can fail over to in an emergency—without bearing any of the infrastructure costs or maintenance responsibilities.
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Protect Your Data at Every Endpoint

Discover the benefits of the Dell EMC Data Protection portfolio, #1 in Data Protection.

Download this Whitepaper from Dell EMC and Intel® to learn more.

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Thriving in Threatening Times with IT Resilience

Every day, IT is faced with circumstances threatening to bring down applications, servers, and even communication. Downtime events range from weather events to hardware failures, ransomware attacks and more. And with downtime costs at $9,000 a minute, you can't afford to be down for long. Learn how your data protection and business continuity system can automatically identify an issue and take near-instantaneous action without waiting for human directions.
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Recognizing The Five Hidden Costs Of Guaranteeing Power At The Network Edge

Critical edge environments require reliable IT solutions and infrastructure.

Reliability means availability. And availability begins with power. Your computing performance depends on reliable, UPS-provided, backup power at the network edge. But that costs money. And expenses extend well beyond the point of sale. Many of those costs are hidden.

Download this free whitepaper to learn the five areas where costs are not so obvious:

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Forrester Report: The Eight Business And Security Benefits Of Zero Trust

In response to increasingly complex cyberattacks, security pros devote resources to granular aspects of their networks. This is understandable and necessary to a degree, but it's also a great way to lose sight of your ultimate goal: protecting customers and empowering the business. Zero Trust networks accomplish the dual tasks of deep, continuous data inspection across the network and lean operation and oversight — tasks that seem mutually exclusive in traditional networks. This report highlights the eight most significant ways Zero Trust boosts security and your business. This is an update of a previously published report; Forrester reviews and updates it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy.

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How to Blend Backup and High Availability

Carbonite offers a complete portfolio of data protection solutions with multiple options for backup and high availability for all types of data, including heterogeneous environments and dispersed networks. Carbonite allows organizations to deploy a blended data protection strategy for any hardware, software or virtual platform.
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Carbonite: Complete Data Protection

Data protection often seems like a clash between competing interests: the need to protect data, against the need to protect access to data. The challenge lies in deploying the right protection across the different systems and types of data, since they each require different forms of protection.
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