IT Security Can Support the Health of Your Business and Sharpen its Competitive Edge

Pervasive, stringent cybersecurity that also supports productivity goals is achievable. More than just an essential function, IT security can help companies differentiate themselves from their competition and boost their reputations. Mid-market businesses can benefit from Dell Technologies solutions that protect all of IT, including devices, data, and data centers, on-premises and in the cloud. Download this paper from Dell Technologies and Intel® to learn more.

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Getting Buy-In for IT Security Initiatives in Your Organization

While security professionals may be tempted to focus solely on the technical aspects of solutions, the decision makers in charge have a broader mandate. To get behind any security solution, they may need an array of assurances. This guide helps project teams overcome roadblocks to build consensus.

Download this paper from Dell Technologies and Intel® to learn more.

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Can Your Security Strategy Scale with Your Growing Business?

As your mid-market business adds infrastructure to support new opportunities and expands its footprint to the cloud, your security needs will change. An end-to-end security strategy supported by the right partnerships enables your business to stay protected as it evolves.

Download this paper from Dell Technologies and Intel® to learn more about a foolproof security strategy for your business.

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10 reasons to run SAP S/4HANA on Red Hat

Choose an infrastructure platform that lets you optimize your SAP environment and operations while preparing you for the future. Through trusted technologies, investment protection, and flexible innovation, Red Hat can help you modernize your SAP systems and build a foundation for digital transformation.

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Reducing downtime for SAP HANA

With more than 20 years of joint innovation, Red Hat and SAP tailor solutions for the needs of business-critical applications. The combination of SAP® HANA® System Replication and Red Hat®Enterprise Linux® for SAP Solutions enhances the ability to operate SAP HANA landscapes with less downtime, helping organizations avoid business disruption, lost revenue, and reputation damage. Read this overview to learn more.

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6 Reasons to Adopt Content Services in the Cloud

An essential part of any enterprise’s information management technology strategy is plotting their journey to the cloud. Enterprises increasingly realize that the cloud enables them to innovate faster, modernize aging infrastructure, and create better access for employees and customers.

When evaluating content services in the cloud, it’s important to consider new architectures and emerging technologies that are simultaneously transforming information management options.

This paper by Nuxeo explores how a cloud-native architecture, modern content services, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation can accelerate digital transformation and unlock even more value for the enterprise.

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It’s Time to Establish True Zero Trust and Enable Teams to Work From Anywhere

Your VPN Won’t Cut it Anymore

At the beginning of 2020, organizations scrambled to provide employees with the means to work remotely. As we continue into a remote-first world, organizations need to enable people to work from anywhere, with the same security and productivity as their HQ.

The only problem: VPN and SD-WAN-based networks weren’t designed for this new normal. Employees are unable to access the resources they need to perform their job, responsiveness of enterprise applications are significantly slower, and IT is overwhelmed with the sheer volume of troubleshooting legacy network issues.

This eBook with NetFoundry will demonstrate how to rapidly overcome the security, performance, and network management constraints of legacy networks and VPNs as you transition toward a longer-term remote work strategy.

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Adopt cloud-native development

Cloud-native application development is a key part of open transformation. By focusing on technology, processes, and people, you can deploy innovative, open approaches that support business agility, transformation, and success. Align your cloud technology with your business needs.

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