Let Us Fill Your Lead Funnel Now With Highly Relevant Leads!

We are Slashdot Media, the leaders in B2B software lead generation. Let us fill your lead funnel now with highly relevant leads. May/June special 2 for 1. Spend 5K get $10K in leads – spend $10K get $20K… you get the idea. All matching your target audience to a T.

Get interviewed on a dedicated episode of the SourceForge Podcast, the world’s largest reaching B2B software podcast published to over 1.6 million subscribers (YouTube, X, LinkedIn, Spotify, Facebook), tell your product’s story, and establish yourself and your company as an authority in your industry.

We can create professionally produced long form video content about your product, or you can supply your own that we will post on our 1.6 million strong social media followers, then slice that video up into short clips to nurture your leads with high quality content. Not only will your podcast episode be published to our giant audience, but you’ll own that professionally produced video, and can use it everywhere you want to.

Imagine a marketing sequence starting off with a blast of your 45-60 minute long form product video going to our 1.6 million highly engaged software buyers. Our customers are seeing hundreds and in many cases thousands of our social media followers watching the long form product videos we have created.

Follow that blast up with a 4 to 6 month sequence taking slices of that content going out in our highly focused lead generation campaign and you get to keep the content we build for you and use it in your marketing forever. That is how we build your world class lead gen campaign that generates leads, nurtures them and provides great brand recognition and ultimately increased sales.

How much energy does it take your sales force to set up and make hundreds or thousands of 45-minute product presentations?. We can help you do it for a fraction of that cost and help you create a world class lead funnel for your sales team.

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Internal I-9 Audit Guide + Checklist

As penalties for Form I-9 errors continue to rise, it’s more critical than ever to ensure your I-9 process is compliant with USCIS regulations. That’s why we’ve collaborated with employment law experts to bring you an essential two-part guide for conducting an internal audit in 2024.

Download our free guide and checklists to:

  • Learn the three-step process for ensuring error-free and compliant I-9s
  • Identify common errors and how to correct them
  • Optimize your I-9 process to mitigate future risks
  • Access printable checklists to streamline your audit process
  • Don’t risk costly fines and penalties – download our guide now and take control of your I-9 compliance!

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The Ultimate Guide To I-9 Compliance

You’ve got I-9 questions, we’ve got answers- straight from the experts. Get the compliance clarity you need with WorkBright’s ultimate guide to I-9 compliance. Struggling to find the I-9 answers you need? We hear you. Ensuring compliance has never been more important… or more confusing We’ve compiled the answers to your specific Form I-9 questions. From remote I-9 inspection to creating a squeaky-clean audit trail, we cover it all. This guide is jam-packed with answers to over 40 questions submitted from HR and recruiting professionals looking to gain clarity on compliance.

Get answers to your questions:

  • Can an I-9 be completed remotely?
  • How do I verify I-9 for remote employees?
  • How often do you need to reverify an I-9?
  • Who can be an authorized representative for Form I-9?

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ELN Selection Template

Download NEUWAY Pharma’s guide for selecting the best electronic lab notebook software for their needs and adapt it to suit your own.

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Rethinking the Role of ELNs – Are we making things worse?

In this talk, Brendan McCorkle, CEO of SciNote, explored the role of ELNs in data management, and asked the question - are we making things worse?

What is SciNote? We are a lab digitalization company with the mission to help humanity benefit the most from science and to preserve research data for future generations. Our electronic lab notebook (ELN) helps labs manage experiments, data, and teams, allows inventory tracking, and supports 21 CFR Part 11 and GLP compliance. It is the chosen solution by researchers at the FDA, USDA, and 90K+ researchers in over 100 countries.

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Functionalities Overview SciNote for Industry Labs

Download this document to learn more about team onboarding, data structure, efficient inventory tracking and management, streamlined protocol and SOP management, seamless team collaboration, compliance with CFR 21 Part 11 and GxP regulations, versatile integrations, and API access.

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Staying Ahead of the Shuffle: 5 Keys to Lab Inventory Tracking in Ever-Changing Environments

Have you ever encountered the frustration of being unable to replicate an experiment due to the lack of traceability in your inventory items? Or perhaps faced the challenge of maintaining data continuity when students or staff members depart, taking crucial inventory information with them? These scenarios are all too common, underscoring the vital importance of inventory tracking and traceability in research.

Join us in our upcoming webinar, as we discuss 5 crucial inventory management strategies that can directly prevent the loss of vital experimental information, ensuring your research endeavors remain on track. Plus, discover the impact of integrating an Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) with your inventory management system through real-world use cases. See firsthand how this integration, or utilizing an ELN with an embedded inventory management system, can bridge the gaps, keeping your research data accessible, comprehensible, and fully traceable—even years after conducting the experiment.

