Government transformation with open hybrid cloud

Developers and operations teams want to modernize legacy applications and infrastructure to scale and update more easily but business leaders are rightfully worried about costs.

In this Red Hat brief, learn how open hybrid cloud can help your organization streamline operations, optimize IT support, develop and deliver apps faster, improve processes with automation, and enhance security.

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The Forrester Wave™: Multicloud Container Development Platforms, Q3 2020

Red Hat was named a leader among a field of 8 multicloud container platform vendors in The Forrester Wave™: Multicloud Container Development Platforms 2020 Q3 report.

The analyst firm evaluated vendors and their products against 29 criteria across 3 categories—current offering, strategy, and market presence—and gave Red Hat the top scores in the strategy and market presence categories, as well as the highest score in the current offering category.

This must-read vendor evaluation will help prospective multicloud container platform customers evaluate different providers by their current offerings and long-term strategies.

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Hybrid cloud strategy for dummies e-book

Cloud computing is proliferating and taking over the world of IT as we know it. Cloud computing also grows more complex and multi‐faceted daily. A carefully thought‐out and detailed approach to cloud computing — a strategy, in other words — is very important.

In this eBook with Red Hat and Intel, learn good cloud strategies that align with your business goals, and how to streamline and strengthen your IT ecosystem's foundation to benefit your organization's bottom line.

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Alleviate technical debt: A whitepaper from Red Hat and Intel

IT is now a business differentiator, resulting in increasing demands on already stressed IT teams.Teams face many challenges in meeting these demands. Legacy infrastructure, along with other issues, is often too rigid to support the agile operations and on-demand scaling required.

Many organizations have invested money, time, and training in their existing infrastructure and need to maximize its value and return. This technical debt often leaves little budget and time for innovation.

In this whitepaper, Red Hat details how optimizing your IT environment can help you reduce the technical debt of your current infrastructure and free time and budget for strategic projects that support business initiatives.

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6 Benefits of DAM in the Cloud

Digital asset management (DAM) in the cloud offers a number of competitive advantages for enterprise organizations, but there are some big differences between cloud-native and cloud-based DAM that impact business results.

Moving to a cloud-native DAM can result in several benefits for an organization, including:

  • Cost reductions
  • Improved collaboration
  • Incredible scale
  • Instant access to the latest features
  • Better insights into usage and content performance
  • Efficiency gains

Download this paper to learn more about the differences between cloud-native and cloud-based DAM solutions, as well as the business impacts of cloud adoption for enterprise DAM applications.

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The Importance of Having a CISO Strategy for Small Business IT Teams

Avast CISO, Jaya Baloo, Discusses Cybersecurity Solutions for Today’s Businesses

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to businesses. Some may have a full IT team on staff. Others may not, and many are limited by resources and budget. With cyberattacks targeting small to mid-sized businesses at an all-time high, it’s critical for IT consultants and service providers to be having those conversations with SMBs about enterprise grade security protection, tailored exactly to their needs.

In an interview with Richard Tubb, the IT Business Growth Expert, Jaya Baloo covers:

  • The best ways to present cybersecurity to SMBs and explain its importance
  • The biggest cyber threats faced by SMBs today and the best defense strategy
  • How SMBs with limited budgets and/or IT resources can still stay protected
  • The importance of a response plan in case an SMB is impacted by a cyber attack
  • The future of the cybersecurity landscape and the role of emerging technologies

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Navigating the Evolving Network Perimeter

While legacy security applications did their part in the past, they no longer serve an increasingly cloud-powered digital world. Even encryption alone isn’t enough and has been used by cyberattackers to conceal and deliver threats.

  • Find out how and why encryption is a security measure that could easily backfire
  • Learn about the new alternative to on-premise hardware and firewallls

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Software Patches: The Seatbelt of Cybersecurity

Similar to a seatbelt, keeping software updated through patch management is a crucial security feature. However, the complications of patching in the past have led many IT managers and business owners to opt out of patching altogether.

In this white paper, we’ll cover:

  • Why many experts recognize patch management's importance yet still opt out
  • How modern patch management solutions address common patching issues

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Modernize Your Cybersecurity Now: 10 Reasons Why and 10 Ways To Take Action

Is your business or IT team doing all it can to secure devices? With users connecting from anywhere and network perimeters dissolving, this year has quickly turned in to one of the most transformational years for cybersecurity. Now is the time to ensure your security is modernized and ready to take on the latest attack methods.

This white paper will walk you through:

  • Why a digital transformation makes businesses an attractive target to bad players
  • Critical vulnerabilities of the various aspects of expanded technology
  • How to protect business data, as well as devices and people

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The IT Security Guide to Digital Transformation

Digital transformation will always be a delicate balance of improved processes and increased risk. Businesses are at risk of experiencing a data breaches or security incident during a full digital transformation if they fail to increase their security in tandem.

This white paper will discuss the current risks in a digital transformation that make businesses particularly vulnerable to attack, as well as the three essential steps IT teams can take to mitigate them.
The appropriate level of proactive security and monitoring will keep businesses from overspending on security, or the steep cost of a data breach.

In particular, this paper will cover:

  • Why a digital transformation makes businesses an attractive target to bad players
  • Critical vulnerabilities of the various aspects of expanded technology
  • How to protect business data, as well as devices and people

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Database Professionals Look To The Future: 2020 Trends in Database Administration

Clearly, the momentum for Microsoft SQL Server environments is moving toward the cloud. Microsoft has been actively promoting and supporting its Azure SQL data platform, for example, which is intended to help Microsoft-based enterprises lift and shift their existing applications to create modern cloud services.

Data managers moving data and database functions to the cloud are spending less time with administrative functions, such as performance management and provisioning.
This survey with Quest Software captures the viewpoints of respondents from a range of company sizes and industries, including IT services/system integrators, financial services, business services, government, and healthcare organizations.

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Key Methods for Managing Complex Database Environments

As database infrastructures become more complex, you must adapt and learn to balance key business metrics, understand new technology challenges and find the right tools to monitor and manage your database environment.

This white paper describes key methods to successfully manage your complex database environment.

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A Zombie’s Survival Guide in a Changing Database World

Is the DBA dead?

Or, maybe you feel like one of the undead or near-dead when you think about how much the database management landscape has changed in the past decade and how much it's going to change in the next decade.

In this e-book, you’ll learn about the top three trends — DevOps, multi-platform databases and cloud-based databases — that affect DBAs, get some real-world perspectives on the evolving role of the DBA, and learn how to adapt, evolve, survive and even thrive in a DBA-pocalypse.

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The Digital Transformation of Endpoint Management

Examine the trajectory of business technology and the strategies that IT must develop to support employee productivity—anywhere, anytime—from their preferred device. To remain efficient, reliable, and secure in a remote landscape, IT needs to focus on simplifying endpoint management tasks to promote a productive workplace.

Download the white paper to learn:

  • How to keep users connected and secure in hybrid in-office/remote environments
  • The three core tenets of PC management and why they’re important
  • How endpoints are transforming and solutions that help IT adapt
  • Why updating your endpoint management strategy is imperative
  • How to evolve IT strategy for in-house IT teams

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