How to Switch Payroll Providers

Don’t let the stress of switching payroll providers keep you chained to broken and frustrating payroll processes. We’ve laid out all the steps—including checklists and questionnaires—to give you a clear-cut path to finally breaking free.

This detailed guide to switching payroll providers includes:

  • Instructions for selecting and narrowing down a shortlist of new payroll contenders, including a checklist of due diligence tasks.
  • A questionnaire to bring to discovery meetings and demos.
  • Checklists of tasks and reminders for canceling with an old provider and coordinating with a new one.
  • A mini-checklist of all the payroll info you’ll need when switching.
  • Information on what to expect if you’re switching from an in-house solution, PEO, accounting firm, or a third party payroll software provider.

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The First Procurement Professional Webinar

During this webinar, Antonio Cruz, the first procurement professional at Stratio, shared his remarkable story of building a procurement process from scratch.

The webinar tells the story of digital procurement innovation of Stratio, the World’s Leading Real-time Predictive Fleet Maintenance Platform.

Watch the recording to learn all it takes to take a procurement function from zero to hero!

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Sysmex Reaches 100k+ Customers Worldwide with Transformational Product Training

In our case study, “Sysmex Reaches 100k+ Customers Worldwide with Transformational Product Training,” you’ll follow a remarkable journey of transformation and innovation that has propelled Sysmex, a global leader in healthcare technology, to new heights.

Uncover valuable insights in this case study about…

  • Addressing Resistance: How Sysmex tackled customer resistance with a mobile training app, bridging the gap between traditional and digital learning.
  • Global Rollout: How Sysmex’s successful EMEA program expanded globally, adapting to each region’s unique training needs.
  • Languages: How Sysmex, with a presence in over 190 countries, tackles the challenge of training diverse customers worldwide.
  • LMS Solution: How Sysmex leveraged the Eurekos Learning Management System (LMS) to revolutionize customer training, setting four primary business goals for success.
  • Training Challenges: The six key challenges Sysmex faced, from transitioning to digital learning to overcoming language barriers and accommodating growing demand.
  • High-Stakes Industry: How Sysmex, a provider of complex healthcare products, ensures customer satisfaction in the high-stakes life sciences industry.

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Sysmex Elevates Training Solutions with Eurekos Partnership

Challenge Sysmex needed to train hospital staff on their new instrument series XN, but training hospital staff can be a big challenge with varying schedules and employees that move around a lot. The training needed to begin when the product was at start-up but also when people needed to later access courses on-demand. Solution Sysmex selected the Eurekos LMS to roll out the training to Scandinavian hospitals. Results So far, they have successfully rolled out their online training to over 80 hospitals in Scandinavia. The results have been excellent so far:

  • The hospital employees have a much more advanced understanding of how to read charts and diagrams.
  • This solution has greatly improved customer service and Sysmex products are much better integrated into large hospitals.
  • The future goal is to take training to a higher level with more detail for certain functions and in additional languages for global customers.

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Securing Leadership Buy-In for Safety Management Software

69% of Safety Professionals reported their 2023 focus was engaging leaders more in workplace health and safety.

Gaining leadership buy-in to invest in safety management software can feel like an uphill battle. Budget constraints, lack of understanding of the software’s true value, and competing priorities often hinder progress.

Our eBook offers a streamlined approach to building a persuasive argument for the adoption of safety management software, focusing on:

  • Strategic Alignment: Demonstrating how the software supports the organization’s overall safety goals.
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis: Simplifying the process of highlighting potential savings and efficiency gains.
  • ROI Calculation: Providing a straightforward formula to showcase the financial benefits.
  • Effective Communication: Tips for conveying the value proposition to stakeholders in a language they understand.
  • Overcoming Objections: Strategies for addressing common concerns and resistance with evidence-based responses.

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BambooHR State of HR Report 2024

Some companies took exceptional initiative on this front last year, from offering 6x more bereavement days in some cases to surprising employees with unprecedented end-of-year bonuses. But not every HR department or company wields the same resources as Johnson & Johnson or a real-estate firm experiencing a banner year.

