Unlocking Business Potential: How Field Service Software Drives Revenue Growth

The intricate dance of managing technicians, equipment, and customer expectations can often become overwhelming. However, in the heart of this complexity lies an untapped source of revenue growth – Field Service Software (FSS). This game-changing solution not only streamlines operations but also offers avenues to uncover new revenue streams. Field service software can be the transformative catalyst your business needs, propelling you to new heights.

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Many organizations that use Microsoft 365 hold a common misconception that Microsoft is responsible for their data protection and that data backup isn’t necessary. While Microsoft is responsible for application uptime and availability, you are responsible for the protection of your data.

To help protect your Microsoft 365 data better, we have come up with a concise eBook. This eBook demystifies the common myths surrounding Microsoft 365, explains how data can be lost in the Microsoft 365 Cloud and ways to ensure your mission-critical data is securely backed up and protected.

The eBook covers:

  • Busting the common Microsoft 365 myths.
  • Causes for data loss in Microsoft 365.
  • How Spanning Backup helps protect your Microsoft 365 data.

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Backup and DRAAS IT Buyer’s Guide

With hundreds of vendors available, how do you pick the best Backup and Disaster Recovery solution for your organization?

Download this Backup and DRaaS guide to get:

  • Organized Planning Checklists (more than 30 detailed specifications!).
  • Backup & DRaaS Features Explained.
  • Full Understanding of Market-available Data Retention and Recovery Options.
  • Detailed Product Comparison Chart Access.

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Detecting and Mitigating Ransomware with Unitrends Unified BCDR

Data lives in more places than ever before and is constantly under attack. Ransomware remains one of the most pervasive cyberthreats today. According to Statista, the annual share of ransomware attacks experienced by organizations worldwide has been on the rise since 2018, peaking at a whopping 71% in 2022.1 In the first half of 2022 alone, there were a total of 236.1 million ransomware attacks globally.

Amid this ever-expanding threat landscape, traditional data security tools fail to defend against ransomware attacks 60% of the time. Ransomware’s success in overcoming traditional security mechanisms places backup and disaster recovery solutions among the most important aspects of any cyber resilience plan.

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The Incident Response Planning Guide

Organizations across industries are rapidly adopting technology for smooth business operations. As technology advances, so do cybersecurity threats. With the average cost of a data breach pegged at $4.24 million per incident and cybersecurity experts forecasting an upturn in the quantity and quality of hacks, organizations will undoubtedly seek help to ensure they are prepared to battle this threat.

This eBook will answer the most pertinent IRP-related questions to empower IT pros to create an effective incident response plan and prepare organizations to face an unpredictable threat landscape.

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The New Rules of Recovery

To keep pace with mounting competitive pressure in a 24×7 global economy, companies are forced to adapt or die. The onset of change has been rapid, with offerings, processes and operations digitized to varying degrees, all with the goal of growing the business. Many of the leaders who thrive today in an at times tumultuous landscape, have been successful in orchestrating these consistent improvements in pursuit of modernizing an ever-evolving tech stack.

More recently, IT professionals have been tasked with juggling the responsibilities of spinning up and empowering a geographically dispersed workforce with, at times, limited access to company facilities and resources. They are also being asked to maintain and secure existing assets, find new ways to boost revenue, and minimize costs in the face of forces from within and without.

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HR Strategy Guide

Businesses are demanding more and more of Human Resources teams. Strategic priorities like change management must be balanced with employee engagement, culture and wellbeing.

An effective Human Resources Plan makes it easier for organizations to recruit, retain and reinforce the strong workforce needed to achieve strategic goals.

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Top Workplace Trends 2023 (& Why Communications Are Essential)

What changes are coming for your organization in 2023?

Looking ahead is essential for successful businesses. Predicting what’s to come allows us to seize opportunities and mitigate threats.

We’ve compiled our top seven business trends for 2023, why you should care about them, and how we as communication specialists should adapt our messaging to respond.

From remote working and automation to social responsibility, these are the biggest internal communication trends and human resources trends you need to know for 2023.

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Change Communications

Change is the only constant for businesses. Well-planned, formalized change communications are essential.

Nearly half of employees believe most resistance to workplace change could be avoided with good change management practices.

Download your free guide for:

  • Research on change management and how employees respond.
  • Best practice advice on balancing business and employee needs.
  • Change communications framework for your organization.
  • Practical tips for overcoming employee objections.

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IT Comms Plan

IT teams need to communicate important messages across their organization – from scheduled maintenance and status updates to unplanned outages and security reminders.

Getting this messaging wrong means users are left in the dark, putting the business at risk.

This comprehensive IT communications toolkit has all you need to improve IT messaging and performance.

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What Are the Key Differentiators Between an EHR and Practice Management Software?

Once upon a time, medical practices had cabinets or shelves full of file folders. Inside the folders were records that contained information about their patients’ health, contacts, insurance coverage, and other aspects of their lives.

Today, some health care practices still use paper records to conduct their business. Some use software, and others use a combination of paper and electronic records.

Since many practices are using or may use technology to help them keep records and manage their practices, it’s useful to explore what electronic health records (EHRs) and practice management software are, what they do, and how practices can combine them.

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Have A New EHR System? Why Training Your Staff Is Key

Is your medical practice switching from paper records to electronic health records (EHRs)? Are you switching from one EHR system to another?

EHRs are vital tools that could assist your practice and ultimately, your patients. But adopting one or switching to a new EHR system could be challenging.

That’s why training your staff beforehand is crucial. EHR system training provides many benefits because you could build confidence and reduce fears.

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6 Essential Workplace Tactics For Better Employee Wellness

Across the world, businesses are grappling with how to address employee wellbeing and reduce burnout.

Strong employee wellbeing drives performance – both personal and organizational. Happy, healthy employees are productive ones. When wellbeing is low, their ability – and willingness – to do their jobs is compromised.

On the following pages we address six tactics for improving employee wellness and how you can achieve these through your communications.

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Digital Transformation of HR

Employee engagement, recruitment and culture have all undergone a digital transformation. That can make hitting your HR goals more difficult.

This new guide features a range of tips and visual examples to help you connect with, engage, and motivate your employees in a digital workplace.

Get your copy now for tips and best practice on how to:

  • Boost engagement and reduce disconnection
  • Revitalize training and development
  • Create richer, more immersive onboarding
  • Rebuild positive workplace culture

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Cracking the Hackers – How to Build a 100% Engaged Human Firewall

Every day over 2,200 cyber-attacks hit organizations around the world. The human firewall is under threat. Phishing scams, malware and other tactics exploit remote workers’ weaknesses.

Doubling down and ensuring 100% effectiveness of your human firewall has never been more important.

This exclusive free guide contains everything you need for a successful cyber security campaign:

  1. The cyber-threat today – what does it mean for you?
  2. A block and tackle strategy – combining protection with proaction.
  3. Employee communication – tactics from training to breaches.
  4. Building an InfoSec campaign – how to get your messages read and acted on.

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