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Unleashing the Power of AI in Biotech: 5 Actionable Insights from Ganymede, Snthesis, and SciNote

The digital transformation of the field of biotech R&D is accelerating, driven by the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). These technologies are reshaping the way biotech companies approach, analyze, and interpret vast amounts of data, paving the way for more informed decision-making and innovative breakthroughs.

However, as AI innovation has been happening so fast, what actions can companies take to keep on top of it all?

In this webinar, CEOs from SciNote, Ganymede, and Snthesis discuss the current landscape of AI use in biotech, best practices and platforms that your team can leverage right now to ready your lab and data for AI/ML, and our predictions of how AI/ML will develop in the biotech industry in the future.

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SciNote Electronic Lab Notebook

SciNote is a cloud-based ELN software with lab inventory, compliance, & team management tools used by the FDA, USDA and scientists in 100+ countries.

SciNote’s flexibility allows you to organize all your data in your preferred way. It gives structure and context to all your notes, excel sheets, tables, checklists, or pictures.

Organize your work by projects, experiments, and tasks. Write notes, assign inventory items, add a protocol, and enjoy checking off the protocol steps you’ve completed.

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7 Steps to Manage Your Research Data Digitally

Research funding agencies such as NIH, NSF, ERC, and the European Commission have adopted data management and sharing policies. Well-organized data will help you stay on top of your data management plan, and optimize the potential of your research – from publication, funding, to collaboration opportunities.

But, how do you get started?

In this webinar, we will walk you through 7 actionable steps that will help you begin managing your data digitally and keep your data organized. We will discuss FAIR, the guiding principle of scientific data management and sharing. Lastly, we will compare common ways of recording and storing data, and discuss their pros and cons.

This webinar is open to anyone interested in managing research data digitally. We will focus on the strategies to get you started, regardless of what system you will be using. You are welcome to share information about this webinar with anyone you think might be interested.

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Case Study: Early Adopters of Returns Automation

Nearly a year after our official launch of the Returns Automation product, we were curious to hear about the experiences that early adopters were having with the returns management software.

We asked each of them a list of questions about their returns challenges before Returns Automation, the benefits they’ve seen after implementing it, and what their customers have been saying about their improved returns processes.

This case study white paper dives deep into the responses of these early users to unveil how Returns Automation has revolutionized their returns processes and driven clear ROI.

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Case Study: Power Players of Delivery Network

Following extensive development over the years, our Delivery Network now integrates with a diverse range of delivery providers and a growing user base. Within that user base, there is a select group that uses our network daily. To fully understand the extent of the benefits Delivery Network can provide, we turned to them to hear their experiences.

We coined the term “power players” for these users, all of whom diligently use Delivery Network on a daily basis. To ensure a variety of experiences, we intentionally selected power players from varying geographical locations, roles, company sizes, and years of experience with Delivery Network.

This case study white paper dives deep into the responses of these “power players” to uncover how the regular use of Delivery Network has revolutionized their last-mile deliveries and generated tangible returns on investment.

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The Reverse Logistics Hassle

Product returns are a necessary but costly hassle to deal with in any logistics operation. Customers more and more are ordering their products online and expecting them delivered fast, but now that comes with an additional expectation of an easy-to-navigate returns process.

In this white paper, we dive into the various logistical challenges companies face when trying to meet this expectation and implement a smooth reverse logistics process. Though this paper focuses specifically on the world of wholesale and aftermarket automotive parts, its findings can be applied to any last mile logistics operation.

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Third-Party Delivery Reimagined

Third party logistics (3PL) has evolved from being a popular buzzword in the logistics industry to a standard and sometimes necessary practice to streamline logistics operations. One such form of 3PL in the last mile has been coined “third party delivery” and involves companies outsourcing the on demand delivery of their products to third party fleets like Lyft, Uber, Doordash, and more.

In this white paper: “Third Party Delivery Reimagined”, we explore the first major implementation of third party delivery in the restaurant industry during Covid-19. This piece dives into the positives of this form of 3PL during this time and, more importantly, the shortcomings that these companies experienced. What you’ll find is that third party delivery in its current form of one-to-one partnerships is flawed and is not the best way to utilize these third party fleets for on demand delivery.

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Steps to Automating Last-Mile Deliveries In 2024 & Beyond

With the meteoric rise of AI and ML algorithms recently, it’s nearly impossible to tell what technology is ready for implementation into logistics operations…and what technology is just riding the hype. In this white paper, we cut through the buzzwords surrounding the topic of logistics automation and answer the question:

What automation opportunities are ready to implement into your operations today?

Discover 5 key technologies that are automating last-mile deliveries today, not some indeterminant date in the future.

In this white paper, we dive deeper into each of these opportunities and the benefits they can offer for automating deliveries. We also provide a blueprint for how companies can implement all 5 of these technologies at once to revolutionize their last-mile delivery operations.

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