We surveyed 1,200 HR professionals to understand what they’re up against in the coming year, and what we learned can help you paint a realistic picture of the state of HR today, and what changes may be possible in the year to come.

This report includes:

  • A breakdown of what challenges HR faces in the coming year.
  • How HR ranks the difficulty of those challenges.
  • What technology and process limitations are holding them back.
  • Advice to HR on what they can do to drive business impact in 2024.

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The Definitive Guide to Onboarding for 2024

When onboarding new employees, you have just 44 days on average to influence their decision to stay long-term. That's a vanishingly short window of time—and a high-stakes one, considering that employee turnover typically costs $7,500 to $28,000 per new hire.

Will your new hires turn into dependable, dedicated team members? Or will a bad first impression send them running, taking your sunk costs with them? It all depends on the quality of your onboarding process, which needs to be as deliberate, comprehensive, and structured as every other HR process at your company.

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12 Warning Signs Your Time Tracking Solution Is Holding You Back

Timing is everything—and if you’re waiting for a sign that it’s time to upgrade your time tracking solution, here are 12 to look out for.

This list is based on interviews with 10 HR professionals who recently upgraded their time tracking solution. We asked them:

  • Why they decided to switch time tracking solutions.
  • What pain points they experienced prior to switching.
  • If their previous solution led to miscalculations or other compliance issues.
  • Whether they switched at the right time—or if it was too late.

How does your company compare? Check off the signs that apply to your company and start making the case for a switch today.

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The First Procurement Professional

During this webinar, Antonio Cruz, the first procurement professional at Stratio, shared his remarkable story of building a procurement process from scratch.

Come in for an honest upfront conversation on:

  • What does it take to develop a procurement function from zero?
  • The biggest challenges and how to overcome them.
  • Delivering results and explaining value to the team.
  • To be or not to be: procurement automation from day 1.

Watch the recording to learn all it takes to take a procurement function from zero to hero!

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Everything You Need to Know for An Effective P2P Process

There’s no efficient procurement without a thought-out procure-to-pay process. P2P is a complex process that requires careful planning and continuous management. Successful companies invest in long-term P2P strategies and scout for experienced professionals in the area.

A procure to pay process ensures that all purchases are justified and authorized, received goods and services are of the required quality and quantity, and payments are made on time. P2P has a direct impact on the company’s bottom line, and getting a grip of it helps to procure efficiently and predictably.

In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the P2P process: what it actually is, challenges worth noticing, and tips to streamline the process.

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Procurement Automation 101

Download our free Procurement Automation Guide to learn everything you need for successful software implementation:

  • Comparative table to select the best solution tailored to your specific needs.
  • Framework for mapping and analyzing the implementation process.
  • Free business case template to prove the value of procurement software to stakeholders.

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Don’t Let Employment Background Checks Slow Down Your Hiring Process

We understand that the interview process can be time consuming and stressful — full of emails, calls, interviews and more. But once you’ve landed on the perfect candidate, you shouldn’t let inefficient software and outdated background check processes slow you down.

Employment Background checks don’t need to throw a wrench in your hiring process. And they shouldn’t break the bank. That’s why we make sure our services are cost-effective and affordable.

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Employer Combines Requests to Expedite Screening

Searching for talent to fill important job openings costs a company an investment of valuable time and money. EZ Screen Solutions gives you the best return by making hiring more affordable with faster, more effective background searches that deliver the information you need.

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Make The Most Informed Decisions When Filling Company Positions

Finding the right talent can be a time-consuming and expensive process, especially when it comes to background checks for applicants. Waiting on results can delay your process and result in lost resources when you can least afford them. EZ Screen Solutions offers a better way. We provide a wide array of search parameters, and we never overlook the fine details. We deliver faster, more affordable results for job placement.

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Easy, Accurate, Reliable

When your company has important positions to fill, you need applicant screening results that are thorough, accurate, and fast. EZ Screen Solutions streamlines your process by providing all three. We help you narrow down your search to get the best candidates on the job in no time.

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